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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Tuesday, November 05 2013
    Dylan has a run-in with Nick, Victor and Nikki face-off with Sharon, and Leslie gives Nikki advice about Dylan.

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    Avery reads Nikki's will at the Athletic Club. Dylan appears. They talk about Billy and Chloe's loss. Avery says she feels for him losing Connor too. He tells her his marriage to Chelsea is over. Leslie arrives and Dylan finalizes his paperwork before leaving. Leslie opens a folder and blurts, "Dylan is Nikki's son?" Avery quickly explains the terrible position she's in.

    Sharon arrives at the ranch to pick up Faith for dance class. Nikki and Victor make cracks. Nikki goes up to get Faith. Victor tells Sharon she's been a dreadful mother. They bicker about Noah. Nick arrives as Victor warns her about coming between him and his grandson. Nick defends Sharon and says he shares her concern. They argue about making mistakes. Nikki and Faith appear as Victor bellows that she abandoned her children - an unforgivable mistake! Faith convinces both her parents to take her to dance. Later, Victor grumps to Nikki about Nick getting involved with Sharon. He decides to make sure Sharon is out of all of their lives.

    At the penthouse, the officer tells Adam that he's there about his black SUV - one like it may have been involved in a hit-and-run. Adam tells him where to find it. Chelsea wonders why they're wasting time. Adam says they'll move on. Chelsea hopes they find the driver soon. Chelsea says she's going to look at apartments as the officer returns and says Adam's vehicle looks fine. Adam tells Chelsea she's free to go. She wonders about the turnaround. Adam says he's feeling generous. She leaves with Connor. Adam pulls the broken headlamp out of a drawer.

    Summer greets Noah at Crimson Lights. Courtney appears and kisses him. Summer's eyes widen. Noah says he has to meet Victor. Courtney crows that he's working at Newman. Summer is surprised and warns him it may not be easy to walk away. Noah leaves and Courtney tells Summer she cares about him. Summer says she's fine with them going out, but she misses her best friend and her brother. Courtney says she'll find somebody too. Courtney gets a text from Zach to meet him now at the usual place.

    In the park, Nick and Sharon tell Faith they are just friends - they can't always do things together. Dylan appears. Faith rushes to hug him. They talk about the day he saved her in the woods. Nick sends Faith to the swings. Nick and Dylan have an exchange about paternity issues and Dylan mentions his divorce. Nick snarks that he's free to go after Avery now. Dylan doesn't want any trouble. Nick grumps about him constantly hanging out with the women in his life. Dylan goes. Sharon asks, "Really, Nick?" She assures him he'll always be number one in Faith's heart. Later, Chelsea runs into Avery, who says she's sorry things didn't work out for her and Dylan. Chelsea says she's moving forward and Adam has agreed to let her and Connor move out. Avery's surprised. Chelsea says he's been very emotional since Delia died. Once alone, Chelsea learns she got her apartment.

    Noah arrives at the ranch, where Victor talks about him working at Newman for the rest of his life. Noah says he would like to log a couple of days at the office before making that commitment. Victor asks him about his parents. Noah says they've worked hard to get along for Faith's sake and that Sharon's had a tough go of it, but he's there to help her. Victor says she's lucky to have him.

    Leslie spots Nikki at the Club and pulls her aside to tell her Dylan has the right to know the truth. Leslie says she's put Avery in a terrible position - if Dylan were to find out she knew it could ruin their chances. Leslie talks about her own past and how she wished her parents were honest. Nikki worries she'd be taking something from Dylan - everything he believes about himself and his parents, and he might hate her. Leslie says he has a right to choose how he reacts.

    At The Underground, Sharon asks Nick about kid-friendly food. They go look and get locked in the freezer.

    Adam returns to the penthouse after having been out and calls someone to come over. He watches his confession. Avery arrives. She says Chelsea told her he was troubled and asks why he called her over. He says he needs a lawyer. Adam gives her the tape and tells her not to watch it. When he's ready, he'll tell her what to do.

    Nikki approaches Dylan at Crimson Lights. He wonders if she heard about his exchange with Nick. She's glad no punches were exchanged. Nikki is working up to telling Dylan when Summer appears and invites her to talk.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack says to Jill, "I know how much Chancellor meant to you." Jill growls, "God I'd love to pull it out from under him." Jack replies, "Join the club. I'm going to teach him a lesson."

