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    Dad & Delia.

    Friday, October 11 2013
    Chelsea reassures Connor, Chloe and Kevin reconnect, and Billy finds Delia unconscious on the roadside.

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    Posted by uaymitun at Saturday, October 12 2013 07:22 PM

    I am thoroughly disenchanted with your writers;;; the death of a child... what a disgusting piece to add to a show that I have enjoyed for years.

    Write me off.....I'm finished!!!!!!!

    Posted by Suzann 2 at Saturday, October 12 2013 07:35 PM

    I love the writers on here , I hate the writers story lines on Bold and the Boring and will be taking the waste of time soap off my Dvr. Bold and the Boring is just the same old thing different actors doing the same old junk and I mean trash . The writers on here make you think on different topics . I agree Bold and the Boring should be off the air ,and those writers should lose their job for lack of imagination. I still believe that Young and the restless is a great story line and believe it will be on for many more years . Victor needs to go on Bold and Boring maybe he can thug some jerks over there . Who know they might even get some ratings over there , it's like a ghost town over Bold and Boring .

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Sunday, October 13 2013 04:16 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters: I finally read everyone's posters. Welcome new posters. There were some valid points made. I have been watching Y&R since the beginning, as well as a lot of the poster I saw. IMO, I don't think a lot of the writers care or read our posts. This s/l has hit a nerve with most of us. I thought the piece of car light was amber. I have never seen any vehicle with anything but red plastic on the back of vehicles, for breaks. The amber colored plastic light is on the front of vehicles for signal and park lights for fog(cloudy). I don't believe Adam hit Delia. Adam has in the past done some questionable things, to spite Victor. Hitting a child and leaving is not Adam; as we saw he cared enough to check on Dash and if he hit Delia, he would have checked. Delia was crouching with Dash with a bush and rocks behind them, when they showed her in the headlights talking to Dash and then he dashed away from her. Adam's car may have bumped her from the force of the breaking and accidently into the bush and rock. It didn't show whose headlights fanned Delia; it just went to Adam and Dash darting in front of him. Did anyone catch the name on the sign where Billy found her? To me it looked like Chancelor Park. The park is a busy one and it could have been anyone coming from there. We know Nikki and Adam were both driving upset and their mind on other things. We also know Victor had left Vikki's. Adam will get blamed whether he did hit Delia or not; thanks to Victor. I still don't know why Victor is so wrapped into Connor, ever since he found out he was Adam's. Victor seems to be obsessed over anything with Adam and Adam's business and family. I am wondering if it's because Adam and Chelsea stand up to Victor and his bullying and how he treats people. They have been the only ones, besides Jack who aren't afraid to butt heads with him. Thanks to everyone who posted for their viewpoints; as I thought I may be the only one who was upset with the s/l on Delia dying. I haven't seen where Billy, Chloe, or Delia was leaving the show, but I did see where Lily was leaving. I also saw that Melanie left. I wish the actress who played Delia the best of luck on her career and to thank her for being such a charismatic actress that warmed our hearts with her character.

    Posted by REAL TALK at Sunday, October 13 2013 07:14 AM


    Posted by everyday fan at Sunday, October 13 2013 08:37 AM

    Friday was the dumbest show I ever saw - why show all those things about Delia's future? What a waste of viewer's time.

    Posted by Wingsprint at Sunday, October 13 2013 09:02 AM

    I think the writers are grasping at anything Iam very
    frustrated at the story lines Ive been watching from the
    beginning of the soap and ready to hang it up after all these years. We will see.

    Posted by Growing up with geneo cit at Sunday, October 13 2013 10:57 AM

    They have got to quit killing the young kids we don't want to tune in to see tragedy of a young child die and a parent grieving it is depressing and not at all entertaining? Finish up the niki Dylan, Sharon Cassie, mikeal going to jail, fen rehab stories you should not have gone down the Delia passing road I don't know that you can recoups from thar! Look around soaps are few and far between your on your way out folks if you don't start getting it together!

    Posted by Anew at Sunday, October 13 2013 11:37 AM

    I am tired of Sharron on the show. Get rid of her. Wh do they always kill off the wrong people on this show. Get rid of the pains and bring some new live to the show.

    Posted by Teri_ETC at Sunday, October 13 2013 03:01 PM

    This storyline is so unecessarily sad...if the child actor has another gig, just recast her or send her character off to boarding school or something until you find a replacement. Her character has been a sick child, are her parts even usable for Conner's transplant???

    A better s/l would be to give Conner a transplant from Carmine - he just got off'd so his parts should be available. Receiving an eye transplnt from deviant Carmine goes along with Adam's and Chelsea's ocassional "Dark Side". Y&R

    Posted by Suzann 2 at Sunday, October 13 2013 07:12 PM

    I like Sharon an feel sorry for her , She is mentally ill so many people out there at have to take Meds for different reasons . Some Bipolor , Depression , and so on and it really makes me sick that some people could care less , no heart for the mentally ill , lack human kindness , compassion for their fellow man. This soaps does hit on many good topics . More than I can ever say about Bold & Boring . I haven't seen any good Topic about Bold & Boring for a long time . Like texting and driving , Home less and the hunger . At one time B&Boring had really good topics and was worth watching but now its nasty and gross ,ripping people out of retirements and sexing with family members how sick B&Boring get?

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