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    The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars.

    Thursday, October 10 2013
    Adam and Chelsea gets news about Connor, Delia stars in the school play, and Nikki becomes emotional while talking with Dylan.

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    Posted by bajanchick at Thursday, October 10 2013 02:11 PM

    Hello everyone!! never posted here before,but how can Delia eyes help Connor isn't she a cancer patient?

    Posted by inwonderland at Thursday, October 10 2013 02:15 PM

    I don't usually post anything but today I feel I must. This story line with Delia being struck by a car and dying is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. And I'm sure her corneas will go to the Newman baby. I really think these writers are desperate for story lines. There is so much more they could write about. Why do we have to have children dying on soap operas. Isn't it enough with all the grown adults killing each other. BUT CHILDREN! What is wrong with the writers. I think it is in poor taste what they are doing. I have watched this show from the beginning and always become upset when children have to die on the show. I will probably not be watching for quite a while.

    Posted by mamadar at Thursday, October 10 2013 02:23 PM

    So sad to see Delia go. She was the bright spot on the screen. Seems like she really got along with Billy, Kevin and the others and had fun doing it. Am really going to miss the little munchkin.

    Posted by StrawBerryHills at Thursday, October 10 2013 02:24 PM

    kmc, Adam inherited those big brass ones! Nick needs to grow a pair. They need to do a DNA test on him. Victor might not be his daddy.

    Posted by worked4jeeves at Thursday, October 10 2013 02:52 PM

    Hi everyone! I wish the writers had chosen to have Adam try to catch little Dash and try to get him safely home. That would have brought a gentleness to the character of the complicated Adam and also remind people that if you see a stray dog you MUST try if possible to get it off the streets to a safe place. The dog could cause another accident in such situations and also the dog could get hit if not rescued. A couple of people posting also commented as if the dog were at fault! We who care for animals are their guardians and dogs will run sometimes if off leash. Having expressed this, I really can't stand to think of the Delia character as leaving.....she is so darling.

    Posted by Spartacus at Thursday, October 10 2013 03:13 PM

    So Connor will get Delia's eyes? A bit morbid for daytime don't you think?

    My prediction is that Adam will change the birth certificate to read Connor Newman, father Adam, mother Chelsea. This will probably send Chelsea over the moon and how far behind can a Chadam reunion be?

    Posted by Spartacus at Thursday, October 10 2013 03:20 PM

    More Spartacus Predictions...
    1) Nikki and Victor break up.
    2) Nikki finds comfort in Paul.
    Phyllis - unfortunately not MS - will return and say something like "Sharon beeotch, paternity, Nick Summer"
    Sharon will tell Nick to get another paternity test - I think Summer will still be Jack's.
    4) Sharon please go to a mental hospital - not that one that freaks you out - there are hundreds of hospitals in Wisconsin and she has the money to go to the best ones - send her to Bali for a month, with Faith. Sharon can return change her name back to Collins, move off the Ranch and start to rebuild her life.
    I think I have to stop watching for a while - again - I can't like this show anymore: Sharon is a mess, Christine is with Paul, Nikki and Victor are no longer 30 and this is ludacris! I hate the Winters/Ashby family story line too!!

    Posted by StrawBerryHills at Thursday, October 10 2013 03:28 PM

    Happy Birthday, sunmama! Celebrate you!

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, October 10 2013 03:34 PM

    I very seldom post comments, but this story line takes the cake. I am hating it more as each day passes.

    Precious, beautiful talented Delia should NOT have had to die. People all over the world donate their bodies to Science. Time is running out for Conner.

    Posted by phbatl at Thursday, October 10 2013 03:37 PM

    Adam doesn't acknowledge the baby's name as Connor. He just calls him peanut. I think that will be Adam Jr....

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