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    Who Did The Honors?

    Friday, October 04 2013
    Michael makes a confession, Cane lets Victor know what he wants, and Devon makes Hilary an offer.

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    Outside the Club, Lauren shivers. "I don't know..." Michael soothes her. He can't find a pulse on Carmine. He asks Lauren if she did this. She says he was already on the ground when she arrived. He asks about Fen. She hasn't seen him. Michael says he heard the shot over the phone. Michael notices Fen's silver chip on the ground. Lauren shouts. "No!" Michael says everyone saw Fen leave. Lauren gets hysterical. Michael says, "Fen was never here." He grabs the gun and shoots the wall. Lauren realizes they'll think it was him. Michael tells her to erase their phones. Inside, Gloria is worried about Fen having seen the sex tape. She rants at Alex who won't let them leave. Gloria calls Lauren's phone, and Kevin and Chloe talk. Alex realizes one cop is unaccounted for so heads outside where Michael is holding a gun, and telling Lauren to go. Alex and the cops aim at Michael. Alex checks Carmine. "Who did the honors?"

    Lily and Cane play hooky from work at Crimson Lights. Victor calls Cane to meet at the ranch. Lily hopes Victor will respect Katherine's wishes. Kevin and Chloe come in and ask them if they've seen Fen. They worry he's somewhere getting high. Later, Lily calls to make dinner reservations and order a cake for Cane. "It's for a celebration."

    Paul has Father Martin and Sister Clare at the station. He says he thinks they had the wrong adoptive mother and shows them a photo. "Was this the woman who adopted Nikki's baby?" Later, Paul calls Nikki to say he has information on her son. After, he gets a call from Alex and says he's on his way.

    At home, Victor greets Nikki, who says he has that 'mogul glint' in his eyes. She declines his invitation to dinner. He asks about her doctor appointment, "Is everything alright?" Nikki explains her MS symptoms are worse due to stress. Victor clucks about her losing Katherine. Nikki's phone rings. She doesn't answer. Cane arrives so Nikki leaves. Victor muses about Cane going from bartender to CEO, noting that Katherine must have had faith in him. He says he will be well rewarded. Cane realizes he's not Victor's family. Victor says he won't fire him; he'll have a powerful position. Cane says no one knows the company like him. He wants a contract to be CEO or he walks. Outside, Nikki listens to Paul's message, and leaves him one saying she needs to let this go.

    Devon and Neil run shirtless into Chancellor Park. They talk about Hilary spiking Neil's drink. Neil muses about that taste... Devon says Hilary should be charged. Neil admits he's upset about Hilary targeting his family, but he feels guilty about her mother. Devon says what she's doing isn't justice, it's evil. He decides he'll end it. Later, Neil flashes to drinking with Rose.

    Mason and Hilary canoodle in their suite. She wants Neil Winters to wish he was dead. Mason would rather get the money and run. He carries her to the bed. Later, Mason is in the shower when Devon comes to the door. He asks Hilary what it's going to take to get rid of her. She says she'll watch them squirm as long as she likes. Devon talks about his mother - he knows what she feels like. He then offers her a million dollars to go away. She wonders why not more - what's the going rate for a dead mother? Devon says it's in her best interest to take it. She thinks that sounds like a threat. Devon leaves and Mason flips out on Hilary. "You promised me money." He's insulted that she thinks rolling around in bed is all the payoff he needs. He says he's done.

    In the alley, Michael tells Alex and the policemen that he shot Carmine. Alex has Michael cuffed. Michael says Carmine had Lauren again, so he took the gun from his holster and shot him. Alex prompts, "You came up from behind, right?" Michael agrees. "I killed Carmine Basco." Paul arrives and grills Lauren. Michael argues. Paul has him taken in. Michael hollers at Lauren to find Fenmore. Lauren returns to her suite and leaves Fen a frantic message to call her.

    Nikki arrives at the police station and gets up to speed on Businesswoman of the Year dinner from Kevin and Chloe. Kevin tries to find an address for Raven online but comes up empty. They decide to go looking. Meanwhile, Michael is brought into the interrogation room. Paul tells Alex by phone to bag and tag everything in the alley.

    Cane rejoins Lily at Crimson Lights. She asks if Victor fired him. He says no, he quit and feels very good about it. "It wasn't going to work out." She says she made reservations at Boulevard to celebrate. He still wants to go.

    Nikki returns home and leaves Paul another message that she wants to know the information about her son. Victor hears.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

    Lauren demands to know if Avery will represent Michael or not.

    Alex flashes his light on the bullet hole in the brick wall.

    Paul tells Nikki that Penelope Harrison and her husband are both dead, but the child they adopted is alive.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Estrelita at Thursday, October 03 2013 03:40 PM

    And so it begins. Of course, Michael and Lauren are NOT really going to want Avery to defend Michael and/or Lauren - mainly because Avery would end up by casting suspicion on Fen! So it will become necessary for Michael and/or Lauren to bring a hot new lawyer to town who will be able to get Michael and/or Lauren off the hook, without insinuating that Fen is really the guilty party. Since, at this point, it looks like Michael will be the one who goes to trial - that means that it will be Michael and/or Kevin who becomes romantically involved with the new lawyer in town. The most intriguing "mystery" at this point is WHIC Friend of Jill will arrive in town in order to get Michael, Lauren and/or Fen off the hook?

    Doesn't seem like Cane and/or Lily will have to worry much about Cane turning down Victor's "opportunity" to have Cane dancing to Victor's tune. After all, Devon has all of those billions and can very easily set up some other company, and invite his sister and her husband to come aboard and help him out.

