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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Y&R Recap: Biological Clock Winding Down.

    Friday, May 02 2014
    Christine and Paul make a decision, Victoria gets news from the doctor, and Chloe stuns Chelsea.

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    At Avery's apartment, she and Dylan talk about who might have sent her the flowers. She thinks she has a secret admirer. Dylan thinks he knows who it is - Ian. Avery disagrees and reminds Dylan he promised not to let Ian get to him. Avery's crew arrives. Dylan has a conversation with Austin about the roses, who doesn't think it's a problem. Dylan says if someone's messing with Avery they won't be for long. He kisses her and leaves. Austin chats with Avery about her French toast and puts the roses in the shoot.

    Ian enters Paul's office at the station to complain that he was followed last night. He thinks he knows who is trying to send him a message. "I think my son is terrorizing me." Paul clucks that he needs facts. Ian wants him to prove his fears are unfounded. Christine enters. She warns Ian they'll retry him. Ian says she'll waste taxpayer money. He leaves and Paul and Christine discuss the issue. Christine then asks Paul if he wants to have a baby. Paul wonders why she changed her mind. She says it's not just the biological clock winding down - she realizes something's missing. They agree to start trying tonight. In the other area, Michael confronts Kevin about avoiding him because he's given up on his marriage. Kevin says he finally realized Chloe won't fall back in love with him. Michael's sorry. He offers to get him out of the legal commitment he made to Chloe. Kevin declines.

    Stitch spots Kelly at Crimson Lights and says he knows she hates him for what happened. She says he destroyed her family. He replies that she also destroyed his. He wonders if she's going to blow up his life again or keep her mouth shut. Kelly says she'd want to know if she were Victoria. Stitch tells her to stop toying with him. Kelly explains that when she told Jenna she was in a bad place - she's getting better now. She doesn't want to punish him anymore.

    At Jabot, Jack asks Billy for some numbers he was supposed to have given him. Billy tells him about seeing Kelly arguing with Stitch about something he's hiding. He wants Jack to get Kelly to tell him what it is. Jack admits Kelly told him she and Stitch were once close and they had a falling out. He'll see if she says anything else, but won't spy for Billy. Billy says he'll find out on his own. Later, Kelly visits Jack's office. They talk about moving past things being kind of scary and decide to see a film together.

    At home, Victoria tells someone on the phone that she took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. Billy arrives to pick up Johnny, but Victoria forgot and sent him out with Hanna. He asks what's going on. She says it was an honest mistake and tells him to wait for Hanna to bring him back. Later, Billy plays with Johnny. Stitch comes to the door with chicken soup for Victoria because she wasn't feeling well. Billy says she didn't mention it. He warns Stitch he'll discover his secret and shuts the door in his face. Billy does an online search on Dr. Ben Rayburn.

    Chelsea and Chloe agree on a design at the Club. Chelsea notes Chloe's positive mood. Chloe grins. "I'm having a baby." Chelsea assumes she's pregnant by Kevin, but Chloe clarifies she's not pregnant and will be having a baby on her own, not with Kevin. Chloe says there's no future for them together. Chelsea asks who she's going to have a baby with. Chloe describes her ideal baby's father. They argue over whether a new baby could fill the void left by Delia. Chelsea says it won't work. Chloe snaps at her. Chelsea urges her to discuss it with her therapist. Chloe knows having a baby will make her whole again - especially with the right man. Chelsea suggests she think about it more. Chloe beams that she already found a donor.

    At the hospital, Victoria's doctor confirms that she's pregnant. Victoria marvels that it's a miracle. The doctor says everything looks good. Victoria admits she doesn't know if her husband is the baby's father. In the hall, she runs into Stitch.

    At the park, Jack and Kelly discuss the movie and Jack pulls her into a kiss. She assures him he didn't overstep and they kiss again.

    Ian enters his suite and finds Dylan waiting.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

    As Kelly pants, Jack says, "We should take this somewhere private."

    Paul answers his phone to Ian who says his suite was broken into again. Dylan rolls his eyes.

