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    The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars.

    Thursday, October 10 2013
    Adam and Chelsea gets news about Connor, Delia stars in the school play, and Nikki becomes emotional while talking with Dylan.

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    Posted by Jwow at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:04 AM

    I was really starting to like Adam seeing how soft he is with Chelsea and Connor. He is softening up and starting to get really protective of his new family. Why would they have him be the one who kills Delia? Who would ever live down that guilt? I want Adam to come out on top, not see him sink into a deep pit of despair.

    Posted by Abemom at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:19 AM

    I am tired of Victor, a bully with money, let some morale justice happen it is time!
    Dylan is toooo young to be Nikki's son!
    Let Billy find Delia OK! Abbott's are not suppose to be donors for Newman's needs!

    Posted by jamaicalady at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:20 AM

    Very easy to understand why Adams is pulled into this storyline, the doctor just told him there were ne donors available for the surgery Connor needs, from what I read in last week's spoilers or updates, Dehlia will be killed off, now put 2 and 2 together and bam there's your donor.

    Posted by deerhunter54 at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:27 AM

    Genoa City must be a Repulican and Tea Party strong hold because the people that live there will beleive anything they are told and the Great Victor Newman is there great leader. He thinks he know's what is good for everybody. Stand in line and drink your kool-aid we know the writers have drank there's. Also Victor will be standing there telling everyone to jump of the cliff noting will happen when you hit the bottom.

    Posted by marta1 at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:32 AM

    How Nikki know who is her son? Did I miss something?
    Billy, how stupid you can be, leave child in a car.

    Posted by KANSAN at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:35 AM

    I am really sick of listening to Victor threaten people. I just wish.....just ONE time, someone would tell him "GFY". Poor Dylan.....he hasn't had a break since he appeared on the scene. And Chelsea, the father of your child cannot just waltz in and announce "I'm taking full custody" so stop babbling about it. Looks like he's not going to try now, anyway. What I do think, is going to happen based on what Victor said to Adam, is that Victor himself will try and take the baby. That ba$tard gets meaner the older he gets.

    And I'm sure you all are wondering same as me....what in the world posessed Billy and Delia to take their DOG to the play? We've all seen how Victor has tried to destroy Billy in the past....he'll surely blame him for little Delia's demise and......well who knows what the old buzzard is capable of.

    Everybody else gets their come-uppance on this show, why can't he???

    Posted by Icecastles at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:35 AM

    OMG, who leaves their child alone in a car in the dark! I cannot believe the writers would write this. Anything could happen with Delia and look what actually did.

    Posted by KANSAN at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:43 AM

    @Icecastles - NOBODY, with any sense! Leave the dog in the car (as long as it's not hot outside, of course) crack the window and take your kid with you!

    Another thing....Victoria must live next door to the coffee house for Victor to have gotten over there so fast...either that or he borrowed Pyllis' broom she left in GC.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:46 AM

    Victurdia even got jealous that Daddy went to see Peanut. She didn't even like Grandturd calling them brothers. And yeah you're right, not only will Billy blame himself so will Victor.

    Posted by stfyyy at Thursday, October 10 2013 10:50 AM

    VICTORIA had to have ice cream! Well dash is out of a job also!

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