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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: Get It On The Table.

    Monday, January 06 2014
    Chelsea and Adam plan to get married, Jill gets intriguing news about the music box, and Billy and Victoria entertain Kelly and Stitch.

    At the Club, Victor concludes that his son is responsible for Delia's death. The investigator is sworn to secrecy and leaves. Paul appears. Victor asks Paul how the investigation is going into Delia's death and what the driver would face. Paul says 25 years is the maximum punishment but it could be much less with a good lawyer. Victor muses about it as Paul asks where he's going with all this. Victor says he's simply curious. Later, Paul calls Chris who says the eyewitness may have seen the license plate of the car that hit Delia.

    At the penthouse, Adam proposes to Chelsea on bended knee. She accepts. They talk about being careful for Connor's sake. He says he's completely committed. Chelsea notes that they've kept things from one another in the past - if there's anything that could threaten the marriage they need to get it on the table right now. Adam reassures her nothing will come between them. Chelsea needs to know he's forgiven her for lying. Adam reassures her. She says now their mistakes can't come back to haunt them. They discuss parameters for the marriage. She says he can have a life outside of it - she gets that now. They decide to wed as soon as reasonably possible and head upstairs laughing. After making love, they throw a baby toy out of the bed and start kissing again. Later, Adam has to go out. Chelsea smiles and flashes to telling Adam he deserves to be happy - they deserve to be happy. Outside the door, Adam goes to the parking garage and gets into his SUV. Victor's in the passenger seat. "Hello son."

    Cane talks to Lily about the weather at Crimson Lights. She realizes that he is trying to distract her from the test results. Stitch finds a phone with a pink cover and asks if it's Lily's. It's not. Kelly follows him to the patio. He asks if she and Victoria are friends. She flashes to kissing Billy. "I wouldn't say that." They bicker about whether it's his business until she excuses herself for dinner plans. Meanwhile, Lily tells Cane she wants him to take a picture of her right now as she is. She reminds him that he shaved her head the last time. Cane becomes subdued but takes two pictures. Lily gets called to come into Dr. Kershaw's office.

    At home, Billy tells Victoria that inviting Kelly to dinner was not a great idea. Victoria feels it will be a perfectly pleasant evening. Billy acts antsy. Someone knocks - it's Stitch with Victoria's cellphone. She thanks him and Billy suggests he join them for dinner when he mentions getting a burger. While Vikki's in the kitchen, Stitch refers to Johnny's rash, which Billy didn't know about. Stitch admits he and his wife split up over something he did. Kelly arrives. Awkwardness ensues as Vikki introduces her to Stitch and she and Billy exchange glances. Kelly makes it clear she and Ben know each other. Victoria talks about Kelly's job and suggests they play games. She questions Billy's sudden shyness. Billy tries to turn on the charm. Stitch goes to get drinks with Vikki and Kelly rants to Billy about not knowing how to turn Victoria's invitation down. They rehash their mistake. Kelly's afraid Victoria will see her guilt and know they had sex. Billy urgently coaches her on how to get through dinner. He says Victoria has no idea. Victoria asks, "No idea about what?"

    At the hospital, Cane tries to distract a worried Lily by saying the orderlies were flirting with her. He recalls Katherine flying them to France to wed and says every day since then he loves her more. The doctor arrives with the results of the blood test.

    Kevin startles Jill in the Chancellor living room. She is holding the music box and tells him it switched locations on its own. Kevin laughs about a ghost moving it around until he realizes Jill actually thinks it was Mrs. C. Jill asks Kevin about Chloe. Kevin blurts that she's taking an unhealthy interest in Chelsea's child. Jill digests this as the phone rings. It's an antiques dealer about the music box. Jill exclaims, "Well I'll be damned!" She tells Kevin this could very well be the answer to the riddle of the box. She says the dealer seems to believe it may have considerable value. Kevin goes upstairs. Jill pops the music box in a bag and tells Katherine's portrait she's a wonderful old coot as she heads out. Outside, Jill gets chloroformed. Kevin comes downstairs calling Jill's name. He's holding a baby book labeled 'Sweet Little Girl Delia', and mutters to himself, "Chloe what are you doing?"

