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    Y&R Recap: A New Low.

    Friday, January 31 2014
    Jack confronts Victor, Abby hears Tyler out, and the search is on for Billy and Adam.

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    Posted by mm20 at Friday, January 31 2014 01:26 PM

    MM's performance yesterday, when he kept saying I'm sorry over and over to Billy, was really moving. I'm very sorry to see him go.

    I love how both Adam and Billy were wearing the same clothes and shoes, so you can't tell who was in the car and who walked away.

    Nikki needs Victor in her corner to deal with Ian. I see trouble ahead for Nikki if she doesn't tell Victor about Ian.

    I like the new Abbey, I think she's gorgeous and I think she is a good actress. She and Tyler make a gorgeous couple. I don't understand all the complaints here about her, except that somebody's jealous of someone so beautiful. I'm just saying.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, January 31 2014 01:28 PM

    am in agreement with you on the independent Powerful business Women in Fashion. I actually think we need powerful women on the show like chelsea becoming a millionaire. THat will pissed off Victor for sure. I love love to see chloe would have some kind of rich background to where chelsea is concerned. Will adam is not dead yet, but I do see that actually happing at some point.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, January 31 2014 01:38 PM

    So NIkki's screaming is not helping any one for some reason. what would Victor have done anything differently that Adam is still Victor's son. And all Nikki could scream about what about your daughter victoria is going to feel betrayed by victor. THis what you put in motion for not coming clean that your daughter Victoria is in a mess that you already knew about Adam hitting delia. Which Nikki does make a fine argument so Nikki could protect her child that victoria.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, January 31 2014 01:51 PM

    more lily and cane what a relief to see more of lily's bad attitude towards Devon and the way lily has been treating HILary . LIke this has not happen before that lily got upset that lily might know that Devon could be in love with hilary. I would to see more of Cane for sure in a hot storyline with another women that is not lily. I love the passion/romance/ the eye balling love that Cane gave chelsea. I love the old romance novels that Cane and chelsea have in a heart beat. I would to see the new Adam and BIlly as well.

    Posted by Navarro1010 at Friday, January 31 2014 01:55 PM

    Posted by kmc320 at Friday, January 31 2014 09:33 AM

    Oh Gawd, Adam just moved his bloodied fingers while Billy slips and slides trying to walk in the snow

    @KMC320: Do you actually see that it's Billy? Is it the new/old Billy? I read that he first airs on Monday. Or do you only see his legs or feet?

    Posted by Jacob Cain at Friday, January 31 2014 01:57 PM

    So new Billy shows up at his own house and Victoria lets him in as he collapses. Paul shows Adam's watch to Jack and everyone assume it's Adam who died in the SUV. Michael finds Carmine at a hotel who has been given immunity by the FBI for turning states evidence. He ratted out Womack. Michael has Carmine record a message holding a newspaper that Michael uses to clear Fen and the judge, who was a terrible casting choice as a judge, releases Fen on the spot. Devon asks out Jack's assistant and she rejects him saying she doesn't want to lose a friend. She's obviously making Devon fall harder for her.

    Posted by piqueroi at Friday, January 31 2014 03:07 PM

    Hooray! Carmine is back. Hopefully it was Adam who, although fired, walked way and they'll get the badly burned body out of the car and when he recovers following plastic surgery he'll be nuBilly. Let's hope Summer (receiving her actress karma for getting Adam fired0 will be seduced by Ian and much to Nikki's discomfiture be forced to bear his child. I''d suspected Carmine still lived with all the strange goings on with the medical examiner, photos, etc. Hope he's back for the long haul!

    Posted by autigers at Friday, January 31 2014 03:21 PM

    Hello posters. Just adding my two cents about the h&r driver.

    Given the outpouring of support for MM by all on this board as not being responsible for the accident AND the recent comments by the execs and CBS about their total disregard for how the fans feel about MMs firing; I fear the outcome will be that Adam is the one that hit Delia.

    If for no other reason but to show the fans who have threatened to quit watching, they will make him the guilty one just to "stick it to em / us". They want to prove they are in charge and will write this s/l to make themselves feel better about themselves. I do not believe this was the original ending that written rather changes were made after all the complaints about MM from certain other actors began and the HK thing was the icing on the cake.

    If you recall an interview MM gave very early on when the Delia s/l first started, he said JFP sat him and BM down and presented the idea to them. I don't think MM would have been so eager to do this s/l if he was going to ultimately be the actual h&r driver so I think it was originally suppose to be someone else but only after Adam thought he did it.

    Oh well. Good luck to Michael and Billy. It has been a pleasure to watch you perform and I hope we see you both again real soon in something much bigger and better than this.

    Posted by jab6 at Friday, January 31 2014 03:24 PM

    Nikki and Nick call Adam a murderer. But When Summer ran into Adam's car and caused Chelsea to lose her baby, they called an accident cause Summer was upset when she walked in on Phyllis getting down with Roan. All she said she was sorry, and Victor bought her a new car. I hope the real hit and run driver confesses, soon and finish this story line. Kevin and Chole have no run to speak the way they stole from people, Kevin trying to burn up Tracy's daughter Took advantage of Lily.

    Posted by R. I. Gal at Friday, January 31 2014 03:49 PM

    To chipmunk, Yu are delusional to think it is only 6 people leaving. You only wish you had 10 percent of the acting ability and following that Michael Muhney and Billy Miller have. Glad they broke you and Cloe up since it must be hard for you to act with a women since you came out. maybe they will have a gay storyline for you. wonder who made up the rumor with hk? Today is my first day of not watching, hopefully I will be only one of thousands that leave.

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