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    Sentimental Claptrap.

    Monday, September 16 2013
    Victor confronts Adam with his betrayal, Dylan asks Chelsea for a divorce, and Avery appeals to Nick for understanding.

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    Posted by bikette at Monday, September 16 2013 09:59 AM

    IA on John and Cassie staying dead and gone. But TIIC are playing them like good spirit/ghost VS evil spirit/ghost.

    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, September 16 2013 10:23 AM

    bikette one hand for each - Victurd & Chelcon
    Or do a 3 stooges move and clap their heads together

    Posted by KANSAN at Monday, September 16 2013 10:27 AM

    @Bikette - re: Victor helping Chelsea keep Adam away from the baby....that was my thought, as well. Not excusing Chelsea for what she did, but I just don't have a whole lot of sympathy for Adam after the stunt he pulled with Faith, Ashley and Sharon. He's acting all indignant about Chelsea lying to him - why doesn't somebody throw THAT in his face!

    Posted by TerriBerri69 at Monday, September 16 2013 10:28 AM

    citykittee....ahsholes don't hhave ears.


    Posted by BeeBeeKC at Monday, September 16 2013 10:31 AM

    Posted by bikette at Monday, September 16 2013 07:28 AM

    So per kmc's spoilers...Cane is going to get drugged AGAIN and end up in bed with another woman. Just hope this one isn't ANOTHER baby momma drama like Chloe. Didn't Amber somehow trick him into marrying her also? I know they married, but don't remember how she tricked him.

    >>>>Yes Amber did the same thing to Cane's stupid azz that Hillary is about to do. Now you KNOW the writers like to recycle story lines....good or bad!!

    Posted by youareloved at Monday, September 16 2013 10:32 AM

    For the first time since I have been watching this soap I can honestly say I am afraid to keep watching because of what may happen to some of the characters on the show. The feud between Jack and Victor is getting more and more strained. What is going to happen to little Conner he never did anything wrong why would Dylan take him he isn't even his father. Wish sometimes that I would have never started watching this soap.

    Posted by Zoiemae1 at Monday, September 16 2013 10:35 AM

    I agree...especially Avery. She doesn't come across as a warm, caring person at all. Her hair, clothes, and looks are matronly. She just isn't someone that people can sympathise with.
    I do wish the writers would let something good happen to Adam...

    Posted by Estrelita at Monday, September 16 2013 10:43 AM

    Re: "Posted by Navarro1010 at Monday, September 16 2013 12:39 AM

    Also, @ Estrellita, was JFP in charge at General Hospital when they had that shootout in the Church in front of the Corinthos children. I believe Faith Jerome died in front of the kids who were 10 and younger."


    Yes - JFP was in charge during the shootout in front of the children. I believe that it was Faith Roscoe who died in front of the kids. And Faith was gunning for Sonny because Sonny had previously murdered her husband, brother and father.

    ALSO - JFP was in charge during the Metro Court Massacre on General Hospital. In 1999, following the school shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado, during the Emmy Award presentations, Wendy Riche had pledged "programming which will make a difference" in the wake of the shootings. Everyone laughed at the time, because, at that point in history, General Hospital was the most violence-prone soap opera on the air! Shortly afterward, Wendy Riche was fired - and replaced by JFP. So move on a few years and we had the story about Michael being kidnapped. Of course, Michael was with A.J. - who was presumed dead at that time. Sonny arranged a memorial service for Michael and dedicated a playground in his honor. In the meantime, Sonny had a beef with the Sandoval family - NOT because he believed that they had something to do with kidnapping Michael - but because he thought they were getting a little bit pushy and were trying to take over SOME of Sonny's "territory." So Sonny arranged to have all of the members of the Sandoval family murdered while Sonny was publicly attending the memorial service and dedication of the playground - thereby giving Sonny an alibi. In the meantime, Sonny's sister, Courtney, had given up on her romance with hit-man Jason and, instead, had become engaged to Jasper Jacks.

