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    Y&R Recap: Buy A Billionaire A Beverage.

    Wednesday, December 18 2013
    Devon gets a shock at The Underground, Nick and Jack discuss Summer's birthday, and Alex arrests the wrong driver.

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    Posted by soap session at Wednesday, December 18 2013 05:12 PM

    They could make two cardboard statues to sit in the booth at the club and get rid of Cain and Lily also.All they do is sit there and have drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.

    Posted by kaycountrygal at Wednesday, December 18 2013 05:31 PM

    I also want to express my disappointment and anger that the YR people in charge are letting Michael Muhney (Adam) go. What a shock! He's an amazing actor and I'm sorry they fired him. Surely it was not due to his acting ability because he is very believable in his portrayal of Adam.

    In real life I wish him much success and I hope he finds a prime time job on television or in the movies. I enjoyed his acting very much. I went from hating his character, to sometimes feeling sorry for him, to liking him. He did a wonderful job of being Adam. In real life, I wish him only success and happiness. Thank you Michael for all the emotions and entertainment you have given me/us. YR will not be the same without you; I'm really sorry to see you go. More than likely I will watch less YR after you leave.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, December 18 2013 06:18 PM

    I am going to miss Michael Muhney for playing Adam's character for so long. I just forgot who is going to play Adam's character over Michael Muhney. I will have too look it up again in the news room. I miss the old BIlly Abbott who did used to play BIlly long time ago. I am glad that david Tom is coming back to Young and The restless. as Billy Abbott. I also fell in love with idea of Billy Miller. Why should we just let him go from playing BIlly Abbott for a long time. I would love to keep around as one of my favorite character is Elizabeth Hendrickson as Chloe.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, December 18 2013 06:24 PM

    I would to have Victoria be part of the grieving process with BIlly Abbott as well. Yes Kelly wants to break up BIlly's family and BIlly is to blindside to see what kelly is really made of. Kelly is telling her love story to adam how does this make any since that kelly telling Adam how much time that Kelly is spending time with a married man even though Kelly does enjoy breaking up a marriage that is not even her own marriage. I have forgotten Kelly is now divorce from her own husband so why not take another husband. this is for Hillbilly.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, December 18 2013 06:31 PM

    I am loving Sharon as the way she is I love the fact that Sharon is willing to stand up for sharon thinks is a happy family with nick. I love Sharon's character being on the wild side. I love the story line to where Sharon did switch a DNA test to make it look like jack is the real father. I love every story line that Sharon has been in. Why not bring back the story line to where Adam did find Sharon in the living room floor to where Adam had to hide the truth what Sharon did to burned down the ranch. I love the story line to where Sharon find out that sharon had bi-polar disorder. lets bring that story line back as well to find why Sharon had bi- polar without even noticing sharon did discover Sharon was that ill in the first place.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, December 18 2013 06:41 PM

    We do not need to get rid of Dylan for any reason. I love the fact that Dylan is Nikkei's son. I love the idea of this story line. I love how the drama between Dylan/Avery/Nick story line is going. I would love to see stitch character to be in a good story line as well maybe getting close to Ashley or to victoria. What is Stitch really hiding away from Dylan that dylan does not yet know about Ben. I would love to see more of Mason as well. I love the bad boy image that mason is going for. Mason being be hiding a bar and working for Nick is awesome so far.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, December 18 2013 06:49 PM

    Courtney is growing on me for bing a scammer to where Courtney might have a hidden life that we do not know about . Is Zack going to be a new character to Young and the restless. That is going to be awesome. I am wondering what this might do to Noah's character as well Summer to make them very unhappy once NOah does find out the truth for what Courtney might be hiding from Noah and his family. Tyler and Abby are not that boring either. I love them as a real couple on Y&R.I am hoping for more family drama between Cane/lily/Colin. i do not find Avery boring at all either. Chloe is not boring at all. I am enjoying Kelly's story line as well.