    Lauren tells Christine, "It's so dangerous in there and Fen is so young."

    Fen looks wary in prison.

    In the freezer, Sharon tells Nick, "I might not get another chance to say this. You need to know what I did."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by fairland at Monday, November 04 2013 03:17 PM

    Avery says she feels for him losing Connor too. Dylan tells her his marriage to Chelsea is over. So Dylan finially tells Avery the truth that dylan did get a divorce from chelsea. How is that any Avery buisness to know that Dylan got a divorce from chelsea? Dylan needs to learn to keep his moth shut around Avery. I get that did used to be lovers. Dylan should not be telling his marriage and how his marriage ended. Why does Avery have to tell Dylan hoe dylan should be feeling over losing Connor? Avery does not have any entitlment towards Connor and how dylan lost C Onnor from chlesea herlsef.

    Posted by fairland at Monday, November 04 2013 03:24 PM

    Does victor know how to feel like a women to tell Sharon is a dreadful mother to Noah? I mean how is that any conncern that victor was never told that Victor is a dreadful father to Adam. victor is a dreadful person to get along with.Victor tells Sharon she's been a dreadful mother. They bicker about Noah. Nick arrives as Victor warns her about coming between him and his grandson. So when Nick arrives to here every word what victor have siad to Sharon I can see a conforntation from a mile away. How does victor know anything what a mother should acting to say a such thing to sharon herslef. Luckly Noah was not there to hear that coming out of victor's mouth.

    Posted by fairland at Monday, November 04 2013 03:42 PM

    Nick arrives as Victor warns her about coming between him and his grandson. Nick defends Sharon and says he shares her concern. I am more than glad stick up for sharon in sharon time of need. Sharon has every rifht to come between victor and noah that is becase sharon is his mother. So deal with it victor. what gives victor the right to lash out at sharon without being concern for noah. Great job NIck to tell your father off that nick has the same concerns as well as sharon does. Victor should not be throwing warns at Sharon to say that you should not between him and his grandson.

    Posted by fairland at Monday, November 04 2013 03:47 PM

    Nikki and Faith appear as Victor bellows that she abandoned her children - an unforgivable mistake! Does this conversation go to NIkki as well becase NIkki abndon her child as well victor? Is that the only connocern that NIkki has done the same thing as sharon has done to abndon her child as well. That does take tow to tango. Even Leslie opens a folder and blurts, "Dylan is Nikki's son?" So does victor words of bellowing out that sharon has abandon her children - an unforgivable mistake. would this line mean the same for NIkki as well.

    Posted by Estrelita at Monday, November 04 2013 04:07 PM

    Nick and Sharon getting locked into the freezer by accident is reaching pretty far down in the barrel of dumb stunts to contrive throwing them together! I remember, back when Sharon was married to Jack, Sharon and Nick went on a photo shoot together. While they were waiting for the photographer, they ended up getting locked in together in a stuffy room when all of the electricity went out. It was in the summer, though, and, pretty soon, as you might have guessed - they started removing their clothes in order to stay comfortable while they waited for someone to discover that they had been locked in that room together. It was a dumb stunt then - and it is an even dumber stunt now. Surely, as a responsible business owner - Nick SHOULD have been required by State or City engineers to provide a safe way out of that freezer!

    So I am not buying the freezer razzle-dazzle this time around.

    I am also NOT all that impressed by the implication that Chloe will grow closer and closer to Connor. It looks to me like TIIC are ready to throw Chloe under the bus in the same way that they threw Jana under the bus. And they are so lazy, it looks like TIIC are planning to just re-run the Jana story with Chloe being substituted as the victim.

    If Chloe ends up kidnapping Connor, then ends up dying accidentally while on the run with Connor - it will be very close to a repeat of the way that TIIC got rid of Jana. And then the writers wonder why the audience is yawning through all of their uninspired re-runs!

    You can count me among those who have pretty much given up on trying to actually watch this show. I read the recaps and check in on the message boards from time to time to see if anything has changed but, so far - looks pretty much like the same old, same old!

    I have also noticed that the number of posts about Y&R are down on ALL of the message boards discussing this show. And, where Soaps Dot Com is concerned - when counting up the posts - we need to remember that - in many instances - one poster can make as many as 12 or 15 different posts. So if you see 30 posts about the show - that doesn't mean that 30 different people made posts about the show. That probably means that only about 16 different posters left a message - and that one of those posters probably posted 15 different messages!

