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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Living In Hell.

    Monday, November 18 2013
    Adam and Billy blow up the message board, Nick clashes with Dylan, and Nikki is ready to reveal her secret.

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    At home, Billy posts on the message board, "You know who's paying? The ones who loved my girl. We pay and pay and pay."

    In the penthouse, Adam reads Billy's post and responds, "Guilt is a kind of suffering too."

    Billy reads Adam's post in his living room. Upstairs, Vikki looks at a photo of Billy. She thinks he's finding his way back to the world. Downstairs, Billy posts that the guy should confess; ease his guilt. Adam responds that it's not that easy. Billy posts that he probably doesn't give a damn. Adam says the guy must be human. Billy says 'like hell'. Adam posts that looking in the mirror is punishment. Billy angrily types that his daughter is gone. Adam says she's with the angels and the driver is living in hell. Billy says his kid's dead, the driver's still breathing. "That's justice?" Adam replies, "Maybe his suffering can be your solace. So you can move on." Victoria appears beside Billy. He closes the laptop. She expresses frustration that there doesn't seem to be an end to this. She says maybe she needs to accept that her dad was right. Billy turns. "Your dad was right about what?" Vikki says he told her to give him space. Vikki cries that she and Johnny need him but he's sick with rage and looking for answers online. Billy says he's lost. "I need you." He cries that he's trying. Vikki embraces him. "Delia would want you to heal." She goes upstairs.

    At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Nick decide to take Faith home. At the counter, Avery admires Dylan's dollhouse blueprint. Dylan surprises Avery with a chunk of tree with their initials carved into it - from when they were younger. It's to remind them that life could be that good again. Dylan talks about going through his parents' things. Avery wonders if he found anything unexpected. He didn't - he's glad his parents are exactly who he thought them to be.

    Nikki arrives at the station and tells Paul she's ready - it's time for everybody to know she's Dylan's mother. She says she hugged Dylan at the benefit and wants to know him, but she has to tell the rest of the family first. Paul cheers her on. Nikki says Victor won't take it well, but he's asked for the truth and now he's about to get it. They talk about Ian Ward, the cult leader. Paul says Nikki has nothing to be ashamed about. Nikki thanks him for his support.

    At Sharon's place, she and Nick discuss Avery and Dylan. Nick complains that the guy is everywhere. Sharon says Dylan's been through a lot too and found a home there. Nick says Dylan only stayed for Avery. He rehashes Dylan's history in Genoa City. They talk about themselves. Nick says he needs Sharon - she calls him out on his stuff - that's what friends are for. Faith appears and Nick assures her Santa knows which dollhouse she wants. Nick tells Sharon it was like Faith had intuition about Avery. He goes to the kitchen. Dylan arrives and shows Faith the blueprint for the dollhouse. Faith rushes to show her doll. Nick appears to confront him. He rants about Dylan trying to play the hero to impress Avery. Sharon intervenes and Dylan says he's flipping out over nothing. Nick orders him to stay away from his family. Dylan goes. After, Nick apologizes. He knows Faith is Dylan's biggest fan. Sharon tells Nick he's her daddy, she'll never love anyone else how she loves him. Nick just needs Dylan away from his family.

    Kevin arrives at the penthouse looking for Chelsea. He tells Adam he's there about Connor - he doesn't think it's helping Chloe to be around him. He goes on about Chloe's loss and not even getting to look the hit-and-run driver in the eye. Adam says maybe the guy didn't even know. Kevin says he saw the file - the guy pulled over; he knew. Adam agrees to talk to Chelsea about Connor and Chloe. Kevin vows he'll catch the driver.

    At the park, Nikki tells Avery she's going to tell her secret to her family, and then to Dylan. Avery asks if she's ready. Nikki admits she's terrified. Avery surprises Nikki by saying she doesn't want the secret to come out. "All Dylan has left of his parents..." Dylan appears. Nikki goes. Dylan tells Avery about his run-in with Nick. Nearby, Nikki phones in a reservation for the Newman family on Friday.

    At the station, Paul tells Kevin they're bringing in a profiler on Delia's case. Kevin wonders if the killer is on the web talking about it. Paul reminds him he was warned off the case. Kevin says the internet is his hobby.

    At home, Billy types something before joining Vikki in bed. They start kissing but Billy can't make love with her.

    At the penthouse, Adam reads Billy's last post, "Delia's killer hasn't even begun to suffer."

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Victor asks Kyle, "Why are you abandoning your birthright? It doesn't make any sense to me."

    Christine locks the door to Paul's office and turns to him with a smile.

    Michael asks Fen through the fence if everything's okay. Fen says he found a way to fix things.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by bikette at Saturday, November 16 2013 08:20 AM

    Adam posting on Billy's Message board is what is going to get Adam caught and Kevin is the one who will catch him. JMO

    Posted by fairland at Saturday, November 16 2013 08:20 AM

    HOw does Vikki know what billy is thinking just by looking at a photo of BIlly in Vikki's room ? How does BIlly readying Adam post fit in with what Vikki thinking that BIlly is finding his way into the world? Does VIkki think that billy wants to find himself just by using a Gun be hide VIkki's back to shot who ever drove into delia was no accident? How would this Help VIctoria thinking that Victoria is being lied to by billy just by using a gun would solve billy problems?Does VIkki think that billy will come back to vikki just by billy finding himself into the world?

