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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: One Day At A Time.

    Friday, April 25 2014
    Jill overhears Colin's conversation, Cane gives Devon advice, and Summer is upset about Jack and Kelly.

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    At Cane and Lily's house, Lily advises Jill to keep her eyes open with Colin. She assures them she will. They agree things went well with Colin and the twins. Jill wonders what's taking him so long at the car. She steps out in time to hear him arranging a meeting by phone. He plays dumb at first, and then pretends he called his banker to set up a trust fund for the kids. They kiss and then go in to thank Cane and Lily. Colin says it meant a lot. They all agree to take it one day at a time. After, Lily and Cane agree they hope Colin doesn't hurt Jill.

    Hilary greets Devon in the Club dining room. They recall when he walked in on her in lingerie. He asks how Neil is doing. Hilary wonders why he's asking her. He notes they were inseparable at the fashion show. She says they were working and changes the topic to Esmerelda. Meanwhile, Neil works out in the gym and thinks about kissing Hilary. She appears, spots him, and starts to leave. He tells her to stop running away. She informs him the kiss never would have happened if they hadn't got stuck in the hotel together. Back in the dining area, Jill and Colin arrive. She tells him to rent a room and she goes to the boutique.

    Noah runs into Summer at Crimson Lights. She's enjoying working at Jabot, but wishes her mom was there working with her, instead she got Kelly. She grumbles about how 'helpful' Kelly is to Jack.

    In the park, Jack kisses Kelly. They agree it was surprising. Jack saw fireworks; it was that good. As they flirtatiously discuss spontaneity, Summer watches and then leaves. Jack and Kelly bond over old movies. She thanks him for the fun and walks away. He stops her to say, "I hope we meet again sometime," like Jimmy Stewart. Later, Colin meets a man there. He tells him there's been a snag in regard to the money he owes his people and laments not getting the diamonds from the doll. He says the deal he's been pursuing with his wife has come to an end. The man sneers, "You fell for her."

    Summer returns to Crimson Lights and tells Noah that she saw Jack and Kelly at the park acting like they were more than friends. Noah assures her Jack won't give up on Phyllis. Summer wonders if he stopped believing she'll get better. Noah tells her Jack loves her mother in that sappy kind of way. Summer calls Georgia and talks to Phyllis through the phone about her and Jack wanting her to come back to them.

    Kelly arrives at Lily's house and tells her about her fun in the park with a man - she doesn't say who. Lily realizes she hopes it will amount to something and tells her she deserves happiness. Kelly says it's complicated with this guy.

    Jack arrives at the Club and chats with Jill at the bar about Billy. He tells her Billy and Victoria left the engagement party together. They discuss whether Victor might be innocent in the Bonaventure situation. Jill asks how Jack has been. He says he's been pretty good. She encourages him to let love in his life, like she has. She enthuses about how alive Colin makes her feel. Jill tells him it's time to entertain the possibility that Phyllis may not get better. Jill's phone rings. She hears Colin, who pocket-dialed her, tell someone they'll get their money. She listens as they mention a fortune and Colin asks for patience. In the gym, Devon complains to Cane about Esmerelda only having his money in common. He'd like to find a woman with some substance. Cane wonders if he's talking about Hilary. Devon thinks he's too late - she blew him off. Cane urges him to court her and to go for it. Up in the office, Neil finds Hilary in her suite and presses her to talk about the spark between them. She hopes he finds someone that deserves him and warns about rebounding. Neil insists the kiss wasn't about Leslie. He kisses her again. Hilary backs off and says she won't get involved with her boss, but then runs back into his arms. As they undress, Devon appears outside the door and prepares to knock. By the bar, Kelly spots Jack and teases him about the female buyer he was talking to. He asks her on a date. She accepts. Colin comes through the front door and Jill tells him she's going to make this a night he won't forget.

    At home, Cane tells Lily he was trying to give Devon the courage to ask a woman out. Lily says she did the same with Kelly. They kiss.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

    Dylan and Summer look on as Avery hollers at Ian, "Dylan has made it very clear he wants nothing to do with you and I will be very happy to file that restraining order."

    Nikki says to Victor, "A Cassie lookalike to torture Sharon." Nick tells Victor he will never forgive him for this. Victor warns, "Son." Nick says he's not his son.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by bikette at Thursday, April 24 2014 03:41 PM

    per the updates...Jill tells Colon to get a room. WTH are these people always getting a room when they have perfectly fine mansions to go home to have sex in? If they wanted a chance of pace just sleep in one of the other 10-20 bedrooms.

    Posted by ms.e at Thursday, April 24 2014 06:28 PM

    I wish they stop dragging this out ! Nick needs to learn the truth about Sharon. Have anyone notice every time Victoria or Nick get on their self righteous trip telling Victor how they want nothing to do with him. Wait until he find out Victor was right!!!!!