    I understand the ratings went up following the death of Delia - but that is probably only a momentary gain. Years ago, Days of our Lives got a ratings boost when they had the possession of Marlena story going.

    However, the possession story drove many long-time Days viewers away and many of them NEVER returned to the show. Days DID gain a few extra curiosity-seekers during the possession story - but, when the possession story began to wind down, the curiosity-seekers quickly found something new to watch - and the long-time viewers were gone for good. So, AFTER the possession story ended, Days was in a lot worse shape where the ratings were concerned than they were BEFORE the possession story began - because the long-time viewers who bailed because of the possession story simply never returned.

    Same thing happened to Port Charles when Port Charles introduced vampires. Long-time viewers left when the vampires were introduced. Although the introduction of vampires gave PC a momentary ratings boost - most of the curiosity seekers were 12 year old kids - who quickly found other shows which they preferred - so Port Charles was missing the long-time viewers who had bailed on the show - plus the curiosity seekers did not stick around for very long. So, ratings wise, Port Charles was a lot worse off following the introduction of vampires than they had been before the vampires were introduced.

    Unfortunately, it looks more and more like Y&R remains determined to cling to the same bag of writer's tricks which drove viewers away from most of the shows which have already been cancelled.

    Posted by Unameit at Monday, November 04 2013 07:39 PM

    They thet forget Faith at the park?

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, November 04 2013 07:40 PM

    OK REALLY? Shick ends up locked in the freezer of Nick's bar while looking for snacks for "hungry ballerinas" because Faith forgot to tell Sharon she was snack mom for the week.

    LMAO, GC don't have a Wal-mart? Hey Shick, Wal-Mart has all kinds of snack trays. So they go to a bar to find hotwings.....? I know they have Crimson lights with those fabulous Dylan cookies.

    I still do NOT get where they are headed with this Nikki S/L she ALMOST, ofcourse, told Dylan again today, so let me get this straight Nikki is going to run around and tell everyone in GC, or they will find out, except Victor? okay.

    So Adam has now given Avery his "confession" and told her Don't watch it! If I was Avery the way Adam was acting I would have watched it before I got to my car.

    By the look on Chelsea's face she don't look really happy about leaving the pent house, I still think she will find out some year, and will keep quiet for Connor to have a daddy.

    So the mysterious Zach texts Courtney again, another new character? Well I guess Esmeralda will need someone to date when she hits town.

    Posted by beachbum1 at Monday, November 04 2013 09:18 PM

    Murphy was on tonight's episode of Bones…was nice to see him.

    Posted by Ja queen at Tuesday, November 05 2013 03:57 AM

    Hear we go with nick and sharon AGAIN! Cant they find a good story line for him.
    When is Sharon going to pay for all the things she has done.
    Damn! This show is so BORING right now.
    Going to stick with Days for this week.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Tuesday, November 05 2013 04:32 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters: I watched Adam give such a heart felt confession on the video. Him giving to Avery and expect her not to watch and say something is stupid. She let Leslie see Nikki's will and Leslie blabs to Nikki. What kind of lawyers let's someone else see and read a important document and then say something about it?? SMH!! It is a breach of contract and I wouldn't want them as a lawyer; or represent any family member, not even a speeding ticket. I hope Sharon freezes in the freezer. I can't believe Nick is this stupid to let his guard down with this worthless piece of azz Sharon. I don't see her as an asset to Nick, Faith, or anybody she comes in contact with. Please let her be caught for her evil. I wonder what dirt Victor is going to dig up? Summer jealous of her friend and Noah. Courtney needs to give Noah some information about herself; so we the viewers can see who she is. Noah and Victor is not a good mix. Sharon asking Nick about kid food is completely stupid; as she is Faith's mom and should have some at home. Oh, that's right we never see anybody with groceries; except Avery the cook. I guess everyone else eats out. We never see anyone doing normal things. They wear dirty clothes, too. I wonder where the writers live at or if they are alive in their bubble at all. SMH!! I am amazed Summer doesn't take an interest in her friend Courtney and how she is doing. If we didn't know any better she is some homeless person Summer is friends with. LOL!:) I would love to see Chelsea and Adam get back together and Chloe and Kevin to get back together. Enough ranting for today. SMH!

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