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    Y&R Recap: Fiery Angel.

    Thursday, December 26 2013
    Nick sees Sharon with Adam, Jill deals with the music box mystery, and Billy questions Adam.

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    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, December 26 2013 09:31 AM

    Well I didn't know Y&R would show a new epi on Christmas, so I went back and watched it this morning.

    LOL, Avery/Dylan feeding all those folks with that meal, yes for two that was alot of food for 30 not so much, but I did actually like the scenes so ok.

    I would have actually liked the Nicktor scenes if Victor would LAY OFF of Dylan. I think it is bugging me more than the usual because Dylan has been portrayed as a veteran war hero. Victor remember your big speech you made at the veterans day celebration? Well apply that to Dylan.

    Loved that chemistry between PB/BM, I am keeping an open mind for David Tom, BUT it is going to be so hard to duplicate that easy chemistry that BM has with the rest of the cast,especially PB.

    The loss of BM/MM is going to leave a huge hole in the Y&R cast IMO.

    Now today's epi,
    LMAO at Glo/Chavez need more of these two. But Glo, I highly doubt that "Chelsea is driving herself crazy looking for that onesie" in Chloe's purse, that kid probably has dressers full of onesie's.

    ok So Adam tells Chelsea he's "changed" and the first thing he does is have breakfast with Sharon? SMH and I bet Chelsea would have been to if she would have walked into the club and saw them with their heads together.

    I ROTFLMAO when Nick told Sharon that Sharon is teaching Faith to be independent, Nick LOOK where you are setting in the house Ms. Independent got from her first hubs, on the property of your parents who despise her.

    So Zach is Alex, my theory is Courtney had some type of brush with the law, which is why she has limited or no contact with her family, maybe they turned their backs on her when she got in trouble, and now Courtney has turned informant to keep herself out of jail...OR I could have just made all that up and Courtney herself is an undercover police woman. LOL.

    Posted by hubbardfan at Thursday, December 26 2013 01:06 PM

    I doubt if they'll let Billy shoot Adam, but I think when he finds out it was Adam, he will PLAN to! But Adam'll be arrested before that happens b/c Billy is going to be recast fairly quickly, but Adam won't for several months, unless they change their minds and don't do it at all! *I don't want Alex to be a dirty cop, but the writers again, don't seem to know what to do w/his character; maybe that's why he doesn't ave a girlfriend. Perhaps he was sent to GC to follow up on the $$$ his sister stole, make a big drug bust and return to NY when it's done. I read he couldn't make a long term commitment, so maybe he'll be written out. He still has to solve DeeDee's hit and run!

    Posted by dyngbat42 at Thursday, December 26 2013 01:21 PM

    LOVE Nick's chest thumping and knuckle-dragging - that was a perfect take on his Neanderthal behavior. Gotta be those Victor genes he inherited. Try to intimidate everyone by frowning like an angry ape. LMAO

    Posted by Paddy52 at Thursday, December 26 2013 01:32 PM

    Hey posters, we will have to wait and see what the Courtney/Alex connection turns out to be. I hope it's not something stupid.

    Jill rants about Kay, but they had a love hate relationship. I hope Jill gets a better S/l. Gloria was fun to watch today. I'd rather see her than all these new people. At least she's entertaining. That's why most of us watch for entertainment not all this doom and gloom that they been showing lately.

    How many times have we said we are all soooo tired of calling the hit n run driver a KILLER! How else can we say it. This was an accident period! The only KILLERS is JFP/writers. If things don't change this soap will die. New producer and new writers for 2014.

    I will miss BM and MM. They are good actors. Hope they'll find something soon! I'm not going to listen to rumors. I believe in America we are innocent until proven guilty.

    Have a good day everybody!

    Posted by bootgurl at Thursday, December 26 2013 05:15 PM

    Zack being Alex = idiotic storyline no one wants to
    Watch. Writers, give me a break.

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Thursday, December 26 2013 06:55 PM

    @FIDDLERS DAUGHTER, Hi..yes I saw that also..kevin just going behind the counter at the coffee house! he DOESNT own it anymore..but its these little bloopers that the writers or producers miss!

    I hatred seeing the commercialtoday that this show is rated number one!!!!!! yeah right..wrong!
    Again I say, if the ratings are up its because of NEW people watching that dont realize what they are in for
    pretty soon they too will realize how it is and be writing what everyone in here is..Its reallu a shame
    I thought the show was boring again today
    Guess Victoria is headed out to vacation if she is going to see reid..vacation time..good excuse to go to DC!
    The music box thingy is boring and Courtney and Noah are boring
    My opimion anyway
    Whats with Chloe taking Connors clothes..guess she too is starting to do wierd things
    Also guess Nilly is on to Adam with the comment he made..guess Adam said that online..ya think?
    Oh wellmore of the same today..nothing..but I peeked in at Bold and Bad that is still the pits..sorry
    merry Christmas to all..

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Thursday, December 26 2013 06:58 PM

    See, we all think alike at times..I roo that was alot of food Avery to feed those needing a place to eat!!
    ThatWAS a nice touch but yes another blooper?
    Alot of food she broufgt for two!!!

    Posted by brooklyn bridge at Thursday, December 26 2013 08:20 PM

    If Y&R does not bring back MM regardless of what he said or did, I will be though with this show and will delete from my dvr record list. MM is a great actor who has made us root for Adam despite his misdeeds. I do not believe he is Delia's killer but will probably be written that way. What a waste of talent to let MM go. We need this Adam not a new one...Y&R has lost too may characters/actors already!

    Posted by earthangel1947 at Friday, December 27 2013 04:30 PM

    I knew Zack looked familiar! Maybe its Alex's twin? Does Alex have a twin brother?

    Posted by MissKay at Friday, December 27 2013 09:24 PM

    Y'all are a bunch of idiots!! I love Y&R ... Y'all are messin it up for me with your inaccurate accounts of the days happenings. Not to mention misspellings of everything. So sad I had to register to this site just to say that. Bless your hearts, seriously.

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