    The Sandoval family had been planning some sort of family event at the Metro Court, so Sonny gave Jason and the rest of his hit men orders to ALSO kill all potential witnesses - and to leave no one alive! So, while the memorial service for Michael was getting under way, Sonny's hit men went to work, murdering various members of the Sandoval family as they made their way to the Metro Court.

    In the meantime, Jason learned that his former girlfriend - and Sonny's sister - Courtney - had made plans to have dinner with Jax in the Metro Court dining room - where the majority of the members of the Sandoval family were ALSO meeting. Jason ran to the Metro Court to attempt to change Sonny's orders for the hit men to leave no survivors. Of course, before Jason arrived at the Metro Court, The rest of Sonny's hit men had entered the Metro Court restaurant and were mowing down the rest of the Sandoval family. There was a cashier in the restaurant, who ducked out of sight. An innocent bystander, who had stopped to talk with Courtney and Jax, was hit and Jax pulled Courtney down on the ground. However, when Jason arrived, Courtney was covered in blood - but it later turned out to be blood from the innocent bystander who had stopped to chat with Courtney and Jax. The cashier, who had ducked behind the desk, overheard Jason tell the rest of the hit men NOT to take out any more potential witnesses and to just scatter out of there. (Later, Sonny intimidated the cashier into NOT testifying against Sonny, Jason and/or other members of Sonny's hit squad.) It seems to me that there were something like ten or twelve members of the Sandoval family murdered during that episode. The innocent bystander who had been chatting with Courtney and Jax died later at the hospital. The subsequent scripts made out that anyone who suggested that Sonny and Jason needed to go to prison for the blood-bath at the Metro Court were really the "bad" guys and that Sonny and Jason were the only "good" guys on the planet!

    JFP was ALSO in charge a few years later, when "Mr. Craig" took everyone in the Metro Court lobby hostage during sweeps period. During that "hostage crisis," long-time resident of Port Charles - Dr. Alan Quartermaine - suffered a heart attack and, because he did not receive proper medical assistance right away, he eventually died later at the hospital. I believe that one of "Mr. Craig's" cohorts also died in an explosion which the cohort herself had set off. So - actually - Mr. Craig killed fewer people at the Metro Court than Sonny and Jason did.

    So that was how JFP got rid of Stuart Damon - he was a little bit over the hill and becoming somewhat pudgy - BOTH unforgivable sins in JFP's book. What was really gross about this is that, on the show, Monica and Alan were nearing a major anniversary - and JFP had previously been all over the soap press - claiming that there would be spectacular episodes, featuring Alan and Monica's "anniversary." However, Alan died before that anniversary could be reached!

    And, since JFP appears to be charged with cutting costs - and one of the biggest salaries in the cast probably belongs to Eric Braeden - I fully expect Victor Newman to get the Alan Quartermaine treatment during some upcoming sweeps period. JFP always seems to believe that she has pulled off a great coup if she can bump off a legacy character during a sweeps period. I suspect that is the reason why Adam and Jack have suddenly become buddies - Peter Bergman probably costs less to keep around and, once JFP whacks Victor - Adam will STiLL need to have a father-figure to chat with from time to time. So Jack has been elected.


    Re: "Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Monday, September 16 2013 09:21 AM

    Estrelita: Thanks for the information. I live in Va. and had a friend who went to see a prominent lady lawyer, for domestic violence(beaten when she found out her spouse was cheating) and had the money to pay; the lawyer told her, "women like her asked for it and looked for men of that type". I thought what kind of lawyer is this. My friend was beaten and kicked in the ribs with steel-toed shoes and had severely bruised kidneys and was off work for 3 months. The place she worked would not let her go back to work until she went to a mental health clinic. He only had to go to court for being arrested, as she pressed charges and the judge dropped the charges and threw it out. No fine or mental health visit. He even tried to get in to see her doctor and they even said he was mentally disturbed. I don't trust the lawyers here, after that."