    Of course, there is also the possibility that Cane's Australian friend - Philip Chancellor - will also find a way to help Cane and Lily become involved a new enterprise - after all of the help which Cane gave to Philip when Philip was pretending to be in the great hereafter. Between Devon and Philip Chancellor - Cane and Lily will most likely soon have "no worries."

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, October 03 2013 04:21 PM

    Alex realizes one cop is unaccounted for so heads outside where Michael is holding a gun, and telling Lauren to go. Alex and the cops aim at Michael.I love this set up right here becase, Alex did not know how one of his cops was not counted for being at the festiveities. I also love the drama that michael/Alex/Laurewn gave whlie alex is pointing a gun at Michael for tryingh again to o kill cramine. MIchael sould not get away with this. Even if fen was there how would michael explaine this one.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, October 03 2013 04:45 PM

    Michael soothes her. He can't find a pulse on Carmine. He asks Lauren if she did this. She says he was already on the ground when she arrived. I love how this story line is going so far. I love the drama that Carmine gives to Young and the restless. Carmine does hi part so well. I love the writing here as well. that also go's with great,great drama.Michael checks to find Carmine's pluse then latter on michael asked Lauren did you do this to carmine.Michael actually thought that lauren did try to kill cramine. I love the drama. As well lov e the writing skills for all character's involved in the storyline.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, October 03 2013 04:52 PM

    . Lily hopes Victor will respect Katherine's wishes. Kevin and Chloe come in and ask them if they've seen Fen. I love the wrting skills for putting this together becase Lily hopes that victor would respect Kathine wishies becase Katherine does enjoy Cane as a person with a loving heart. I think tyhat lily might have said that to Cane. I love the drama when chloe and kevin show at the ranch asking them if they have seen Fen. I love that twist in the story line. great wrtting skills all the way. THat does included the drama of finding Fen.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, October 03 2013 04:58 PM

    What does the sliver chip that fen had when michael saw the sliver chip on the groundthat Fen did left be hide. Michael sould be a shamed that michael is not paying attention to why Fen got a sliver chip thyat Fen left be hide. Michael notices Fen's silver chip on the ground. Lauren shouts. "No!" Michael says everyone saw Fen leave.Why is lauren shoting NO for? Is lauren making anyh senes right there. Maybe lauren saw carmine doing something that carmine sahould be doing.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, October 03 2013 07:51 PM

    Ok is just me or is Fairland's post starting to make more sense than this flipping show? Mike ask Lauren if she shot Carmine and she answers I don't know. I would darn well know if I ever killed someone. Then we have Devon walking into Hillary's room ALONE after she set up BOTH Cane and Neil. I guess he will have a bloody mary with her since the Champagne and screwdriver didn't work on Cane and Neil. And how hard would it be for TIIC to just tell us WTH Nikki's son is at this point and move on to their reunion or what ever?

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, October 03 2013 08:07 PM

    I am soooo Pizzzzzed at what TIIC have done with my/our show. We had a murder for God sakes yesterday and there were only 51 posts. And we all know why. Because they have drug out every s/l for so long that either everybody already knows what the out come will be or they don't care. Sorry I shouldn't have used the words everyone, but a lot of posters. And I just needed to rant but I really hope something changes soon, because to quote a couple of our posters... I have my hands up in the air, but I do love this this site.

    Posted by LovemyYnR at Thursday, October 03 2013 08:26 PM

    Today's "shut the hell up" post goes to....


    Dude, you knew Hilary wasn't going to give you any money. You allowed yourself to be used like a ho because the sex was so good in your opinion. You fell for the na-na, what did you expect? At least hookers get paid for theirs (I'm not upholding women or men who get paid for sex, just using an example to express my point). Desperate men who think with their little head don't.

    So suck it up. You got screwed....literally!

    Posted by luvtofly at Thursday, October 03 2013 08:44 PM

    Since Cane/Jack/or Adam have never had bad history, it would be good to see them band together against Victor, to start a new successful venture. And then have Victor find out that Victoria knew about the baby all along, so much for his family's loyalty. Please no more long drawn out Lauren/Fen/Michael episodes, it has been so over done.

    Posted by red duches at Thursday, October 03 2013 09:43 PM

    Wow! Detective Chavez as cute as you are, you need more studying as a cop. You kept promising that you would get Carmine and kept messing up and now that someone namely FEN has got him for you, you ask who did the honors?

    Lauren you should have known by now that it was Carmine setting you up again and even if he did have Fen, why didn't you just tell the "cops" or have as many as possible go with you. By the by are there any other lawyers besides Avery and Leslie in GC?

    Nikki you have been talking to your son all along. I did think it was Dylan at first. Maybe he won't hate you after you two have been able to connect.

    Devon you are really stupid. Just because you are a "billionaire" now you think all you have to do is throw money in people faces and they will melt. You hated your father Tucker and even Katherine and even mentioned to them about throwing money around to get what they wanted and now you're doing the same thing. Watch out cause now Hilary had Mason back there and they can come up with a blackmail or lawsuit and you may not have a million left yourself. Neil you should have had her arrested cause she is going to keep doing what she wants.

    I have two favorite shows, Y&R and General Hospital. Case and point - Dylan leave GC so Jason can head back to GH. I don't like you being a softie and crying. I never liked Chelsea, so leave her alone. Victor will find a way to get his grandson; wish he would be a father to Adam.

    I love all the actors on this show; they all do great, but the best two actors (aside from Ms. Jeanne Cooper always/rest in peace) are Victor and Jack. Eric and Peter should be cloned so if for some reason they leave this earth, they can still go on cause when those two have a scene together it is so powerful. Adam and Victor come a close second; Adam is more like Victor than any of his kids.

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