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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Y&R Recap: Misspent Youth.

    Monday, March 24 2014
    Billy gets worked up over Adam, Nikki tells Dylan about her past, and Neil leaves with Hilary.

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    At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan discuss Ian's ex-wife, Willa's visit. Dylan's afraid she might go looking for someone else who will pay for her information - like Nikki. Avery muses that he's grown to care about his mother. Avery leaves and Dylan leaves Nikki a message.

    At Newman, Victor tells Nikki that Abby called to wish them a happy anniversary. She shows him a drawing from Faith that includes Dylan as part of her family. Victor gifts Nikki with an IOU for a trip to Europe. Nikki wonders what he's up to. Victor wants to see her happy. He says he's ready to accept Dylan as part of her family. She's thrilled.

    At the Club, Neil tells Leslie he's headed to the airport. She asks if he's going away with a woman because of the flowered luggage beside him. He says it's not what she thinks, but Leslie sniffs that he's free to do as he likes and walks off. Hilary joins Neil and they go. After, Avery arrives to discuss Ian Ward's ex-wife with Leslie. She warns they could be working together and asks Leslie to keep Ian in check. Avery looks at Leslie's computer and is surprised to see she's using an online dating site. Leslie says Neil couldn't wait to move on. Avery reassures her; she'll find love again.

    At the park, Billy takes the phone from Chelsea and asks, "Who the hell is this?" Whoever it is hangs up. Chelsea is upset. Billy warns her about hiding him. Chelsea says she wouldn't do that, but she has a feeling he's out there. She adds that the homeless man saw Adam crawl out of the car. Billy scoffs and asks how she even tracked him down. She says, "Victor." Billy orders her to call off this investigation. He insists there's no way he could have survived. Chelsea feels he's being mean. "I need answers." She asks if he'd ever stop searching for Victoria.

    Nikki arrives at Crimson Lights after receiving Dylan's message. She tells him about Victor's acceptance and their anniversary. They chat and Dylan tells her that Willa showed up. Nikki says if she comes to her door she'll wish she hadn't. They talk about Nikki's wealth and how she used to be a stripper and a cult member. She offers to tell him about her misspent youth. He accepts. Her history is his too. Nikki tells him everything. She says she had no self-worth so gave him up for adoption. Dylan understands so much better now. He thanks her for giving him a good life.

    On the plane, Hilary talks to Neil about the planned meetings in Los Angeles but he's distracted. He says Leslie assumed he was vacationing with another woman and he didn't exactly correct her. Neil opens up about how much he misses her - they were even planning to watch March Madness together. He challenges Hilary to join the basketball pool. Later, she gives him her picks based on team mascots. They work out a deal for the winner.

    At the station, Paul tells Detective Harding that Chris is in Madison deposing Ian Ward. Harding says someone is there with information on Adam. It's the homeless guy. He tells Paul and Harding that he told Victor and Chelsea what he saw - Adam Newman's alive; there's no doubt about it. Later, Billy arrives and describes the scene with Chelsea in the park. He wonders if Adam really could be alive. Paul says it doesn't mean there's anything to it just because Victor's involved. After, Paul returns to the homeless guy who mentions a new detail - the bath. Adam got clean. Paul wonders to Harding if what Nick saw was wrong.

    Chelsea enters Victor's office and says she got another call from Adam. He gets his people on tracing the call. She says Billy was there and didn't want her to look into it any further. Victor wants to know everything. Soon Billy arrives. They all bicker about whether Adam is dead. Victor accuses Billy of wanting them to stop looking so he can find Adam himself and finish the job he started. Billy warns Chelsea about Victor getting his hooks into Connor. Victor hollers that Billy is a drunk and a gambler. He orders him out. Chelsea asks Victor to find out about the phone call and leaves too. Victor calls someone to trace the phone calls Chelsea's received and also to look into how much Billy Abbott knows about Adam's death.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack asks Victor why he's suddenly so concerned about how Phyllis is doing. Victor asks Jack why he's spreading lies about him.

