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    A Personal Stake.

    Friday, November 08 2013
    Adam and Alex discuss the hit-and-run in the sauna, Sharon and Nick make a date, and Michael gets himself thrown in the hole.

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    Posted by hopeformore at Friday, November 08 2013 10:34 AM

    There is no proof that Dylan is Nikki's son. Only the word of the woman who gave Paul Dylan's name. Remember when the woman said that her sister was afraid that she would tell her sister's husband that it wasn't really his baby. Maybe she made up that part because it was really herself that did that and her sister had given her the baby ... who is Stitch. The last name on the apartment door was the same as Stitch's.

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Friday, November 08 2013 10:47 AM

    Hi Guys,
    Well, was that stupid playscene between Nick and Sharon suppsed to be funny? It wasnt at all
    Now , after he tried to tell her that they were just friends and cant go back to the way it was(back when he was going to marry Avery)..and now he is inviting himself to be a three some with her and their daughter!?Crazy

    Did the writers really think we would believe that she was going to tell Nick the whole truth when he asked about her spilling her guts in the dreezer?Please
    Then this crzy prison crau and Lauren visiting everyday and getting a private room to visit and all? OMG!
    They gavea few tiny morseld today..Adam made himself look a little guilty, Courtney acting wierd..big deal..Summer and her were best friends and suddenly she wonders why she never went to her house and doesnt even seem to know if she has a brother or sister? more week I will watch and it doesnt look like this week will move me any closer to wanting to continue watching..its fetting more and more boring and ridiculous
    I can read these posts and its like watching the least funny!!! TX for the chuckles guys!! Some of your comments are a riot!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Friday, November 08 2013 10:50 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    I have an idea, why doesn't Jill go to work for Victor and find out his weaknesses are?!!!! He has already offered her a job and SHE would know what they are looking for NOT Devon!

    Posted by gracie45 at Friday, November 08 2013 10:52 AM

    I've pretty much stopped watching other than 5 minutes here and there. Its always doom, gloom and boredom what with Delia, 2 Baldwins in jail, and an endless parade of newby's. I can't take it but I keep checking back to see if they are ever going to have some love in the afternoon or at least an interesting story that doesnt involve death or hard time. Days of our LIves on the other hand is rocking it with another nutty wedding involving Y&R's own Eileen Davidson who Y&R totally wasted.

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Friday, November 08 2013 10:53 AM

    GRAPEVINE, Hi..I think you think (or wish) Phyllis is returning as severaltimes you said something about her and Damiel plotting but as I hear it she is NO longer on this soap
    Just wanted to let you know if you were not aware. Sorry to dissappoint you if you didnt know

    Posted by PurpleHearts at Friday, November 08 2013 10:58 AM

    @ jeanbean10 don't count Phyllis out - many rumors that she has been recast - I hope so - GC needs Phyllis!

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Friday, November 08 2013 10:58 AM

    why do so many people dis;oke Dylan? he is a nice man and seems like a good person outside his charactar
    As for the charactar, he never did anything wrong..maybe a little naive but because hes a nice guy
    he didnt have to stay with Chelsea when she got pregnant but he was excited too
    It was sad what happened to his charactar..if that was real life it would have been a terribly sad thing loosing a son you thought was yours

    Posted by Soap Grandma at Friday, November 08 2013 11:19 AM

    I too am so tired of the Adam/Delia s/l. I feel the writers are not listening to what their audience wants. So, until Adam is vindicated, not only will I no longer watch the soap, I will also no longer support any of the sponsors.

    Posted by grapevine22 at Friday, November 08 2013 11:42 AM

    Hey!!!JeanBean10, I knew Phyliss was gone,but just like Purplehearts say Do Not count a recast of Phyliss out, these writers always bring people from the dead so why not bring back from the Coma I know they are going to bring some kind of RED (PHYLISS)back to DO the big PAYBACK TO Sharon, she can't get away with what she did to her daughter, and that will be a great story-line for them !!!!

    Posted by spokomofan1 at Friday, November 08 2013 01:58 PM

    Hi everyone.

    Everyone seems to be complaining about Sharon. It seems to me that Sharon is on the mend since she has been taking her meds. She hasn't seen Cassie or taken her advice for sometime now. Even though she still likes Nick I think she is accepting the fact that they will never get together.

    I too am over the baldwin s/l. They brought this situation upon themselves with their actions. Get over it.

    I agree with the poster who recommended Jill get a job with victor. Putting Devon into the middle of that mess is not right. I always said, if you want something done, you do it yourself.

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