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    Y&R Recap: A Nice Kid.

    Thursday, March 27 2014
    Victor spars with Tyler, Abby confronts Kelly, and Billy is stunned by Victoria's decision.

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    Dylan kisses Avery in her kitchen. They talk about dessert being the most important meal of the day as they make their way to the bedroom. Summer arrives. Dylan leaves. Summer apologizes to Avery, who laughs. They chat about Nick and Summer mentions Sharon's in the hospital. She says Faith is scared and it made her think about Phyllis more. Neither of them are ready to give up hope. Avery is happy to hear Summer has enrolled in college. She assures Summer that Phyllis has to much to live for.

    At Crimson Lights, Victoria introduces Stitch to Reed, who is visiting for Spring Break. Billy appears and asks, "Were you even going to tell me you were back in town?" Reed hugs Billy and is upset to learn something is wrong at home. Stitch excuses them once he makes it clear they ran into each other by chance. Vikki tells Billy she brought Reed to spend time with her parents. He muses that it had nothing to do with her missing him. Reed wants to spend time with Billy. Vikki says he can come to the house. Stitch watches them go. Dylan tells Stitch, "I know what you're thinking. It's a bad idea." Stitch insists he was just wishing his ex would give him another chance. "He's a lucky guy." Dylan asks what went down with Jenna. Stitch says he wasn't completely honest about something and she couldn't forgive him. Dylan advocates honesty. Avery arrives and asks if he's kept something from her. He insists he hasn't, but she tells him she won a recipe contest she didn't enter. They all laugh. Dylan and Avery head to her place for whipped cream.

    At the Club, Abby wants to toast. Victor thought the engagement rumors weren't true. Tyler assures him he'd be the first to know. Victor says he wouldn't give his permission if Tyler came looking for it - they haven't known each other long enough. Abby is upset about his anti-Tyler attitude. She says they're both self-made businessman. Victor grills him about working at Jabot. They talk about working out and agree to spar after dinner. Abby is appalled. Tyler says he'll go easy on her dad. Abby says Victor will rearrange his face. Elsewhere, Jack tells Kelly that Forrester will contribute to the fashion show. She says she'll adjust the floor plan and dismisses him. He wants to look at the space. She makes a crack about his checkbook. Jack is exasperated at the hostility. He thinks she could use a friend. Kelly talks about building a life in Genoa City and they tour around. In the dining room, Abby spots them together and complains. Victor and Tyler head to the gym to box. Summer arrives and Jack introduces her to Kelly, who heads back to the office. Abby follows and warns Kelly not to hope for anything with Billy or use Jack to get close to him. Kelly tells Abby she doesn't get to judge her and throws her out. In the dining room, Jack worries Abby is making things worse. Abby reappears and says Kelly thinks the onus is on Victoria to fix the marriage. Jack thinks Kelly may be right.

    At home, Reed worries about Victoria and Billy splitting up and his mom being lonely. Billy reassures him. When Reed packs to go to the ranch, Billy tells Victoria he missed them and he wants to come home. Victoria recalls him making the same pitch previously and now they're back there again. She can't keep worrying about how he'll hurt her next. "I want a separation." Billy is dismayed that she has papers. She needs a legal barrier to falling into it again. Billy signs.

    In the GCAC gym, Tyler and Victor box with Stitch nearby. Victor gives Tyler a tip and Stitch joins in. Victor's impressed. Tyler steps back in to spar with Victor, who clouts him when he's not protecting himself. Victor decides Tyler's not ready to get in the ring with him yet. He spars with Stitch again. Victor tells Tyler he's a nice kid. "If you hurt my daughter, I'll come after you."

    At Avery's place, she thanks Dylan for submitting her recipe - the website asked her to do a video. He gets his phone and videotapes them kissing.

    Upset, Billy rushes into the park and stops short when he sees Kelly sitting on the bench.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Hilary tells Neil there are plenty of ways to have fun without wasting money.

    Avery tells Jack they need to discuss what to do about Phyllis.

    Victoria watches from a distance as Billy tells Kelly it doesn't matter if they're in the same place or if anyone sees them.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, March 26 2014 07:10 PM

    OK I must agree with Abby, yes I typed Abby, in this epi.