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Stitch tells Kelly she's suffered a lot and he'd hate to see her hurt anymore. She asks, "Why would I be?" He says, "You and Billy seem close."

    Kevin tells Chloe he loves her. She says you can't love someone if you don't understand them.

    Adam says to Victor, "If you're not going to say anything then I don't understand." Victor says he'll keep it to himself, but he wants one thing in return.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, January 03 2014 04:28 PM

    Victor is pathetic! The second time he's denied Delia. The first when he knew where Billy was when she needed a match.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, January 03 2014 04:48 PM

    And despicable! Just to get his clutches on Connor! I guess if Nikki has a son he wants something to claim too!

    Posted by fairland at Friday, January 03 2014 05:11 PM

    Kevin startles Jill in the Chancellor living room. She is holding the music box and tells him it switched locations on its own. THis is funny stuff between Jill and kevin. I love comedy where i see it. I love this sense where Jill gets scared up when kevin walks in the living Room. I love that Jill tells kevin the Music box is telling Jill it is switched location on its own . How could Jill understand that the music box is actually talking to jill like the music box knows how to think on jill's terms? THis is great writing skills and great drama relief that kevin and Jill are very Funny together.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, January 03 2014 05:17 PM

    Kevin laughs about a ghost moving it around until he realizes Jill actually thinks it was Mrs. C. I love Kevin's responds that kevin does laugh about a ghost is moving the music box. JILl does not disappoint at all to where it comes to jill humor that jill actually thinks it is Mrs. C that is switching around the music box for a different location. I love this story line where jill wanting to find out the truth about what the music box is saying to jill. So kevin realizes that jill does still miss Mrs.C like Katherine is still around.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, January 03 2014 05:23 PM

    Jill asks Kevin about Chloe. Kevin blurts that she's taking an unhealthy interest in Chelsea's child. Jill wants to know how chloe is doing from kevin. Kevin tells Jill that chloe is taking an unhealthy interest in Chelsea's child. I can see why kevin would tell Jill that chloe is living in limbo to where Connor is concerned. CHloe did help Connor to keep his eye sight to where chloe did help chelsea and Adam that Connor does deserve to have his eye sight. In Kevin's mind that chloe is not coping very well and taking an unhealthy lifestyle to hood Delia is dead by a hit and Run driver.

    Posted by fairland at Friday, January 03 2014 05:29 PM

    Victor asks Paul how the investigation is going into Delia's death and what the driver would face. Is victor really that interested in helping paul to ask Paul how the investigation is going into Delia's death? What is Victor trying to prove to Paul that victor has a better investigator than paul? Victor just love to rub in paul's face about the investigation is not going so well. Does Victor really care about what the driver would face in that person could be Adam. Victor will do anything to keep Adam as an enemy in victor's eyes.

    Posted by marvista at Friday, January 03 2014 11:20 PM

    I must google to find out if it's easy to buy chloroform and to know how much to put on some rag to smother a "victim" like Jill. Lucky that whoever has taken Jill was not seen by anybody walking or driving by. I couldn't do that in my neighborhood because somebody is always walking his or her dog or walking briskly for exercise. Jill has enough money and in her position, why not display the music box while she figures it out--it's from Katherine. Victor is waiting in Adam's vehicle. How did he get into Adam's vehicle? It ain't locked? How long was Victor prepared to WAIT for Adam? Adam HIMSELF didn't know he'd be running an errand for champagne. Adam could have stayed inside ALL night and certainly Victor would have had to use the bathroom. I doubt if he got thirsty that he had a bottle of designer water, beer or a Cosmoplitan with him. Guess Vic would have gone home and returned in the morning? I hope I don't have to hear Victor call Nikki "baby" too many more times--it doesn't seem like Victor.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Saturday, January 04 2014 08:28 AM

