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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    The Rules Need To Be Broken.

    Thursday, October 17 2013
    Victoria deals with Billy's devastation, Avery takes steps to move on, and Sharon argues with Cassie.

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    At home, Avery dreams that she finds Nick setting up for a romantic evening at The Underground. He tells her it's not for her, it's for Sharon, who is the love of his life. "I never got over her." Dylan appears and says, "The same way you never got over me." Dylan tells her it's time to let go and take the next step. She wakes up.

    Sharon wakes up on her sofa and Nick asks if she's okay. She's embarrassed about her meltdown earlier. He says it's fine. She says there's more he doesn't know. Sharon admits to manipulating so that they could spend more time together, and that them reuniting wasn't just Faith's dream. Nick says they can't recreate the past, no matter how magical it seemed. He's not happy about what she did, but he won't hold her illness against her. Nick urges her to keep taking her pills now that she's had one. Sharon says she'll have to find a way to be happy without him. He prompts her to call her doctor. Sharon promises she can do this. He leaves, saying he'll return if she needs anything. Sharon leaves the doctor a message. Cassie appears. "Well-played, Mom." She says she can use Nick's worry to her advantage. Sharon says she wasn't manipulating him. Cassie isn't buying it. Sharon wants Cassie to stop twisting her motives. Cassie wonders if Sharon is telling the truth, why she's still there.

    At the penthouse, Chelsea asks Adam what's going on with him. He says the guilt is killing him. "Poor defenseless child." Chelsea tells him it's not his fault Connor will go blind. He dismally reminds her they have to hope for a baby or kid to die for a cornea donation. Chelsea gives Connor to Adam. "Your daddy needs you." She says they have a lot to feel thankful for - the only person that should be feel guilty is the monster who hit Delia. She talks about whether the person will come forward and goes on about him being locked up. When Chelsea says Adam needs to focus on being there for Connor, Adam says she's right. He asks for the phone. After, he packs up an envelope of cash. Chelsea's nervous that he's being scammed. Adam says he went through the right connections. She says it should be a last resort. Adam feels it may be their only resort. He leaves. Chelsea tells Connor this time his dad is right - the rules need to be broken.

    Billy watches the video of Delia at home. Victoria appears with Johnny. Billy asks her to take him upstairs. When Victoria returns, he's still watching the video. Jack calls, but Billy won't take the phone and doesn't want him to come over. Victoria wants to talk and tries to turn off the video, but Billy angrily warns, "Don't touch that." Victoria wants to turn it off before they see Delia crumple to the ground in the play - she doesn't think either of them want to see that. Billy turns it off. He rants about the entire house having Delia in it and how he blames himself. Victoria begs him not to go, but he leaves. Victoria puts Delia's backpack in the closet and pops the party balloons as she cries.

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan thinks about Avery. Stitch comes in from the hospital and tells Dylan that his buddy Billy's little girl died tonight. Dylan asks how it happened. Stitch says it was a hit-and-run; some bastard without a soul. Dylan talks about Chelsea being Chloe's best friend and considers calling, but he doesn't want to give her the wrong idea. Stitch says tonight was a reminder that life's short. He urges Dylan to go after Avery.

    Avery enters The Underground and recalls when Nick proposed to her there. Noah appears. She asks if Nick is there. Noah says no, but she can wait. They discuss the canceled wedding. She muses that Noah must hate her. Later, Noah says it looks like Nick isn't coming in. Avery is leaving when Nick appears. They sit in her booth to talk. He thanks her for encouraging him to open the club. Avery hates how she hurt him. She returns his ring and hopes he finds someone worthy to wear it. She wants great things for him. After, Nick takes down the plaque from Avery's booth and hands it to Noah.

    Adam meets a thug in the park and warns him if he scams him, he'll personally track him down and cut out his eyes. He hands over the money and then takes a deep breath. Adam turns around and Billy appears.

    Avery greets Dylan at Crimson Lights. She tells him she couldn't sleep. He asks, "And you came here?"

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    A blonde woman approaches Alex at the police station and says she may have some information about the hit-and-run. "It was a black SUV."

    Billy says to Adam, "My daughter didn't deserve this." Adam tears up. "No she didn't. I'm very sorry."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, October 16 2013 03:11 PM

    Whew thank goodness that was Avery's dream.

    RE: Stitch says it was a hit-and-run; some bastard without a soul.

    ~~~Then that would be the Mustache aka Victor christian Newman

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Wednesday, October 16 2013 04:35 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Did Chloe EVER go in that room to see Delia? That SL was so rediculous!!! They would NEVER move her until the family was notified and there to have a chance to say their last goodbyes!!!!! That whole hospital scene was unbelievable! Parents and relatives would NEVER be left alone to roam the hallways without "someone" there to help them with their grief!

    I read spoilers somewhere that Adam gets the blackmarket cornias, but they weren't viable.