    Vikki is her sister, and you sleep with my sister's hubs, yep I gotta problem with it. but hey that's just me and apparently Abby. Get her Abby, ITA with u.

    WTH is Jack kissing this woman's butt? Kelly is ticking me off, if everyone in GC is "against her", LEAVE, her only connection is she showed up and caused angst for super couple Villy. (: and whatever she knows about Stitch.

    Billy, right now, I can't stand him.

    FINALLY, Summer is going to college, OMG that's unheard of in GC. Now go home and write a paper.

    I did like the sparring of TGVN/Stitch/Tyler, Tyler looked slightly worried after sparring with TGVN. Good maybe he should call the tattooed hand and give them the hands up.

    Davery is just so boring, it's not that I don't like them, but they are a snoozefest.

    Phyllis this, Phyllis that, Phyllis must be on her way soon to remind Sharon of what she selectively forgot, to bad it's not MS on the way.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, March 26 2014 09:40 PM

    BIlly tells Dylan about Victoria kicking him out. Stitch appears. "Good for her." Billy thinks Stitch wants to swoop in. So this is what honesty looks like in Stitch's mind just by putting in his own input where it comes breaking up a marriage that is not even his to mess with. So Stitch want Victoria just by making sure that stitch does rub BIlly the wrong way. Dylan what is the point advocating honesty from stitch for any reason while stitch really wants is what stitch can not have is victoria.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, March 26 2014 09:46 PM

    Stitch just love making a move on Victoria just to upset Billy even further .Stitch excuses them once he makes it clear they ran into each other by chance. I highly doubt it was by chance that Stitch would want to run into Victoria by chance. victoria is a bigger mess than usual just by flaunting stitch around like a puppy on a leach. Victoria love causing misery for BIlly even after the fact that BIlly daughter had died and Victoria just plead that VIctoria is the victim which i am not buying either.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, March 26 2014 09:52 PM

    Victoria does peat and repeat over BIlly's actions for losing a daughter that it also hurt Victoria even more over the fact that Victoria lost Delia too. How many times does billy have to make apologies to VIctoria time and time again that BIlly is more than willing to be apologies with Victoria now. BIlly does realize that BIlly did make a huge mistake. And what did Victoria do time and time again to rub in BIlly's face just by kissing Stitch and telling BIlly that She will do it again just to get even with BIlly for making love to Kelly. How many times that Victoria had to keep rubbing that in BIlly's face that Kelly matter more about Kelly than Victoria.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, March 26 2014 10:00 PM

    Reed wants to spend time with Billy. Vikki says he can come to the house. Reed would want BIlly more in Reed's life than Stitch. Reed is not ready to get to Know stitch any time soon. Reed would love to spend more time BIlly because Reed does enjoy spending time with BIlly because Reed is not comfortable with stitch besides BIlly himself. Reed already knows what BIlly is like when spending time BIlly it is more comfortable with BIlly because Reed does not know stitch at all. At home, Reed worries about Victoria and Billy splitting up and his mom being lonely.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, March 26 2014 10:09 PM

    Reed would love to spend more time with BIlly because, Reed does enjoy spending time with BIlly because, Reed is not comfortable with stitch. Reed is not familiar who Stitch is in person like Reed knows BIlly. Reed is more Familiar with BIlly because reed parents are JT and Victoria. JT is Reed's father who knows BIlly very well. Reed is more familiar with BIlly because BIlly and JT used too be friends with each other. I actually think that JT is still friends with BIlly Abbott. Victoria is moving too fast for reed's sake to move on with another man that Reed is not ready to get to know Stitch.

    Posted by Texanne at Thursday, March 27 2014 04:31 AM

    Dylan kisses Avery in her kitchen. Gee what part of the anatomy is that? LOL!

    Avery wants to discuss what to do with Phyllis. I say bring Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) back and get rid of Avery. How about that?

    One thing I did agree with was when Victor told Tyler if Tyler hurt Abby, he would come after him. Tyler be afraid, very afraid.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, March 27 2014 04:52 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Summer goes to Dullan and Avery’s and is SOOOOO sorry that she interrupted something! LOL What was your first clue?....that Avery DIDN’T answer the door until you pounded on it the second time….or that Avery was buttoning her blouse when she finally DID answer the door?!! LOL Doesn’t she know what a “phone” is for? After all that, we get to hear her simpering to Avery for her to “promise” she won’t give up on Phyllis. Didn’t she just have the same conversation with Jack yesterday, is she going to go all over town repeating this to everyone? I haven’t missed Phyllis at all but right now I sure wish she would come back so Summer will STHU!!!!!

