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    The Young And The Restless Pre-Empted Today 03/21.

    Friday, March 21 2014
    "Y&R" will be pre-empted today, March 21, for March Madness NCAA Basketball.

    CBS will air March Madness NCAA Basketball today, March 21. "Y&R" returns with a new episode on Monday March 24.

    In the meantime, let know whom you would like to see Stitch paired with by voting in the poll below.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by fairland at Thursday, March 20 2014 05:40 PM

    Yes That is understandable rage That Billy Abbott cheated on Victoria because Billy made love to Kelly. at every time that Billy and Victoria fight. who want to be reminded by the fact that Victoria is married by someone else that is Billy. Why should Victoria flaunt in Stitch that Victoria wants to be a happy couple with her own husband. How many times does Stitch needs to be burned out by the fact that Victoria marriage to billy has to be a failure in front of stitch where Kelly is concerned.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, March 20 2014 05:46 PM

    my guess i would rather see stitch with Abby instead of Tyler with Abby. stabby would be great together. I love eyeballing at each instead of hooking her mother up with Stitch let Abby be the signal part of one without Tyler being involved with Abby. Abby and Stitch as a couple would much better as a couple than Ashley or Kelly because Kelly is calling Stitch a murderer.

    Posted by Twigger35 at Friday, March 21 2014 05:55 AM


    Happy World Down Syndrome Day "FAIRLAND". Are you wearing your crazy socks today?

    Have a great day all

    Posted by hopeformore at Friday, March 21 2014 06:42 AM

    I really don't want Billy and Victoria to split up because it would give Victor one more thing to hold over Victoria. But, if they do, I would want Billy to take Johnny away from Victoria because he is the biological parent and she is not. And maybe Billy and Chelsea could get together. We should all presume that if Victor finds Adam he will do something to keep him away from Chelsea and Connor.

    Posted by Paddy52 at Friday, March 21 2014 08:11 AM

    Hey Posters, thanks kmc for answering my question. IMO I enjoy most of the OT comments. It helps me to understand their post better when u know a little bit about a person like ..... what age group, what part of the country they are from, what kind of work they do and even what are their hobbies. Oh yeah how long they've bee watching Y&R really that's one of the most important facts that helps me understand the perspective of other posters. IMO if someone does not want to read OT subjects just scroll baby scroll. I'll also be the first to admit I've enjoyed "THE CAT FIGHT" . The show is so boring ! So I found the it entertaining and guess what all you people that do not like OT subjects that's exactly what u were doing u were OT ! LOL! How funny is that!

    Posted by SudsRus at Friday, March 21 2014 09:05 AM

    Right on Paddy52. Also, the older posters know their stuff. If I want to know something about the history of a character, or the show, someone on here always know the answer. That's so cool.
    I think our "CAT FIGHT" should earn an honourable mention somewhere. On some soap site/publication maybe? Soap Digest? Soap somethin'?

    Posted by LoveMyDogsandMySoaps at Friday, March 21 2014 09:55 AM

    Y'know -- there are like a zillion dedicated sports channels where they can air these useless games. WHY interrupt regular programming for a bunch of overgrown apes imitating humans? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    The OTHER gripe I have is when we're interrupted by that political hack who has nothing to say but loves the power he has to disrupt everything to say it. You know who I mean - the squatter.

    Posted by nunyabznz at Friday, March 21 2014 11:34 AM

    Hi Fairland - you got me ROTFL with "Stabby" (Stich and Abby as a couple). I never really thought about them together, but just the thought of calling them "Stabby" makes me want them to be a couple.

    Lovemydog - you make a very valid point about sport tournaments running during our favorite many frigging ESPN and other sports channels are there? About a zillion? Why can't they broadcast on one of those channels. It's not fair when you're Y&R junkie like me!

    Anyway, I appreciate this site where we can gripe about stuff like this. Thanks Candace!

    Posted by Paddy52 at Friday, March 21 2014 01:02 PM

    Hey SudsRus, I see u get it too! I've been watching off and on since the 70s. The 70s and 80s now that's when the show was in its prime and early 90s. It didn't start going down hill until MAB. JFP is as bad or worse than she was. It irritates the life out of me when they completely change Y&R history. Some people have watched since day one and they can't get away with anything. That's why I don't like the Neil/Hilary S/L it never happened! So no matter what they do or say I will never like that it. Same as Nikki/Dullan didn't happen. The best thing to come out of that is Ian aka The Snake. I think he's a hoot! Like I said the other day bring on the crazies! They are much more entertaining than these whinny characters that JFP / writers have dumbed down until we hardly recognize them ugh!

    Sure hope this is not considered OT because I might get turned in by the self appointed "Hall Monitor" lol

    Posted by Soaps Admin at Friday, March 21 2014 01:32 PM


    We removed a racist post earlier and wanted to remind posters that the guidelines do apply here and not just in the forums. People can go off topic as long as they post OT in front of that portion of their post so others know to scroll. If you've spoilers, please post them with asterisks around them so people know to look away.

    If there are questions or issues that crop up please contact us at We are here for you, all emails are confidential.


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