    Posted by bikette at Saturday, November 16 2013 08:22 AM

    BTW it's raining outside and I'm really bored. LOL

    Posted by fairland at Saturday, November 16 2013 08:26 AM

    Billy reads Adam's post in his living room. Upstairs, Vikki looks at a photo of Billy. She thinks he's finding his way back to the world. I am just wondering where this might lead billy if Adam is posting in the same message borad. I mean Adam has the same right to post any of his commites in any message borad that Adam choices. VIkki is high powered to think that BIlly would have a reason that billy would want to find himself in the world. VIkki would go on hope just to be close to billy again so billy could find himself into the world like anybody else would greving a lost of a child.

    Posted by fairland at Saturday, November 16 2013 08:35 AM

    So now kevin is on the dfeance to helping out chloe for a good reason. So I ma asking what is kevin thinking to go to Adam and chelsea place just to tell Adam that chloe needs help to stay away from Connor ? How would kevin know what is best for chloe not to be around Connor to where chelsea is concerned? Is chelsea pushing herself so chloe can notice Connor just by the gift that chelsea did resevie from Connor? How is kevin knowing ful well what chloe want just by talking with Adam about Connor? COuld kevin understand that chloe needs closure over what chloe did to make sure that COnnor got that transplant of delia Corneas into Connor? would kevine relate what chle is going throught just by helping Adam feel better about himself just by having delia's corneas inside of Connor?

    Posted by fairland at Saturday, November 16 2013 08:40 AM

    Kevin arrives at the penthouse looking for Chelsea. He tells Adam he's there about Connor - he doesn't think it's helping Chloe to be around him. I actually think kevin is doing what is right for chloe just by going over to chelsea and Adam's place to dress his concerns about what is best for chloe not to be around connor and being reminded everyday what chloe did for both Adam and chelsea is not helping chloe to get past the hurt that delia is dead. I would LIke to know more where kevin has the right to talk to Adam about connor and find away to help chloe in the proccses of letting go that delia had died.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, November 17 2013 05:53 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Did I miss something? When did Kevin become a detective….now HE is going to solve the case?!!!! I thought he was hired on as a computer technician, he shouldn’t even be in the front are, he should have a desk and office somewhere out-of-sight? What is probably going to happen is he is going to find the web site that Billy posted to and find out that Adam is the one that is the one that is sending him texts…but that doesn’t prove anything other than him trying to console Billy!

    So Dullan is going to “build” Faith a doll house to thank Sharon for her donation in Sully’s name after Nick told her that it was to near Christmas and sometimes you have to wait for what you want. Don’t worry Nick, he was supposed to build a dresser for Billy to give to Vicky and he never did get that sucker done! LOL

    Oh, how romantic…Dullan gives Avery a piece of tree (the poor tree will probably die now that he “de-barked” it) with their initials carved in it! It still doesn’t trump the “star” that Tyler gave Abby though…at least it came with a certificate! LOL

    I can see it now, Avery will still have that tape that Adam gave her in her purse, because we all know that she NEVER files anything away and carries everybody’s “private” files around with her, it is going to fall out of her purse when she drops it (like the klutz she is) and Victor’s PI is going to pick it up and show it to Victor!

    Nikkie is finally going to tell the family about Dullan, but NOT with Dullan present like we had heard. She is going to get the family together at a “restaurant” and tell them…yea, that’ll go over like a lead balloon! LOL I guess the “whole town” has already heard about it anyway, the way Leslie has been broadcasting it every time she and Avery or she and Nikkie are together, so it doesn’t make much difference by now! It was amazing that everyone at the noisy bar on Veteran’s day heard Dullan’s conversation, but NO ONE can hear Leslie go on and on about Nikkie and Dullan! LOL Selective hearing, I guess!

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Sunday, November 17 2013 07:15 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters: I guess with Nikki"s big announcement; she will have a big family blow out, starting with Victor's reaction and Nick's. I could smack the shut up into Leslie and Nick. They both have a smug and knowing what's best attitude. Sharon is pushing Nick's buttons with Dylan and Dylan. I still hate that Adam and Billy are suffering about the H&R. I still don't see the Avery and Dylan as a couple. I guess when Sharon finds out Dylan is Nick's brother she will be chomping at the bit to get him under her belt, to. ITA with Bikette with Kevin checking the internet and his computer savay he will track down that Adam is answering Billy's posts. I don't any any sense want Sharon with Nick; that ship has sailed a long time ago. I still don't get Adam and Nick always defending Sharon and her actions like she is a GOLDEN PIECE OF AZZ. She needs to be put away and no visitors under any circumstances; to talk to her ghost. ITA, with FD and the tape Adam gave Avery; if she was careless with a will, she would be careless with the tape.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, November 17 2013 08:27 AM

    Adam says the guy must be human. Billy says 'like hell'. what's wrong with this conversation when BIlly points out like hell that being human does not matter of getting the right connection to someone posting online with a negitvie behavior like that. So what billy is saying like hell that it does not matter that the driver who delia should not be human enough to cause a car accident to kill to my daughter delia.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, November 17 2013 08:37 AM

    Yes I agree with billy that the guy does need to confess to ease his lifestyle. Adam's respons is very clear to me as well. Adam's characteris like having a lot og gulit that would not eases his gulit just by being human. I love this set up right here that Adam is stugling over his gulit of just being human does take a price of having gulit. So does billy know just being human does not count on what is not punishment for Adam's sake?

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