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    Who Did The Honors?

    Friday, October 04 2013
    Michael makes a confession, Cane lets Victor know what he wants, and Devon makes Hilary an offer.

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    Posted by La Chat at Friday, October 04 2013 12:24 AM

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, October 03 2013 07:51 PM

    Ok is just me or is Fairland's post starting to make more sense than this flipping show? Mike ask Lauren if she shot Carmine and she answers I don't know. I would darn well know if I ever killed someone. Then we have Devon walking into Hillary's room ALONE after she set up BOTH Cane and Neil. I guess he will have a bloody mary with her since the Champagne and screwdriver didn't work on Cane and Neil. And how hard would it be for TIIC to just tell us WTH Nikki's son is at this point and move on to their reunion or what ever?
    Could not stop laughing! Ranting fairyfare is making more sense than these writers. I skip the rants but Lord the writers are killing me that I can't post

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, October 04 2013 12:48 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters: So Victor buys NE back. What's he need 2 companies for? He should have let Adam have the company and see how Adam does with it on his own. I like how Jack and Adam are such good friends, that they have each others back. The respect for one another is something hard to see on most shows. Jack would have been a good father figure for Adam; which doesn't say much for Victor. Victor makes my blood boil at how he treats his family and everyone he dislikes. So, Victor overhears Nikki talking to Paul about the baby. No surprise at what his reaction is going to be. So, Carmine gets killed, about time something happened there. Fen must have been enraged, if the kid got the upper hand on a psycho and size of Carmine. He was cute though and so is Alex. So Chloe is asking Kevin for a date, must be losing it. Kevin looked happy, anyway. Cane wants to be CEO and he thinks he has earned it when Lily takes up all his time; wanting to be needy and loved. Victor is not going to put Cane in a CEO position, when that is what he wanted. He likes the power he has; he's not going to give that up. Devon is about as dumb as Neil going to Hilary and giving her ammo to use against them. Mason is just as stupid. I hope Connor is ok. That poor baby sure has a lot of problems. Nick is such an idiot. He tells Sharon point blank he doesn't want her and she keeps on coming back for more. He needs some mace for this stalker psycho Sharon. He needs to change his house locks, to. No telling what she will do next. I'd be afraid of coming home and finding her there. Poor Avery looks so lost. I still think she is in love with Nick and not Dylan. Maybe there is hope for Nick and Avery, yet.

    Posted by Navarro1010 at Friday, October 04 2013 01:17 AM

    @Fairland, regarding Fen's silver chip: My guess is that both Michael and Lauren realize that Fen was with Carmine and they believe Fen shot him. That's why Lauren would scream 'No!' (meaning, 'No! Not my baby! He couldn't have done something like this!") I hope this answers your question.

    Posted by bibbie at Friday, October 04 2013 02:49 AM

    Future storyline : Nicki finds out that Stitch is her son at the same time that he starts developing a relationship with Sharon.

    Would serve the old witch right.

    Posted by Texanne at Friday, October 04 2013 03:50 AM

    So it begins. Michael takes the fall for Fenmore. This was such a predictable s/l. They will drag it out until all of us are screaming "Uncle".

    Maybe Nikki's son will finally be revealed. Please don't drag this s/l out either. Let's get things moving.

    Cane/Lily/Hilary/Devon/Mason/Neil/Leslie. Don't give a royal rat's patoot.

    Posted by MsChief at Friday, October 04 2013 04:51 AM

    @bikette ITA with your entire post
    I could care less about who killed Carmine
    I don't care who goes to jail
    Who's on trial
    Not looking forward to looking at Lauren do her fake crying over the top acting and enunciating

    or Fen looking wide eyed

    Or the news of Nikki's son

    Guess I still won't be watching

    Posted by MsChief at Friday, October 04 2013 04:56 AM

    @bibbie I thought Stitch had a family/wife??? could be wrong cause I don't watch

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Friday, October 04 2013 05:07 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    The spoilers said that Victor is going to do something despicable (what?...NOT Victor! LOL) that is going to shake up the family. How much do you want to bet that he is going to try to do something to take Conner away from Chelsea AND Adam?!!!!!

    So Michael thinks Fen shot Carmine and wants to take the blame…who didn’t see that coming? LOL Now he is going to be put in a jail cell with “Bubba” and this stupid story will be still going on until November! LOL He erases his and Lauren’s phone calls from Carmine….but what about Carmine’s phone, it will still have all the information on it?

    Cane sure does want to make a good first impression on his new boss Victor, doesn’t he? He has played “hookey” two days in a row with Lilly! Way to make yourself indispensible Cane! LOL After meeting with Victor, Cane (Mr. if I can’t be a CEO even though I started out as a bartender) decides he will quit! LOL I can’t imagine Cane and Victor working together, although Cane is a REALLY GOOD asskisser and Victor “loves” that! LOL

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Friday, October 04 2013 05:10 AM

    How do you contact the people who run this site? I need to send them a "bill" for the new mouse I am going to have to buy because I am wearing mine out scrolling down half the page because of those "stupid" pictures they have posted at the top of every page!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Friday, October 04 2013 05:19 AM

    Good rant, Bikette! LOL ITA with everything you and MsChief said!

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