    Posted by Paddy52 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 07:20 PM

    Hey posters, after reading the other post I guess I just want to add my 2 cents. I also have come up with a new title for the show " The Young and The Useless "
    Here my list of characters they need to get rid of :
    Devon he can join Tucker.
    Ole Hil she can go with Devon. Who cares!
    Nu Abby go back to LA
    Tyler go with Nu Abby no one will even miss you!
    Dullan that story just isn't working out! Nikki never had a son! JFP
    Avery she can go with her true love too bad so sad. Not!
    Chris she never on much anyway.
    Most of all get RID of JFP and current writers SOAP KILLERS!!!!!

    If TIIC would get rid of these characters then they would have the money to keep Billy, Adam, and Ashley. Bring back Phillis and recast Abby. I'm on the fence about Lily and Cain a little boring.

    The show needs young blood, it should be Newman , Abbot, Baldwin, and Winters children .

    I forgot these on the get rid of list....Mason, Courtney, Zack (and we've never seen him), Kelly. In other words all the JPF nubees! No one cares about these people! Who are these people???? Don't rewrite Y&R history go start a new soap with your pets that can't act!

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 08:24 PM

    hello Posters,
    Well I finished watching todays episode
    It wasnt the best as usual
    Whats devon getting arrested for..something to do with Mason using his card I am sure
    Devons been pretty careless with that
    Anyway..@BIKETTE..TY for asking about my finger! Its not all better..I wish
    Its not in a splint justtaped together now as they want me to bend it!
    Ugh that hurts.
    But it is better TY for remembering..appreciate itI did see after I asked in an earlier post that Michael M is leaving as he was fired..why?
    He probablyWAS bored with the scenes
    Cant blame him
    I have to say I am so done with this soap
    I legt B&B because it stunk and never went back..looks like this might be the end of soaps for me
    The writers dont seem to care what kind of product they are delivering
    and I am sure they see or have reported to them what we write and they ignore it all
    These ratings increasing??? Please...who are they..mew people that have no idea what they are getting into with this show?

    The people that are left are the most boring..thats MY opinion
    Nothing happening with the stupid Carmine s/l, Summer will never know the truth, and this whole Billy/kelly thing is crazy
    Its all ridiculous
    Well, I feel like I am talking to the wall as many of you feel alot I am sure
    We vent to each other which is good but we are so many frustrated..sad since many soaps have gone by the wayside..I am sure this will as well sooner then later..again JUSTMY opinion
    I will check things out with you all however..enjoy your posts!!
    Have a blessed night and day tomorrow
    (By the way..IF the poster who thinks Billy will kill Adam is right and it happens..that will be a travesty for the show especially after the way they ended delias charactar.and now Billy? thats if..)
    That girl Kelly has no right if she tells him but she may leave papers
    on her desk which Billy will see..the handwritings on the wall folks as
    usual..predictable!!!!!!! We could all write the soap!
    We all know whats happening before it happens huh? before the knock on the door we alreadt know whos there or who is around the corner listening!!!! LOL!

    Posted by YandRsheaintwhatsheusedto at Wednesday, December 18 2013 08:25 PM

    I cant believe that they would have fired MM. IMO he is the best actor on the show. No matter how difficult or unbelievable the story lines were that he was given, he brought Adam to life in a way that few actors could. You could feel the emotions he portrayed when he was trying so hard to win Victors affection, how devastated he was over thinking he caused Delia's death, his spectacular haunting of Ashley in his dark days, the list goes on and on.
    I have read that perhaps he was too outspoken and didnt always get on with JFP and some of the cast. I must agree with many of the other posters, Y&R would be a better show if they kept MM and let some of the others go, especially JFP.
    This was my second time posting, and i am afraid it will probably be my last. I dont believe i can continue watching this show, without the likes of Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, and Michelle Stafford. This regime has let the best actors on the show leave! I am done!

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