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    Y&R Recap: Buy A Billionaire A Beverage.

    Wednesday, December 18 2013
    Devon gets a shock at The Underground, Nick and Jack discuss Summer's birthday, and Alex arrests the wrong driver.

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    Posted by med47 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 07:59 AM

    I can't believe that Y&R just "fired" Michael. He is truly one of the best actor's on daytime TV. I was happy when they allowed his character to grow and mellow out. They took the meanness out of him and let a mature,loving man and father appear. I think this soap is in a downward spiral and no help in sight. Phyliss, Billy and now Adam, were the best actors this show has. You want to fire someone - the list is long. Get rid of Sharon, Tyler, Abby, Cain, Lily, Neil, Leslie, Mason, Kelly, Avery, Lauren, Fen, Chloe, Hillary, Courtney, Christine and VICTOR! Create a better s/l for Stitch, Dylan, Noah, Summer & Michael.

    I really hope that Michael M & Billy M find either a great prime time show to star in that will run for years or be lucky like George Clooney was and make it big in movies. They both have that much talent. Phyliss' website show is a joke in my opinion. She has too much talent for that lousy show.

    Posted by Mrs. LC at Wednesday, December 18 2013 08:20 AM

    A loyal fan since 1976 and I've seen actors come and go. But letting Michal Muhney go is not acceptable on any level. When he is gone, I will be too. Please join me in bringing him back.

    Posted by sunmama at Wednesday, December 18 2013 08:29 AM


    It's not about the money. He was signed through 2015.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 08:57 AM

    Good Morning All Y'all

    From Michael Fairman: We are hearing that Y&R will be recasting the role of Adam!
    Coincidentally, Michael Muhney’s last airdate is also the last time viewers will see Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) as he opted to leave the series and finishes taping this week.

    Alex tells Kevin they have a lead on the guy who killed Delia.

    ~~~Why does it has to be a guy, implying male, and not the culprit or person responsible A-holes

    Adam talks to Chloe about the ride she took Connor on when Chloe says Chelsea went crazy. Adam says crazy is the word. Chloe realizes he's talking about her!
    ~~~That's right. And he should have told her arse to STH outta his and Chelsea's biz.

    @Va. Hillbilly - Why is it a big deal that Adam wants to keep the foundation set up in Delia's name a secret? Adam is so greatful to have Conner able to see and the eye donation, why not the foundation in appreciation??

    ~~~Spawn set up that foundation for Delia out of guilt, i.e., thinking he was the one who ran over her. Has nothing to do with Connor's vision. And he's still blogging Billy to boot.

    @Fiddler's Daughter - I can’t imagine this story taking that long to wrap up because Devon “certainly” has enough alibis since all he does is run around town and talk to people and, I would think, that once they see who the “real” Mr. Hamilton is, that they would know he isn’t the right person. They DO have cameras “everywhere” in Vegas so Mason should be busted real soon!

    ~~~LOL Hey he can enjoy the casinos and gambling when released from jail. Lady you are on the right path but you can bet your bottom dollar that TIIC are not going to make it that simple.

    You know many of you predicted the JFP or whatever the h311 her name is would tank Y&R like her proven track record with other shows.

    Posted by kenken1 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 08:58 AM

    can't believe that you all just let MM go. he's truly the only reason I continue to watch this show.... I used to be a big fan of Victor Newman now I don't like Victor I don't like anyone on this show but Adam and Jack. well after micheal leaves I leave...... sharon gets to keep her job, lily, neal the heal, leslie/her brother, Courtney, summer, fin. all are BORING but they keep a job.......this show sucks and I'm done

    Posted by med47 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 09:01 AM

    Has anyone heard the reason that Michael was fired. This is just so crazy and hard to believe!!! He is my favorite on this show and no one will be able to replace him

    Posted by Paddy52 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 09:13 AM

    All I have to say about MM being fired is ........In true Victor fashion.......
    well I'll be D_ _ _!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by beachbum1 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 09:14 AM

    Fired a week before Christmas? Heartless!

    I wish Michael all the best. He is extremely talented and one of the
    best actors on this soap. I hope he has a successful and satisfying
    career elsewhere. Will miss him…he made Adam the character who
    he is today.

    Posted by Mrs. LC at Wednesday, December 18 2013 09:21 AM

    323-575-2345 is the number to call to politely express your opinion of the firing of Michael Muhney. Please use decorum as we want to be heard and give them viable reasons to consider.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 09:33 AM

    I like this:
    Nick tells Billy if he ever needs to talk as he has a different perspective:he's learned a lot. Mourning makes you do things you might not otherwise do.

    ~~~And who knows that better than Nugget

    Something I want to slap the living schitt outta Chloe. Why can't TIIC send here to the moon strapped to the spacecraft? Can use her mouth for fuel

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