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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Arrested At The Altar!

    Tuesday, May 01 2007
    Phyllis is arrested at her wedding, Victor cannot believe David has agreed to work for Nikki, and Michael & Lauren take a walk down memory lane...

    At the Abbott Manor, when Jack tells Noah about all of his redecorating plans, Noah says, "It's like you want us to live here or something." Though Sharon expresses wanting to move in with Jack, Noah is totally against it! After Sharon comments that she's not going to the wedding, Noah states, "Then I'm not going either!" Seeing how upset Noah is, Sharon heads to the tack house to 'invite herself' to the wedding.

    At the apartment, as Lauren and Michael talk about their wedding gift to Nick and Phyllis, a honeymoon suite with all the trimmings, Phyllis calls to say, "Nick didn't come home till late last night and he was gone when I woke up this morning." Although Michael and Lauren try to ease Phyllis's mind, she worries Nick will call the wedding off.

    Across town, Nick sits at the bar at The Club.

    At The Club, Daniel asks Lily if she still blames Phyllis for Dru's accident. Although Lily says she'll try to put a smile on her face - and congratulate Phyllis - Daniel doesn't want her to be miserable, "If you want to stay home… It may be best for everyone."

    In his office, Victor promises to obtain the video aired on the net and says, "David Chow will not make a mockery of my wife!" However, Nikki doesn't appear worried about it. Suddenly, David arrives, at Nikki's invitation, and she announces, "David is my new campaign consultant." Victor is furious, "You hired the man who publicly embarrassed you!" Although Victor suggests firing David, Nikki reminds him that it's her campaign, "And I will make the staffing decisions."

    After David leaves, Victor snaps at Nikki, "This is a foolish decision you're making. You're confusing stubbornness with independence!" With a calm about her, Nikki replies, "What can I say, I learned from the best."

    Nikki goes to meet with Vikki, David and Karen to talk strategy, "We can use that video against Jack to prove you've had to struggle to get by and have overcome all your hardships." David goes on to reveal that having been Jack's manager, he has the inside scoop as to what skeletons are in Jack's closet. Nikki smiles then says, "Let me guess… What's her name?"

    Later, Victor arrives at The Club to find Nick at the bar claiming to be drowning his sorrows, "I love Phyllis so much, but there's this side to her that I don't understand." When Victor asks if Nick is having serious doubts, Nick replies, "I guess I am."

    When Michael rushes over to the tack house to calm Phyllis down, he assures her she did the right thing by telling Nick the truth. However, Phyllis fears she'll lose Nick over it. Suddenly, Sharon arrives and nonchalantly asks Phyllis, "Can I come to your wedding?" Sharon explains Noah's insecurities, "Noah won't go to the wedding without me." With overly friendliness, Phyllis officially extends the invitation."

    After Nick arrives home to hear that Sharon will be Noah's date for his wedding, Michael and Sharon leave. When questioned about his absence, Nick appears to have had a change of heart and presents Phyllis with a wedding gift: A new video game. After the couple reminisces about the first time they played the spy game together, Nick says, "I love you and I can't wait to marry you all over again." Nick and Phyllis make love…

    Later, Daniel goes to the tack house to pick up Phyllis and Summer for the wedding. When Phyllis asks if Lily is going to meet them at the church, Daniel lies, "I don't think so. She's not feeling well."

    When Nick arrives at the Abbott Manor to pick up Noah and Sharon, he tries to persuade Noah that moving in with Jack won't be so bad. Not getting anywhere with his son, Nick jokes, "Can we argue about this later? I don't want to be late for my own wedding."

    An emotional Jack arrives at the church and briefly thinks back to his wedding day with Phyllis. Shortly after, Victor shows up and warns Jack that David is now working for Nikki, "You better not play this game with any schemes. The most important thing now is that you win."

    Nikki and Victoria arrive at the church and say hello to Lauren and Michael - but not to Phyllis. Before taking a seat with Victor, Vikki and Nikki gloat about 'hoping that the photographer captures everything!' As Daniel enters the church, he sees Lily and thanks her for coming. "I wanted to be here for you," Lily says. With everyone watching on, Victor, Nikki and Victoria comment on how handsome Noah and Nick look. After Victor takes Noah to the bathroom, Vikki and Nikki make comments to Nick about it not being too late to back out. However, realizing how happy Nick is, they're happy for him. Within the church, Sharon briefly tells Jack that Nick tried talking to Noah on Jack's behalf as Michael and Lauren think back on their wedding.