    Posted by ladybelle at Thursday, April 24 2014 07:21 PM

    Jill kick Colin to the curb. I don't want Hilary with Neil.
    What's with these shows and putting these older people with
    all these that are young enough to be their children.
    If Colin told who ever he was talking to that the deal with his wife was over. They may go after the grand kids.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, April 24 2014 08:19 PM

    Another boring Cliff Slider Friday. I would have rather seen Nikki's reaction to Victurd gas lighting Sharon and keep moving at least ONE s/l along. And kmc, can I borrow those needles you got from Adam to poke my eyes out for the Neilary sex scenes?

    Posted by chickadee23 at Friday, April 25 2014 01:27 AM

    Neil is such a horndog - doing the nasty with Hilary's mother Rose and now about to do it with daughter Hilary. So disgusting. Especially after all the havoc Hilary wreaked on the Winters family. So wrong and EXTRA disgusting. Devon you can quit knocking on the door, you're too late - dear ol' dad got there first.

    Posted by chickadee23 at Friday, April 25 2014 01:37 AM

    Though Neil is top contender for most inappropriate pairing with Hilary (along with Billy and Chelsea), Jack isn't far behind IMO. He is pathetic and an idiot, getting together with Kelly. Jack's supposed to be a suave, sophisticated lady-charmer and the only woman he can hone in on is Kelly, the woman who slept with his married brother?! Disgusting. Find someone ELSE, Jack!! Is he that stupid/desparate that he can't see how inappropriate this is?

    Posted by chickadee23 at Friday, April 25 2014 01:52 AM

    Also there have been scenes in the past with supportive jack having heart-to-hearts with billy about saving his marriage, etc., yet here jack is with Kelly! How's that helping your little brother, jack?! Especially when jack and Kelly show up as a couple for family events/dinners? So ridiculous! Even if billy's marriage can't be saved, which it seems is the case, jack&kelly still wrong!

    Posted by aqua23 at Friday, April 25 2014 02:08 AM

    I hope everyone is watching Y&R before lunch, because watching Neil the heel and Hilary's love scene was enough to make me up chuck my dinner.

    Didn't I hear Sharon tell Victor she burned down his house at the party, but she was sick. Well Sharon Victor gaslighted you because he's sick and everyone knows it.

    Jack there you go again, running after another skirt, the only good thing about you cheating on Phyllis is that she will get well and Kelly will hurt you like ALL of the other women in your life have done. You love Phyllis and want to marry her is what you said, but now you have given up on her and taking up with home wrecker Kelly. ( I do like nuKelly better than that drunk looking one. ).

    Nick go sat down, Victor is right Sharon will break your heart again, she would have already done it, but she can't remember that she don't really like you.

    Nick remember the last time you thought you had a happy ever after with Sharon and she dumped you for your brother.

    I can't wait to see what Jill has planned for Colon since she over heard he telling this man that he is using her to get money, this should be good.

    Can't we ever have a baby born without a DNA test in GC, good luck miss Vickie?
    Stitch and Vickie look like the odd couple.

    Summer is calling Jack Dad now and since Billy Miller left, Victor has not call nuBilly Billyboy once. What's with that?

    Have a wonderful day y'all.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, April 25 2014 03:25 AM

    HELLO AND WELCOME OLD AND NEW POSTERS; This Neil/Hillary, Jack/Kelly, Billy/Chelsea, and Nick/Sharon s/l are all ridicilious even for the writers. If they would be more of lets put together the correct pairing and see how they can work, would be one thing; but it's like a tossed salad here, let's toss them together and cause havoc. Neil should be alone for awhile, enjoy the twins and his son and not have to have any woman at every turn. He is always wanting a woman, whether it's right for the woman or not. Hillary/Devon would be a better couple and would be more enjoyable to watch and would be more challenging. Jack, after all the talks with Summer and how red makes you feel; you never go to see her unless it's Summer who wants to go; some love and support there?? Chelsea doesn't need Billy sniffing around her and Connor, as she just lost her husband and hasn't even had his memorial yet and Billy is the reason for that and it's just wrong, wrong, wrong and sick on his part. Billy needs to chill; he's as bad as Neil and has a baby at home, go spend some time with Johnny, instead of Connor and is not even trying to work things out with Vic. Nick is just another Neil. He is so perfect and has all the answers and acts like Sharon is his personal pet project; that's been over for years and he wants to be the mother hen. Sharon needs to deal with her own problems and quit running to Nick and acting like a victim and needy all the time, stand on your own 2 feet for a change. Sharon even drags Noah into her needy victim circle, just to keep him close at hand all the time. Kelly puts me in mind of a vulture circling to see whose victims bones she can pick clean next and suck the life out of. She sleeps with Billy, breaks up his marriage and the wants to be a victim; when she knew exactly what she was doing and with no remorse and she suffered no consequences for her actions; almost like a hit and run attitude and wants everyone to take it and so what, move on like nothing happened. I still don't get Jack and Lily's attitude towards her that it's ok and Billy is the one who was at fault, when they both were. Chelsea and Nikki appear to be the only sane ones on the show. Dylan and Avery at least are trying to work out their problems and moving on; even if is with a cooking show. LOL!

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, April 25 2014 03:27 AM

    Jellybean: OT: It's Liam who I dislike, as he is the center of the whole problem with Hope.

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