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    Dad & Delia.

    Friday, October 11 2013
    Chelsea reassures Connor, Chloe and Kevin reconnect, and Billy finds Delia unconscious on the roadside.

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    Posted by Ripitbaby at Friday, October 11 2013 05:31 AM

    I thought it was stitch also he had the same last name as posted on the aunt's front door when Paul was there.

    Posted by ohioan123 at Friday, October 11 2013 05:44 AM

    It is always sad when something like this happens but I agree with others that Adam did not do this and it probably wasn't Nikki either.

    I actually think it could have been Chelsea who left after Adam but they never showed her car. This would make a great story simply because she and Chloe are BFF's and she and Billy had a child together.

    Posted by kaykay59 at Friday, October 11 2013 05:55 AM

    Bad story, it was bad enough losing Cassie and Colleen when they were teens. I hope that Billy wakes up and this was a bad bad DREAM!!! Story didn't make much since if it was a school play Vikki should have gone too and brought the baby he seemed healthy, you would think as rich as they are if Billy is going to leave her in the car he would have had a car alarm set on the car, Why would he leave her in the car
    alone when just months ago his wife was kidnapped because of him. He didn't have any reason to leave her in there either, he could have had car safety locks on the back doors so she could not just get out. She should have said Daddy I don't want to stay in the car I want to go inside with you. People leave dogs in the car by themselves all the time just crack a window. If I were Billy I would say no WAY my daughters eyes are going to Adam's child after he killed my daughter even though the baby happens to be Johnny's brother. It is poor story so the real reason Connor has this problem is so they can kill off poor Delia and she can give him her sight. I would have been happier if Connor was really Dylan son. Chelsea and Dylan were great together even though that story was bad too. She could have told him once he loved her that she was beginning to think she was wrong and the baby could possibly be Adam's and he may have accepted that.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, October 11 2013 06:02 AM

    I read the recap and its so sad, so sad why do they always have to sacrifice a child. I wish they had a miracle cure for Conner. I wanted Deliah to grow up and see that her mom and Kevin get back together.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, October 11 2013 06:10 AM

    Maybe Adam swerved hitting the dog after he was far away from Deliah. She wasn't too far from the scene and it looked like the dog was up further from where Deliah was. Maybe Nikki hit her.

    Posted by cynfrogette at Friday, October 11 2013 06:19 AM

    Victor was also out and about that night... wonder if he was involved??

    I am also about done with Y & R. I only read updates ... and the stories are not worth it.

    Posted by brookeluvridge4life at Friday, October 11 2013 06:31 AM

    I guess no one else can die to be a donor but a cast member and then to dramatized a child dying instead of doing so when she was actually sick......HEY WRITERS GUESS WHAT? THE VIEWER DONT FIND IT ENTERTAINING WHEN YOU USE THE KIDS AND TEENS IN SUCH DRAMATIC SCENES including Summer where one minute he's my daddy then he is not then he is again. Maybe the writers are going over board because this show maybe coming off the air like the other soaps so they don't have nothing to lose personally I hate this and can't watch this storyline so I will check back in 2 weeks

    Posted by grapevine22 at Friday, October 11 2013 06:37 AM

    I really do think it was Adam ,and when Adam fiqures out that he may have killed little Delia that night he is not going to tell it to anyone, because he is going to be so afraid no one will believe it was a accident that he did not see her,and he will go to jail and not be able to raise his son and Chelsea and the baby will go back to Dylan and Dylan will raise baby Conner and that if he indeed leaves his son with Chelsea Victor is going to take Baby Conner away from her..YOU Watch..that is why when Victor went to ADAM'S house to get those papers's signed both Adam and Chelsea acting so Nasty to him about Conner,the writers are getting ready to make ADAM and Chelsea BOW DOWN to eating those words that they said to Victor about them never wanting him nowhere around his grandchild Conner, because they see the way he treats his own..this is a moment to let you know DON'T NEVER SAY NEVER,because it will come back to bite you in the A@@...hahahaha!!!!!!

    Posted by Anjird at Friday, October 11 2013 06:41 AM

    I cannot believe this story line. I could see it coming and have to say its terrible! I have been watching this show for 25 years but this story has done it for me. I don't know that I will watch again! Ridiculous all Around!

    Posted by kmc320 at Friday, October 11 2013 06:49 AM

    Good Morning Ladies and Gents ☆¸.✿¸.•°*”˜ƸӜƷ˜”*°¸☆´

    This big mouth is rarely at a loss for words. I'm so angered by this BS being passed off as entertainment and I am utterly sickened by the impending death.

    On a brighter note: tweete - hope you enjoy your Big Day

    ☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
    /▌*˛˚ღ •˚ ░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░ ˚ ✰* ★

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