    ITA, KMC! I am so glad that it was just another of Avery's "dreams" and it IS too bad that, if Delia had to be hit, it couldn't have been Victor that hit her!

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, October 16 2013 04:51 PM

    Avery dreams that she finds Nick setting up for a romantic evening at The Underground. He tells her it's not for her, it's for Sharon, who is the love of his life. "I never got over her. I have loved Avery's dreams to where Avery have second doubt to where sharon stood to come between nick and Avery. I love how the writer set this up to be in avery's head that avery might think that Nick will go back to Sharon. I love the drama that does along with avery's dream. I love watching avery to deal with a lot of struggle to where it comes to sharon's character that does stand out the best. Avery is thinks that avery has lost nick by not being romantic enough for nick's attentions.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, October 16 2013 04:58 PM

    Back into Avery thought to why i love how avery character is being written very well with great acting skills. Avery is wondering why there is not enough spark to continue with being romantic enough for nick that nick would want to go back to Sharon? Is avery not being creative enough to have nick romantically aroused? How does sharon to get to be romantic enough for nick when nick says it is not for avery? I still love sharon. how does sharon fit in not loving avery back the same way as sharon? back to why nick would be sharon it the love in nick life over avery? it is a confusing stand that avery is not grasping here.

    Posted by applecake1234 at Wednesday, October 16 2013 04:59 PM

    Cancer survivors can only donate one body part---cornias. So Delia could still be Conner' s sonar.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, October 16 2013 05:09 PM

    I love how dreams do continue over time for Avery character that Avery has but one dream to be read like a book. Avery must be thinking Why dylan have to be invalid in my dream saying that the same way you never got over me? Avery is hold back her own confusion which makes this dream real for Avery that Avery does not want to give up on romance any time soon from Nick nor dylan. Avery might be questioning why dylan came back from a war zone that avery want to recapture her love for dylan. Does avery want to let go from loving Dylan? how would avery let of love when it does hit avery in face of loving dylan back as much dylan want avery back? could avery get back that loving feeling with dylan without Nick being invalid with Avery? Avery might want to go to that next step with dylan. I love how avery's character is being written from this dream. I love the drama that does a long with it as well.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, October 16 2013 05:16 PM

    Sharon did have a meltdown over loving Nick. THis right here that Avery is going through is the real reason that Avery has not yet have a meltdown herself.I have loved Avery's dreams to where Avery have second doubt to where sharon stood to come between nick and Avery. I mean wow Nick Why wouldn't avery have second doubt over sharon while you are helping out sharon with sharon meltdown? Avery will wonder why sharon is taking up Nick valuable time helping sharon in the first place over a meltdown crisis.

    Posted by kpmaye at Wednesday, October 16 2013 06:14 PM

    As others have stated I have been watching Y&R for a very long time and this story line with Delia and Adam I just don't like. For once I would like to see Adam not be the bag guy in the story. As much as Victor does he always come out on top and never put in his place for all the things that he has done. I believe that Delia should have lived and if any one was leaving out of the story it should have been Summer no relevance, Jack's son no relevance, Devon no relevance. Not sure of whose writing the story line now but what I would like to see is that someone else hit Delia on that road and Adam just actually ran over the clothing that was in the road. This time give Adam a break and let him enjoy his son.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, October 16 2013 07:14 PM

    SUVs - sport utility vehicles - are built on a truck frame and CUVs - crossover utility vehicle - is a vehicle built on a car platform

    So regardless of whom was driving what, the bottom line is there is now a deceased child

    And we all know what's a station wagon

    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, October 16 2013 08:56 PM

    Fiddlers daughter, ITA with you the hospital scenes all the way around totally unreal from the beginning going back to the 911 call.

    I think Chloe did go in that room...I can't blame her, I would have, no matter what.

    While I understand Vikki trying to help and why she didn't want Billy to see "that scene" from the video...IDK folks handle grief differently, some find it comforting to look at pics, video's or listen to music immediately following a great loss, gives comfort and a way to let the grief out.

    Great acting by all in these scenes IMO.

    MM/Adam...I know it looks like he did it, accidentally, but I do feel for him as well, he really does look overwhelmingly guilt ridden. He is doing a good job acting this out IMO. Those scenes yesterday of Adam/Connor really got me as well, I believe that may be the first time I have saw Adam smile (big) when that baby smiled at him and he smiled back.

    I actually knew a man years ago that drove an 18 wheeler that a child rolled down a hill in front of, the man tried to stop but the child rolled right under that truck and was killed, there were witness's and the man wasn't blamed, but his guilt changed him and his family forever, he moved away, became and alcoholic and eventually committed suicide.
    Sad story...all the way around.

    On a lighter note, does any one even care about Navery, that fell kind of flat to me after such emotional scenes. Nick threw away the "Avery Clark reserved booth sign" as many woman as Nick goes through he just needs to have a bunch of fill in the blank name plaques made. LOL.

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