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    Y&R Recap: Spill The Beans.

    Wednesday, December 11 2013
    Hilary finds pills in Jack's desk, Victoria upsets Nick with her request, and Neil plans a surprise for Leslie.

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    Posted by nunyabznz at Wednesday, December 11 2013 01:34 PM

    Victurd definitely needs an attitude adjustment. Nikki was raped by a psycho as a young teen and gave the baby up for adoption way before she knew Victurd even existed. Look up the work HYPOCRITE in the dictionary and there'll be a picture of The Great Victurd Newman next to it. Hahahahaha!

    Posted by KANSAN at Wednesday, December 11 2013 01:44 PM

    rukiddingme62 - I still say the old buzzard is jealous of Dylan!

    Posted by Paddy52 at Wednesday, December 11 2013 05:42 PM

    Hey Poster, Welcome new posters. Only read the recaps didn't see anything about today's show that made me want to watch it. I guess it may be just me, but why do they keep trying to push ole Hil on us. I do not like her. As far as I'm concerned this leopard can't change her spots.

    By the way when I don't understand a post what I do is just move on. I don't let it bother me. Some people just can't help it. No need to get upset.

    Before I watch I read the recaps if it's something I don't want to watch I just read the post. The sad thing is I'm not watching that often.

    We can keep saying I don't like the detection of this show and ask for new writers please and replace JFP! Have a good day posters!

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Wednesday, December 11 2013 05:51 PM

    Hi Posters
    Hillary asks her boss about pills she found in HIS desk? Like I am surprised he didnt fire her!
    What employee has the right to nose around and then ask
    him about it? Thats pretty INappropriate yes?
    Victor is really grating on my nerves also he is so mean and nasty
    he loves Nikki and treats her that way?
    Dylan never did anything to Victor..NOTHING
    What is between he and his son is between them NOT him and even that is abit unfair
    Avery is the one that stayed to console Dylan
    I agree why is Avery intefering so much. I can definitly see why he wants nothing to do with the Neumans..he had a family that loved him and he them
    Thats his family ;eave him alone
    Oh well..still no move on Phyllis..stupid stupid letting it drag
    Have a nice eve

    Posted by youareloved at Wednesday, December 11 2013 05:58 PM

    Spokomofan1: I know how you feel. All we can do is keep wishing these storylines will be resolved before the new year.

    Posted by Paddy52 at Wednesday, December 11 2013 08:28 PM

    Writers stop end these stupid story lines. I agree with the poster that said the writers have dumb everyone down until we don't recognize them. I've watched this show for years...Victor is a ruthless business man not the village idiot. Nikki was a strong woman that ran for public office. Sharon was working pretty and smart ( look at her now). Vikki was mini Vic. Michael smart lawyer after they redeemed him and he worked for Victor. Jack following in John's footsteps. Nick didn't want to work for Newman ran the coffee shop. Made a good business. Everyone hung out there. Mrs. C smart lawyer and business woman. Would never done the things these TIIC wrote her will. She would not have left all her money to a grandson she hardly knew. Jill we loved the way she love to hate Kay. Winters family were not so boring when Neil worked for Newman. Adam most of us have forgiven and want him to raise his baby boy. Billy cute and fun and needs to be there for little Johnny. I know I've left some of them out, but y'all get my point. The dumber they make the characters the dumber they think we are.
    Fix this show by New Year!

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, December 12 2013 07:33 AM

    Hilary says Jack didn't deserve it and wonders about Nick waiting so long to take the second paternity test. I love the fact that Hilary is defending Jack's honor to where Sharon is concerned. Sharon does not want to think the worst about Nick because Sharon wants love in the afternoon with Nick. Hilary does not know why Nick has to be defended by Sharon for any reason that jack does not have the right to defend himself to where Nick did lie to jack for being a father to Summer. HIlary is say that jack did not deserve it and wonders about what Nick waiting so long to take a second paternity test. I am on HIlary's side of things sounds so much better than shorans point of view to where nick is concern. Sharon wants love back from Nick where sharon can not get none.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, December 12 2013 07:39 AM

    I agree with you numyabznz that victor does need and attitude adjustment because victor can not handle the fact that victoria would want to put Dylan first of all less that Dylan should part of the family. Even where nick is concerned that Dylan is the one that broke up Nick wedding to Avery. Nick just love whining to victor at every turn and victor will be at Poor son Nick so whinny.I also think that Nick needs an attitude adjustment as well. because nick can not handle the the fat that victoria is taking dylan side as well Nikki her own mother. At least victoria has better sense than Nick does.

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