    Sharon's therapist tells Nick that Sharon received shock treatment.

    Sharon tells Cassie's lookalike, "You're not supposed to be here."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by pipposprincess at Friday, March 21 2014 01:12 PM

    Why doesn't victor get involved in Abby's life!

    Posted by pipposprincess at Friday, March 21 2014 01:17 PM

    Somebody shake some sense in Billy. He's very annoying.

    Why didn't genoa city's finest check out the homeless guy the first place? He was standing there at the time of who climbed out the vehicle.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Friday, March 21 2014 02:41 PM

    Vikki, please straighten Billy out; let him view that video for one thing. He's scared to death Adam isn't dead and will tell about the gun-point kidnapping he did to him. I hope he does worry! Chelsea, don't give up on Adam.

    Paul don't tell Billy-Boy what you find out from this homeless man. Further, what happened to the questioning and gunpowder results from Billy's gun?? Sounds like Victor has plenty of suspicions about Billy being in a car with Adam! Victor/Chelsea...check the condo video cameras. You'd think a million dollar place would have some around somewhere!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Friday, March 21 2014 02:42 PM

    Oh no, dummy Sharon did get a shock treatment. Does she still remember anything now?

    Posted by leotwin at Friday, March 21 2014 03:10 PM

    What kind of doctor does Sharon have, that would allow someone who was just brought in for a meltdown, to make a rational decision on having shock treatments? Sharon was in no condition to make a judgment like that and that doctor should be sued for medical malpractice. I cannot stand how Victor wants to be all up in Connor's life when he shut Adam out of his, Victor don't even spend time with Johnny. Lol

    Posted by pipposprincess at Friday, March 21 2014 04:37 PM

    I agree victor just collects the kids and put them up on a shelf when it's time for him to manipulate them.

    Genoa City needs revamped doctors and police staff. Sharon's old doctor was talking to another doctor about her prognosis in public.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, March 21 2014 04:55 PM

    Billy warns her about hiding Adam. Chelsea says she wouldn't do that, but she has a feeling Adam out there. I love watching great confrontation right here where Billy and Chelsea fight over Adam and where Adam might be.I love the writing skills here. I love the drama that does surrounds Adam's supposed death. I love the way Chelsea points out to Billy that Chelsea would not do that to hiding Adam away from not going to jail. So Chelsea actually thinks that Adam is out there somewhere. That's a relief.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, March 21 2014 05:02 PM

    Sharon's therapist tells Nick that Sharon received shock treatment. So Nick might be wondering why Sharon needs such a treatment to Shock Sharon for any reason. I would love to see Nick going to jack over the fact that Sharon is going to have to go to dramatic steps to get Shock treatment. So Will Nick ask Sharon's therapist why Should Sharon go through that kind of trouble to get Shock therapy for any reason. I would love to see Nick bite off the therapist head for doing this to Sharon.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, March 21 2014 05:10 PM

    After, Avery arrives to discuss Ian Ward's ex-wife with Leslie. She warns they could be working together and asks Leslie to keep Ian in check. Avery is as dumb as rocks to tell Leslie to keep Ian in check over what exactly that Ian Ward and ex wife are working together really Avery. Leslie should not keep an eye on Ian like that. It sounds like Avery would Leslie to be a spy for you Avery. Leslie is suppose to be Ian's lawyer for Ian to make sure that Ian does go free from jail. So why is Avery warning Leslie over anything because Avery does dislike Ian so much that Leslie has to pay the same mistakes for being Ian's lawyer.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, March 21 2014 05:21 PM

    So Avery's warning Leslie has to do with the fact to keep Ian in check where it comes to Ian and his ex-wife if they are working together. Then latter, Avery is also snooping on Leslie's computer just because Avery could be noisy as hell. Just because, Leslie is on a dating service online. That is none of Avery's affairs to just check on Leslie in that way without asking Leslie why dating service. How is that shocking to Avery anyway.

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