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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: A Reason To Get Out Of Bed.

    Wednesday, November 20 2013
    Billy tells Adam he knows what he's doing, Kevin and Paul find the message board, and Roxy dumps Devon.

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    At the penthouse, Adam reads Billy's post on the message board and anonymously types that he is the one who killed Billy's daughter. Chelsea enters the room and he removes the post. He alludes to working on a project. She questions him. He says he's not pursuing it. They discuss her working there. Adam tells her what Kevin said about Chloe and Connor. Chelsea panics about being thoughtless.

    Chloe runs into Kevin at Crimson Lights. He has lunch for her and Chelsea, but she says they're not working at the office - she's going to the penthouse. She insists she's fine being around Connor. Kevin says she wasn't fine in the night. She accuses him of spying on her and they bicker about how she should be grieving. He suggests she get professional help. Chloe says nothing will make it go away. She storms off.

    Vikki and Billy sit on their sofa. She talks about how great it was to have him sleep beside her. Billy muses that he might go to Boulevard. He notices clothing of Delia's sticking out of a box and asks Vikki what she's doing. She says she was packing a few things away. He is angry. Vikki says they're for Chloe. Billy snaps at her to stay out of it and let him and Chloe handle it. He tells Vikki she has no idea what this is like. She says the closest she comes is feeling like she's losing him. Billy insists he's done everything she's asked. Vikki doesn't know what to do - she doesn't have contacts like Adam. Billy makes her tell him what Adam's doing.

    At Boulevard, Devon tries to make things right with Roxy, who now refuses to live with him. He offends her further by offering her the condo. Devon says he was an idiot. He understands why people say winning the lottery can ruin your life. Roxy says he's not getting it - they're not moving forward as a couple. She's not happy. He asks if she's breaking up with him. She says he doesn't trust her and the money's changed him. Roxy wishes him the best, kisses him, and leaves.

    Cane takes Lily into an unfinished space with her eyes covered. When she looks, he tells her the place is their future. Lily can't picture it. He tells her she can transform this place into anything she wants. She proposes a dance studio. Cane says they could learn what they need to know. They dance and kiss. Lily decides they shouldn't open a dance studio. She screams - there is something under a sheet on the floor - it's a homeless woman who lives there. Cane gives her money. Lily wishes her luck.

    At the station, Paul asks an uptight Kevin if he found anything on the internet about the hit-and-run driver yet. He tells him he's working on something for Michael. Kevin shows Paul the postings in the chat room. Paul's concerned about Billy taking things into his own hands. They read the posts and wonder who 'anonymous' is.

    Chloe arrives at the penthouse. Adam departs and Chelsea tries to convince Chloe to go elsewhere. Chloe asks what's up with her. Connor cries. Chelsea says she's been insensitive. Chloe realizes she's talked to Kevin, and reassures her she's fine. They go up to see Connor. After, Chloe is about to use Adam's laptop when Victoria calls about the box of Delia's things. Chloe leaves. Chelsea notices the laptop open - the screensaver is a photo of her and Connor. She smiles.

    Adam arrives at Boulevard to meet Billy, who says he knows what he's doing, and why. He says Victoria told him he's using his contacts to help - he called him there to thank him. Adam says he doesn't deserve it. Kelly from the grief group appears. She tells Billy there is something he needs to know - there's no rush to talk at group. He asks if it helps. She says it helps to be with people who understand.

    At Victoria's house, Chloe thanks her for the box and tells her it's okay for her to grieve too. "You have to let somebody help you too." They discuss Billy. Chloe says he's lucky - he has something she doesn't have; another child to focus on, a reason to get out of bed.

    At Crimson Lights, Devon orders, gives the server all of his cash, and says it's ruined his life.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack looks on as Abby pronounces a newly-shorn Kyle dapper enough to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.

    Dylan tells Sharon he doesn't want anything to do with Nick and his family.

    Nick tells Victor he can see Sharon making a sincere effort to get well. Victor replies, "Well whoopee. Let's throw her a parade."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cowboys forever at Tuesday, November 19 2013 02:18 PM

    Devon is a jerk. How long has Roxie been with his broke ass. Now that he has money, she is a gold digger. Don't blame her for leaving that loser.