    You just had to laugh at Abby comparing the “similarities” that Victor and Tyler share! LOL She told Victor that Tyler was a “street artist” (I guess that is the upscale, proper term for a thug that goes around spray painting anything that doesn’t move! LOL) and Victor used to own an art gallery! ROTFLMAO THEN…you had to laugh again when Tyler took Victor’s challenge to do some sparring after dinner! LOL I thought for sure that Victor was going to knock him on his beehind…but he didn’t. I will say one thing though….Stitch is pretty good, I think he could take Victor! LOL Stitch better keep in shape, if he gets involved with Vickie…he just might have to use that talent on the ol’ man! LOL

    Kelly gives Jack a “tour” of the dining room so he can get a better idea of how it will be set up for the fashion show. How many times has Jack been in the GCAC dining room?... and NOTHING has changed?!!! LOL He would have gotten a better idea of the layout from the sketch she “supposedly” has! Then, after Abby jumps her about Billy, Kelly has the nerve to blame Vickie, saying if Vickie can’t forgive Billy, that it is all HER (Vickie’s) fault if their marriage breaks up…WOW!!! Kelly and Billy deserve each other, they BOTH are blaming someone else for THEIR screw ups!!!

    You know, TIIC are “really talented” when they can make us despise a character we used to love (Billy) and two women who have lost a child (Kelly and Chloe)….now that’s saying a lot for them!

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Thursday, March 27 2014 06:46 AM

    Hello and Welcome Old and New Posters: I am glad Abby got on Kelly. Kelly need to be slapped for her saying anything bad about Vic and for blaming Vic for what happened. Billy told Kelly a long time ago Vic was doing all she could; but he just couldn't talk about Delia's death with Vic. Kelly snubs her nose at those who love Vic and what she did with Billy. Kelly knew Billy was married and Vic even invited her to her home and for her to do this to her is unforgiveable. This woman is as smart as a $2 dollar bill. Just wait until Victor ties a knot in her azz about her attitude. Stitch is smart and smooth getting in with Victor before making a move with Vic. So, Victor thinks Tyler is a nice kid, but Victor is he nice enough for Abby?? I am glad Vic had the papers ready for Billy, so he wouldn't be trying to convince Vic to change her mind and whinning. I feel bad for Reed. Summer is the one who should be keeping the faith and not giving up on Phyllis, as her daughter. I don't think it should matter what Jack and Avery feel about it!! So, Billy goes to the park where he knowns damn well Kelly always goes there and I am glad Vic sees all this and she knows if he lies to her about it or not. Billy and Kelly keep on rubbing Vic's nose in it, it seems every chance they get. Vic divorce this idiot husband, Billy and don't fall for his sorry excuses and trashy ways.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Thursday, March 27 2014 07:38 AM

    I do like Avery and Dylan together; better than her and Nick. It seems the only one who could keep Nick in check was Phyllis. Him and Sharon are over, I don't care for her using Faith as an excuse for her to get to Nick. It is so done and over rated. I am glad we didn't have to hear Chloe and her stupid self. I am hoping that Chelsea tells her their friendship is over for what she did and that she is tired of her putting Adam down at every turn and that he is/was her husband and Peanut's father and she loves him. That she can't help it if she is jealous of her and her family; to get over it and move on and she did this to herself. I wonder why they even married Paul and Chris, as Chris has nothing to offer the show with an occasional appearance; just to kiss all over Paul in his office. They eat, kiss, and make out there. They must live in a cell at the GCPD; as we never see either one of them out of Paul's office, in a at home setting environment. LOL!!!! I would like to see someone(I don't care who, Hilary would be nice) just slap her out of napkin outfits. I like the chemistry between Stitch and Vic. They have more substance as a couple, than Vic and Billy. Leslie puts me in the mind of a prude old maid. She is another one who gives the show no substance and never has shown any romantic interest in Neil and they never made a good couple, either.

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