    While Phyllis is getting ready, Victor stops in to welcome her to the family. After Victor leaves, Jack goes to Phyllis and says, "It seems like yesterday you were coming down the staircase toward me. Who would've thought?" With glassy eyes, Jack and Phyllis wish each other happiness. Abruptly, Daniel comes in to get Phyllis, "It's show-time!"

    Standing before the church, as Nick and Phyllis are exchanging their vows, Phyllis interrupts to thank everyone for coming, "I never thought I'd find what I was looking for - a family. So thank you for being here." Phyllis looks back at Nick and says, "I do."

    As Nick and Phyllis exchange wedding rings, emotions are torn within the crowd of onlookers.

    After the minister announces Nick and Phyllis as husband and wife, Nick kisses his bride…

    While Nick and Phyllis are saying hello to their guests, Noah tells Nikki and Victor that he wants to live with them, "I don't want to move into Jack's house." Sharon warns Noah, "We'll talk about this later." Just as everyone is clearing out of the church to head to the reception, Detective Sullivan arrives, "Phyllis Newman, you're under arrest for extortion." As Maggie reads Phyllis her rights, Phyllis is handcuffed!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    After Phyllis is arrested for extortion, Vikki questions if Brad contacted Maggie.

    Sharon fears her affair will be publicly exposed.

    Jack snaps on Sharon for her lies.

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    Posted by angelgirl36 at Tuesday, May 01 2007 10:47 AM

    Please get Jack and Phyllis back togather. He looked so sad that it made me want to cry. We all know that Summer will turn out to be his anyway. Then Nick can go back to Sharon ( or whoever, I don't care.) Please!!!

    Posted by angelgirl36 at Tuesday, May 01 2007 10:54 AM

    I know I'm in the minority but I love Phyllis. She goes after what she wants. She goes about it all wrong but she stands up for what she believes in. I also like Gloria (please don't throw things at me.) I guess I like the devious characters. I liked Shelia too. I hope Jack is not fakeing being nice. I'm really starting to warm up to him again. If this is all an act and he turns evil again then I'll have to start drinking those martini's too.

    Posted by Carolina Girl 150 at Tuesday, May 01 2007 10:54 AM

    Bermuda Baby

    I agree with you on that.

    Posted by zobe6 at Tuesday, May 01 2007 10:55 AM

    LOL...reading about Phyllis getting arrested..that was wonderful and Nick is just thinking about the physical part of them two's relationship. You can tell he still loves Sharon & you can tell Jack & Phyllis love each other. One of the years it will all come out. It always does. It just takes a very long time.

    Posted by cbssoapgirl at Tuesday, May 01 2007 10:55 AM

    Both Jack & Sharon looked so miserable. That marriage will be very short lived.
    I agree with you Bermuda Baby. I actually felt bad for Phyllis also today. Where was Brad ??
    I love reading everyones posts but don't have much time at all to usually post.

    Posted by less at Tuesday, May 01 2007 10:57 AM

    It's a good thing the wedding nite happened before the wedding it's not going to happen after. What's with everyone refering to Nikki and Victor as Grandma and Grandpa they never did before.

    Posted by Carolina Girl 150 at Tuesday, May 01 2007 10:57 AM

    I think it was tacky of the GC's finest in blue to arrest Phyllis at the church just after the wedding like that. Could they not do it at the reception or somewhere besides a Church??

    Posted by zobe6 at Tuesday, May 01 2007 10:58 AM

    Oh no....arrest her right at the church. That was priceless. I have always hated Phyllis, but love Michelle as an actress. She plays a great Phyllis.

    Posted by angelgirl36 at Tuesday, May 01 2007 11:01 AM

    I agree Carolina Girl. I thought you could only be arrested for blackmail if you tried to get money or maybe sex. Can you be arrested for blackmail for making someone vote for your choice of board member?

    Posted by less at Tuesday, May 01 2007 11:01 AM

    Did you see Victoria's face as Phyllis was being arrested maybe she was the one that called. How do you get to the archives, I looked everywhere and can't find them. I'm still a computed dummie. HA HA!

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