    Hello New and Old Posters: Now we have Victor stalking Adam. Wow! What is Chloe up to?? Is she planning on taking Connor?? I hope Adam hurries and gets the paperwork on Jack filed quickly and marries Chelsea ASAP. Vic inviting the fox(Kelly) into the henhouse; is not a good thing. Stitch picked up on Kelly and Billy very quickly. He must know her MO and what's she's after. He must have been burnt by her before; just like Billy is about to be. Is Lily still planning to leave the show?? I know Chelsea is happy with her life starting with Adam. I still don't get this obsession Victor has over Connor??? As much as Victor hates Adam for being friends with Jack; why would he want to be an azz over a innocent baby?? Just because his name is Newman doesn't give him any special previliges with Connor. The parents have the say so over that. Adam is right to be concerned about Victor and his mean streak. I read on the spoilers that Sharon has to tell about the DNA tests. OH PRAISE BE TO THE SOAP GODS OUT THERE, FINALLY!!! Please take her to Antarticia and leave her there by herself never to be heard from again and no Nick. A fitting end to the psycho, taunting the polar bears. I really feel bad for Summer trying to help Fen and to be shunned by him. Is Colin the one who kidnaps Jill?? Since he is to return?? How does Billy figure out anything about Adam?? Does Billy take over the foundation for Delia??

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Saturday, January 04 2014 08:36 AM

    Here Vic wants to thank Kelly for helping Billy; only to find out they slept together. Ain't that a b---h!! What kind of person would accept an invitation to dinner, after that. Kelly is a low class s--t, to inject herself into their marriage. Billy should have stopped it before it went that far. I have no respect for Billy now. He can't blame this on no one but himself, when Vic finds out; after she was trying so hard to get through to him. Victor will be doing the victory dance of I told you so. I dread that coming.

    Posted by marvista at Saturday, January 04 2014 04:44 PM

    Concerning Michael Muhney: I spent eight (8!) days in October on a jury on THIS VERY subject.

    This jury duty changed me a bit OR I didn’t realize I could have such an open mind.

    What the young female said was very similar to what is reported here AND as it turned out, something might have happened on a smaller level--perhaps as a joke. Fortunately, the female and the female’s best friend changed their stories so there BECAME extremely REASONABLE doubt. The teachers and counselors ALSO made their MINDS up IMMEDIATELY that the young, lovely girl HAD to be telling the truth. Say, what? I don’t think so—not in conclusion.

    The gorgeous, young girl was willing to ruin a young man’s life because of her ego and misunderstanding of his walking by her in a tiny space. Perhaps EVERYBODY lied a little, but it certainly wasn’t worth his going to jail for YEARS. Let’s get real about what’s WORTH ruining somebody’s life over whether it didn’t happen, whether it happened but was NOT meant in a lecherous way but as a joke made in BAD BAD judgment, and finally, if it WAS meant in an evil, predatory way—if it happened. I couldn’t sleep until I decided “not guilty.” After the trial was over, I then went on the internet to look at how the defendant was portrayed online AND in the newspaper. A writer wrote the defendent's name and announced “October __, 2013 is when __________ will have to FACE THE MUSIC.”

    Face the music?

    Face WHAT music? He hasn’t been found guilty, you dumb-ass writer. We haven’t heard the evidence. You go face YOUR music, idiot.

    I think putting this information on the internet is not fair to Michael Muhney and it has to cause stress for the actress, Hunter King, who plays “Summer.” I believe people, now, will ALWAYS wonder what Mr. Muhney is like just from HEARING or READING this accusation. People will always think MAYBE he did it AND he can lose roles over this whether or not he’s found “not guilty." Perhaps a jury WILL hear this case. If it's true, I think he for sure will punish himself with guilt.

    Michael Muhney appears overconfident and arrogant, but sometimes people “play a role” when they’re being interviewed. We all play different roles AND dress differently, depending on where we are and the people we’re with. What a way for both parties to start a new year.

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