    Billy tells Victoria there's something she needs to know about Dr. Rayburn.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by fairland at Thursday, May 01 2014 05:06 PM

    Chelsea assumes she's pregnant by Kevin, but Chloe clarifies she's not pregnant and will be having a baby on her own, not with Kevin. I am going to love this scene right here because, Chlesea shocked by the news by what Chloe siad is going to be priceless fror sure. I love the drama between, Chelsea and Chloe together. I love how Chelsea points out that Chloe is pregnant by Kevin. Really Chloe that Chloe is pregnant with kevin's child. I love the way Chloe makes it clear to chelsea that Chloe is not pregnanat by Kevin to Chelsea. I love their frendship between Chloe and Chelsea and that is priceless beyond words. I love the wrting here as well.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, May 01 2014 05:20 PM

    What is paul's problem right here really. Ian is trying to tell paul that Dylan is terrorising Ian and this is the way Paul handles every case that has to do with Ian really. THis is beyond rude as well inconcided for sure by the way pau;l is acting towrds Ian. Paul should be ashamed of himself to have so much distast is it disgusting. Paul is more unprofessional at everything where Ian is concerned. Ian actuaslly thinks he knows who is trying to send Ian a message all paul could is be more inconconcided at every trun paul can be.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, May 01 2014 05:29 PM

    inconcided paul is exactly what Paul is acting like a fool right infront of Ian while Christien loos on with pleausre that Ian was trying to tewll Paul that Dylan wants to terrorising Ian. Really this is how Christine acts as well where Paul is concer really. Christine should know better to be inconcided towards the fact that paul laughs in front of Ian saying Dylan want to to terrorise somebody. Christine should also be a shamed of herself as well chritine is very disrespectful towards the law like paul. chritine is also unporfessional as well.

    Posted by Paddy52 at Thursday, May 01 2014 05:30 PM

    Hey posters, Victoria doesn't need another baby. Poor lil Johnny stays upstairs most of the time with the invisible nanny.

    Christine Paul don't need a baby. He's about to find out he's the proud papa of a 200 lb bouncing boy.

    Thank goodness no Horndog and Hillabeans sex today. I guess they have to give Grandpa a break and thank you Lord us too.

    Secrets Secrets Secrets..... Everyone has a secret. You've got a secret and I've got a secret! I wonder if anyone don't care and I don't care, but you can bet your boots I've got a secret!!!

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, May 01 2014 05:34 PM

    Christine enters. She warns Ian they'll retry him. Ian says she'll waste taxpayer money. So christine warns Ian really about ian's behavoir Christine needs to ceck Paul's behavoir as well it is more than aweful for the way paul has been given named by the Ceif of policew is disgusting on so many levels. Why does christine have to warn Ian for retrying Ian's case anyway just amsue paul for loving p;aul as a husband. Now that is for personal reasons only not professional ones.

    Posted by marvista at Thursday, May 01 2014 06:58 PM

    OT/Office Topic: Paddy52: Your secret won't come out for five years so I won't wonder about it yet.

    Did you read that Michelle Stafford was sneaked in at the end of a workday to film that waking-from-a-coma scene on GH?

    On Topic: Christine addresses the baby conversation with Paul in the office. I guess "they" can't spend money on a house/apartment/condo interior for them to have this conversation at home. They have to take time at work to discuss this important issue?

    Victoria shouldn't be too thrilled yet in case she has another miscarriage; however, I don't think that's the plan.

    Jack can leave the office at a moment's notice to go to an Italian movie? I guess you can do that when you're a bigwig. Not any meetings going on and nothing important pending?

    At the laptop, Billy looks like a boy. I wonder if a different haircut would help? Johnny looked fascinated by Billy's actions before Stitch came with the soup. He also can leave the hospital any time. Cool.

    Posted by Unameit at Thursday, May 01 2014 07:54 PM

    If you want to see MS debut on GH, it's on you tube. Sorry I didn't copy the address but just search Michelle Stafford. Odd, the last we saw her in a comma on y&r and first we see her again on GH coming out of a comma. However the writers rewrote history and brought Nina back from the dead.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, May 01 2014 09:14 PM

    Niel is an adult by how much older is Neil to compare to Lily. Lily wants to know how unhappy neil is to where Leslie is concerned. Neil looks very much happy with HIlary for some reason. Oh my god Can Hilary get a hint that we are having a dinner here at the club. How whine is that that Lily would mention that right in front of Neil looking slap happy over making love to Hilary flashback mode. I did not know this will be that bad for neil to put on a brave face for no reason to why Leslie would dump Neil for another guy. Butting in too much Lily. specking of childish behavior.

    Posted by sunmama at Friday, May 02 2014 12:51 AM

    Can someone somewhere explain how the h3ll a wooden pole was nominated for a daytime emmy?

    KMC- as you would say that is some schiggedy....

    Miss you all but certainly not this train wreck of a show.

    Bikette/Cards I saw your postings on B&B wth? is this with Hope/Liam/Wyatt. SMH Who would want that little worthless troll Liam after HOW many times he went running to her step sister. Brad Bell come up with something new.....

    Posted by chickadee23 at Friday, May 02 2014 03:09 AM

    @marvista ITA w/you about how we never see an interior of Paul and Christine's condo/apt, which is where an important conversation re a baby should take place - not while dropping into your spouse's office on the fly!

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