    Unfortunately, victims of domestic violence - to this day - have very little protection - in spite of the little progress which has been made in state legislatures. Fortunately, there are now shelters where many of the victims can go - but not nearly enough. The only step in the right direction which anyone can take is to begin to get educated about the issue and learn what resources are available for those who want to make a change.

    Television COULD be helpful - by providing information which would assist victims to learn what type of help IS available. And, once upon a time, soap opera writers DID perform valuable public service from time to time. But, during the past couple of decades, that has become less and less true and, nowadays, for the most part, any public service type of story which soaps run in full of so much "claptrap" that they are not only useless - but they are even harmful. Sharon's supposed "bi-polar" story is one example. The "bi-polar" story just turned into a convenient way to give Sharon excuses for her ridiculous behavior. The "bullying" story was another example - the REAL reason for that story was to give Michael and Lauren an excuse for breaking up, so that Carmine could join the "Psycho of the Month Club," which was a very boring feature of ALL of the ABC soaps - and is a major reason why ABC has only one soap left on the air.


    Re: "Posted by bikette at Monday, September 16 2013 07:08 AM

    Estrelita re> Adam would have to tread VERY softly if he hoped to make a case that the PTSD of the baby's LEGAL father would be enough of a problem to convince the court to set aside the LEGAL rights of Connor's LEGAL parents.

    I wasn't really saying that would be the reason that Adam wants custody(although I could see these IIC going that route,disgusting) Just that Dylan could take his child and move away. While I do think he loves Connor now, he was just more wrapped up in this fantasy that Chelsea had created than actually being in love with Chelsea. Now that Avery has admitted her true feelings for Dylan there is a good possibility that they get back together. So he would still want the divorce. But thank you for all your legal insight."


    Well - in the hands of real writers, it might be possible for Dylan to decide that he still loves Avery - and reunite with Avery. But, I doubt very much that JFP will go in that direction. Steve Burton is JFP's golden boy. She will want to be putting him with whomever she believes is a top flight actor. Melissa Claire Egan has received a great many Emmy nominations over the past several years, and she is younger than Jessica Collins. (Remember, JFP hates anyone past the age of 35 - especially women. Plus, Jessica Collins is a little bit on the plump side - another unforgivable sin in JFP's book.) While Joshua Morrow is a fan favorite and the character of Nick has been the focus of many stories in the past - since a Friend of Jill has taken over the role of Summer - the character of Nick has been more frequently used as a "talk to." Nick's primary purpose is to talk to or about Friends of Jill - primarily Summer, Noah and/or Dylan. Given the amount of time which the story focuses on the conflict between Victor and Adam - it seems to me that JFP views Michael Muhney as a stronger actor than Joshua Morrow.

    Therefore - JFP would be wanting to keep her golden boy - Steve Burton - in scenes with Melissa Claire Egan and Michael Muhney - in the hope that this would propel Steve Burton toward an Emmy win.

    So, although Dylan COULD reunite with Avery - I am guessing that, instead, Dylan will decide to join Chelsea in Chelsea's quest to prevent Adam from gaining custody of Connor. So - the three of them will see-saw back and forth as they fight for custody of Connor.

    If Nick is now poised to begin a new romance - I would sort of expect to see Avery decide that she needs to move to Georgia to be closer to Phyllis, Daniel, etc.

    I really do not expect that JFP will keep Jessica Collins around any longer than she absolutely has to - but Steve Burton is slated to become a permanent fixture.

    Of course, if JFP plans to float a story about Avery being Dylan's one true love - then Avery will have to die instead of heading to Georgia to be closer to Phyllis.

    Posted by KANSAN at Monday, September 16 2013 10:52 AM

    @KMC - per your spoilers - one says "Traci gets a massage" - Did you mean to type that? If so, wonder what happens - does the masseuse try to cop a feel or something? LOL!

    Posted by bikette at Monday, September 16 2013 10:54 AM

    Adam came home to Victor and Jack standing in his penthouse. Now don't you think someone as smart as Adam is suppose to be would have changed the locks on his penthouse when he bought it from Victor? But then again nobody ever locks their door in GC unless someone is trying to get in and save them. LOL

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