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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: Time You Knew The Truth.

    Thursday, February 27 2014
    Jack and Victor argue, Chloe gets arrested, and Dylan confronts his father.

    In Ian's empty suite, Nick and Dylan find his packed bag and discover Summer's bracelet. They find a receipt for rent on an office space. Downstairs, Michael bangs his nose in the revolving doors. Paul says he looks okay. Michael invites him to join him and Lauren now that everything is free and clear. Paul hedges, but Lauren appears and convinces him. Over dinner, Paul calls them out for lying to him these past few months. Michael wants to make amends. Paul asks, "Whose paying for dinner?" Fenmore appears - he's there applying for a job.

    In the Ian's office, Nikki asks Summer if she's okay. She tells Summer that Ward is not the man he says he is. Summer says he's helping her find her path. Nikki tells her he's a con man and a criminal who preys on young girls. Ward says it's all a misunderstanding. Nikki insists Summer leave. She goes, but here's Nikki say she brought the money. Ward looks in the bag and complains that it's not $5 million. Nikki says she must have misunderstood - she brought $1 million. He swears he hasn't touched Summer, but if he doesn't get the rest of his money it may not stay that way. Nikki says the rest of the cash is in her car. They bicker about the past. She warns him Paul is the police chief now. Nikki wants him to leave Summer alone, and to admit the truth of what he did to her. Ian says it pains him to see her paint herself as a victim. She implores him to say what he did. Ward skirts around it. They are about to go to her car when Dylan and Nick appear. Nikki assures them Summer is fine. Nick takes Nikki out and Dylan faces Ian, who remarks on the mother/son bond. Dylan gets in his face about the women he's taken advantage of and warns he won't walk out that door to do it again. Ian pleads, "Don't kill me, Dylan, or you'll never know."

    At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe tells Kevin that she'll never see Connor again and Chelsea will never forgive her. Kevin says she has to go back to when she lost Delia and grieve properly. She regrets not listening to him. Kevin says Chelsea understands this happened due to grief. The doorbell rings - it's the police. They arrest Chloe for kidnapping. Kevin tries to convince the cops this isn't right, but they have to take her in.

    Jack stops at the penthouse to see Connor and is surprised to see Victor. Chelsea tells Jack that Chloe kidnapped Connor and took him to Paris. Jack asks why she contacted Victor and not him. Victor says it's a family matter. Jack and Victor bicker about their status in Connor's life. Chelsea apologizes to Jack, but he is appalled she went against Adam's wishes. Chelsea admits she called Victor first because she thought he was involved. Jack says that's reasonable. Chelsea continues to referee and explains to Jack how they ended up on the plane to Paris. She says if not for Victor, she may have lost Connor forever. They argue about whether Victor could really just be trying to do right by his son and grandson. Jack warns Chelsea that Victor's framed it to look that way for her benefit. Victor says he's helping her. Jack replies, "That's right. Until you turn on her and take her son." Jack tells Chelsea she's playing right into his hands. "Victor's going to have you declared an unfit mother."

    At the Club, Paul gets a message about Chloe as Kevin calls Michael for help. Paul goes and Michael asks Kevin to tell him everything. Lauren and Fen talk about prison being behind him. Fen says the experience made him appreciate what he has. He wants to be a lawyer and help people. He mentions that Summer's seeing a life coach for guidance.

    At the station, Paul tells Kevin that Chloe's arrest has nothing to do with Chelsea - it's a Federal matter. Summer arrives and tells Paul about Nikki paying off this man she met. Meanwhile, Kevin tells Michael that this is a misunderstanding - Chelsea wanted Chloe to take Connor out of the country. Chloe says it's not true.

    At the ranch, Nikki worries to Nick about Dylan. Nick thinks he might rearrange Ian's face. Summer arrives and says she told Paul. Summer feels stupid for being taken in. Nikki tells her he's Dylan's father - it's time she knew the truth.

    Paul enters Ian's office as Dylan's roughing him up. Paul notes the bag of cash. Ian insists the money belongs to him. Paul says he extorted it from Nikki. Ian thinks there's no proof. Paul arrests him.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Colin warns Jill she won't solve this mystery and cut him out.

    Stitch confirms to Kelly that his divorce is going through. She says, "It's because of me."

    Victor hollers at Jack, "I just lost my son. Is it so unnatural that I want to get to know my grandson?"