    Posted by cowboys forever at Tuesday, November 19 2013 02:19 PM

    Make that broke deaf butt.

    Posted by Unameit at Tuesday, November 19 2013 02:46 PM

    How right you are cowboys.

    Will miss Billy Miller.

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, November 19 2013 04:29 PM

    ok I did enjoy this epi a little more today.

    This was some of the best acting I have seen out of EH/Chloe and AH/Vikki, ever.

    I really don't blame Chloe, Kevin is making this big deal out of her being in Delia's room at 2 A.M. while I think Kevie is trying to help, I don't find this that unusual, she just buried her 7 year old daughter.

    Vikki, she is also trying really hard to support Billy.

    I still say they missed a golden opportunity with Cynthia Watros, when she was talking to Billy, I thought yep, I could see her as Phyllis, put a tint of red on that hair. And I don't think there's alot of actress's I could see in that role.

    Dayem Adam is driving himself nuts, LOL, and now Billy is thanking him? I wonder how they are going to write their way out of this one.

    I actually liked the Lane scenes, well I guess by the look on Lily's face they are going to open some type of a shelter. This could be good.

    I actually liked Roxie she put it like it is to Devon, why do I have a feeling Devon is about to become Dilary.?

    preview...Victor wants to throw Sharon a parade, LMAO...

    Posted by USMC Vet at Tuesday, November 19 2013 05:10 PM

    I made a mistake today and watched the show. It doesn't look like the new writers are doing anything new. The show needs to rent a motel room to tape Cane and Lily's scenes. A little romance is nice but they just keep putting their hands all over each other. I would like to see the producer and writers put time limits on their s/l's, at least we wouldn't have to put up with these poor s/l's forever. Maybe with time limits some of these tales could get resolved. There is a Marine Corps saying, "you need to get your head and azz wired together". Semper Fi

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, November 19 2013 08:05 PM

    At the penthouse, Adam reads Billy's post on the message board and anonymously types that he is the one who killed Billy's daughter. lets take this by small pharses here please. So Adam confess online that Adam told on the message board that Adam is the one that killed delia.So when Adam read BIlly's post saying just ease your gulit and confess. this meant to billy that this person ahs a hard time dealing with confessing the truth that billy does not know that Adam is the one that ran down delia with his car. So why would Adam want to confess now online to say that Adam is the one that actually did the hit and run online? Why not in preson would Adam confess to billy that Adam actually did hit and run on delia?

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, November 19 2013 08:12 PM

    Adam reads Billy's post on the message board and anonymously types that he is the one who killed Billy's daughter. Chelsea enters the room and he removes the post. So now I am thinking that Adam is more scared than I actually thought to reveal the truth right after chelsea walks in and Adam had to take down the post. THis is great writing skills to me with great mystery to boot. I love mystery where I can read it, as well watch it on tv. So Adam is interseted to read BIlly post think of how billy might react to the idea that Adam is overthinking of coming clean to billy online. So Adam Anonymously posting to another poster that is billy Abbott. great write up with great writing skills wih great drama to boot.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, November 19 2013 08:18 PM

    THere is something new that you have missed that kyle did get himself hired by victor to work for victor. If you did watch the show currectly. USMC Vet. I am giving info here that kyle will not stop to listen to jack for any reason but to give kyle what he wants to get in and spy on victor. THat is a chage. both victor and kyle are playing each other in ways that kyle is being a fool just by hiring himself into the Newman/chancellor. Jack did flashback to a conversation that jack had with kyle that jack did not want kyle to become a spy for victor.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, November 19 2013 08:24 PM

    THere is more conversation there too where jill is more interseted in a conversation that is victor and kyle before kyle left to go back to jabot. that did lead jill to go to victor herself to confront victor just by saying that just about any son will do to just keep on battling jack. Why are you hiring kyle to the Newman/Chancellor just to get back at jack to start up another fued. victor told in responds that jill needs to wait I want to finish my coffee. like victor is just amuse to why victor would think hiring jill at Newman/chancellor.

    Posted by Yrgirl98 at Tuesday, November 19 2013 11:25 PM

    This episode was not half bad the preview for Thursday is so funny victor really a parade oh Sharon will be so happy. Oh Dylan that is going to be impossible now that you are basically related to most of them so good luck with that

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