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by hubbardfan at Wednesday, February 26 2014 02:40 PM

    As usual, Jack is right! Chelsea' being real 'dim' on this! All she had to do was what her husband BEGGED her to do, keep his son away from Victor, and trust Jack. Does she do that??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I hope Jack, the GODFATHER now gets involved in this and that Adam gets back here quickly (since they're auditioning)before his son is used as a pawn in a tug-of-war bet. Jack and Victor!

    Posted by e_pearl at Wednesday, February 26 2014 03:37 PM

    I think Ian knows he is not Dylan's father. That is what he is telling him he won't find out if he kills him. Victor and Christine will both hit the roof if Paul is Dylan's father.

    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, February 26 2014 03:56 PM

    I feel bad for Chelsea, she is smack dab in between this war with Victor and Jack, and she just lost her hubs, found out he hit Delia, and her son was just kidnapped by her BFF, I think if I were her I'd take a little vaca.

    "Don't worry Summer you did nothing wrong" WHAT? I would differ, for one you don't talk to men you don't know in a park and go to their room. if someone don't teach this girl some thing, she is never going to learn anything.

    I can't believe Nikki just left this guy 1 million dollars, for what? For a minute I thought she was recording him when she was trying to get him to admit what he did to her.

    It is really no wonder Fen and Summer act like they do.

    Chloe I don't know what to think about her, I can't stand her most of the time, but then again I feel bad for her, she needs help from a Dr.

    Posted by dslc at Wednesday, February 26 2014 04:22 PM

    well I just got to say i'm shocked summer had enough sense to go and tell Paul what was going on. That's what Nicki should have done. Well at least she will get her million back

    Posted by apple1950 at Wednesday, February 26 2014 04:25 PM

    Thanks goodness there was no scenes of Lilly and CANE rolling around in a bed today. Nikki is so stupid to take money to IAN. She could take the photo to the police and ecplain the extortion. She hasno common sense. No wonder she is so dependent on Victor. Looks like Ian may be sterile and knows he could not conceive. Under normal circumstances (not soap opera Ian would not taken a picture and send it to Nikki, incriminating himself. Then blackmail? He knows Nick and Dylan are after him. This is as stupid as the gala fiasco. Hate this Ian storyline. NIKKI is pathetic. Stop the madness with LESLIE and NEIL. The whole Gus, Rose, Tyler, Abby, Neil and Leslie storyline is uninteresting. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the ABBY/TYLER STORYLINE. IT IS FLUFF!

    Posted by Unameit at Wednesday, February 26 2014 04:30 PM

    Now it looks like Stitch and Kelly had an affair. Be glad when this sl comes to an end. Tired of guessing!

    E_pearl interesting conclusion on what the snake said. Hope Dylan does turn out to be Paul's son but at one time I was thinking that Sharon might be the snake's daughter. Do we know any history of who Sharon's father is?

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:31 AM

    Over dinner, Paul calls them out for lying to him these past few months. Michael wants to make amends. Great job Paul yes they have been lying to you months and that is why Lauren and Michael only care about themselves more than they do over having a friendship with you Paul. I love this story line. I love how this is written. I love the drama as well surrounding Michal and Lauren been lying to Paul. I love the way Michael want to make amends to Paul like that will work this time around with Paul's fury over why both Michael and Lauren had to keep on lying to Paul for months all end.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:36 AM

    Michael wants to make amends. Paul asks, "Whose paying for dinner?" Fenmore appears - he's there applying for a job. I love the writing here as well for this story line. I love the drama here as well where Paul/Michael/Lauren play off each other in a heated confrontation that Paul is making a point Who is paying for dinner just to stick it to Michael and Lauren for not paying for the crime that Michael/Lauren/Fen just made on themselves for Carmine's supposed murder.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 27 2014 12:47 AM

    Kevin says she has to go back to when she lost Delia and grieve properly. She regrets not listening to him. Kevin says Kevin actually believe there is a proper way to grief over losing a child that Chloe just lost. Why would Kevin point this out now to going back in time will change the outcome to why Chloe did lose Delia? Chloe outcome by hearing how Delia had died is how Chloe shut down in every tear that Chloe made for losing Delia.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 27 2014 01:00 AM

    Ian insists the money belongs to him. Paul says he extorted it from Nikki. Ian thinks there's no proof. Paul arrests him. Paul is finding an excuse to arrest Ian for Nikki's sake. Paul is just overreacting on Nikki's behalf. I mean Paul is making thing more than personal that professional reason just to have Ian arrested for Nikki. Paul why go to those length for Nikki overreacting ways just to score points for Nick/Dylan/Nikki as well for your own personal reasons.

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