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    Never Look Back.

    Friday, September 13 2013
    Chelsea meets with Adam, Avery tries to help Dylan, and Nick tells the wedding guests to leave.

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    Posted by marvista at Thursday, September 12 2013 07:31 PM

    cowboys forever: LOL I cannot stop laughing at your comment:

    I wonder who Nikki's child will be? Heck, we can't call him a child. He/She must be getting mail from AARP by now.

    Posted by ladybelle at Thursday, September 12 2013 08:10 PM

    Cowboys,what a line must be getting mail from AARP.You made my day

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, September 12 2013 08:22 PM

    Nick must have felt even worst in thursday's show that Summer only came to Avery's wedding because, of Avery needs family that she can count on. Thanks to jack Summer did see the light that Avery needed family there to support her. Jack also point out that this both Nick and Avery big day to have some happiness in their live you would regret this that Avery would have a supporting hand that you just mad at nick because Summer's life has turn upside down. I love watching jack at his best performance along side Summer. Peter Bergman and Hunter King do a great job together in their acting skills.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, September 12 2013 08:29 PM

    Chloe had a great suggestion that you let Adam take this court and let both sides fight this out. Adam will lose everything anyway. What kind of advice is chelsea is looking for from chloe to make sure that chelsea is on the run away from adam. I do believe that their are going to bigger problems with chloe that chloe can not face all on her won to where it comes to victoria mess to why chloe did get blackmailed by victoria in the first place. On those terms victoria and victor want to get rid of Adam from Newman that is a joke of heartache.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, September 12 2013 08:35 PM

    Chelsea reminds her Connor needs eye specialists and she doesn't want him to grow up on the run. chelsea got some kind of back bone to chloe. I miss the sassiness that chloe did used to bring to the table. why not change chloe's attitude about Adam in some kind of realism for chelsea behavior. As bad as that sounds chloe needs to turn her own life around and look at her marriage from a realistic point of view. I love chelsea one liners that chelsea points out that Connor needs an eye specialists, than far chelsea might or might run.

    Posted by LovemyYnR at Thursday, September 12 2013 09:48 PM

    My posts from yesterday about Avery still having for Dylan being reason enough not to marry Nick were proven right today.

    If she really loved Nick, she wouldn't have talked to Dylan before her wedding,or even called him for that matter. Now Dylan is going out of town. Will she end up going after him?

    Let her be with her Dylan and let Nick be a single father. Jack was with Kyle, so why not Nick with Faith?

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, September 13 2013 02:07 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters; USMC Vet: I am glad your appointment went well. I live in a small college town and the drive there and the I-81 is always a challenge. We have students here who drive like crazies and elderly who drive the wrong way in town and on the I-81 ramps(I've almost hit 2). Driving the interstate here is very stressing. I have a friend who was in Vietnam and Iraq and he came home a whole different person. I've seen pictures and I can see why. I hope we don't get involved with Syria. I disagree with what they did, but Iraq is still too raw for another war and the troops are just getting home and don't need to leave their families again so quickly. Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a good day and will say a prayer for you.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, September 13 2013 02:40 AM

    Hello Citykittee: You're talking about Nick here. Yes he is that dumb! He doesn't see that Sharon is causing Faith problems and can't control a little girl of 4 or 5 and he thinks he can control his life. GMAB! Avery told Nick she would be a little late; she didn't say she wasn't getting married and Nick calls off the wedding. What's up with this? Avery arrives and they still can't get married? Nick take her to the courthouse and get married stupid! So Billy is the one to give Vikki the clue that gives Victor answers. Wow, talking about throwing Billy, Jack, and Adam under the bus. I wonder how Billy is going to take the news Vikki helped Victor against Jack? I hope Victor ignores Miss Vikki and shows her he will throw her under the bus to for NE. The way Victor acts towards NE over everything else, you would think it was a baby he gave birth to, instead of a company. Jack call Adam and make your move ASAP. Throw all at Victor and take him down quick. Sharon is off her meds, so what? She needs to be put away to keep her sane and on track with taking her meds. I hope Summer finds her lipstick color while she is there and puts everything together with Noah. Chelsea, you had better listen to your heart and not Chloe. Chloe is going to get you more in trouble than you already are and digging your hole deeper. How did Adam betray Victor when he saved NE? he got an investor to back him and it just happened to be Jack. I don't understand this feud or why Victor has such a hatred of the Abbott's. He seems to be obsessed with them and their business. Lock Victor and Sharon away together and let them keep each other company somewhere. They are both crazy. I don't care about the Abbey/Tyler s/l.

    Posted by Navarro1010 at Friday, September 13 2013 02:45 AM

    Posted by USMC Vet at Thursday, September 12 2013 03:52 PM

    …I couldn't post after getting home because I was disgusted with today's show and I probably would have written stuff and gotten kicked off the comment section. …
    @USMC: Fairland is right with “… jack at his best performance along side Summer. Peter Bergman and Hunter King do a great job together in their acting skills.”

    I liked the conversation between Jack and Summer. I also enjoyed his conversation with Adam. Jack was the voice of compassion and reason for both of them. Maybe you can catch those scenes online or on the TV Guide Network tomorrow a.m.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, September 12 2013 04:27 PM

    I love the performance coming chelsea and Adam that chelsea is pleading with Adam that Adam does not understand that chelsea wants to be part of her son's life. I love the drama between them both. chelsea also point's out THat Adam loved and needed hoe So why can't you understand a mopther's wants to be with their child.
    @Fairland: Too bad Chelsea didn’t understand that Adam wants to be part of his son’s life. It’s also too bad that he didn’t listen to Jack with regards to Chelsea. I guess he didn’t want the baby to have both parents either. Why is it always ‘All or Nothing!” with soap characters?

    Posted by citykittee at Thursday, September 12 2013 06:53 PM
    …nick had to pravtice what lines? He knows dayum well he has gotten msrried enough to know everybody's lines by heart...if he wasn't so dayum stupid.
    @Citykittee: How many times HAS Nick gotten married? All he has to do is insert the name of the current Wife-to-Be. ‘I have found the woman of my dreams. You are the yada,yada,yada…”

    On a completely different note: @Cowboys: The AARP comment was hilarious!

    And can someone tell me: How the heck does Jack get a text from ‘Adam’ from Victor’s phone? Is that possible?!

    Posted by aqua23 at Friday, September 13 2013 02:48 AM

    Dang, I'm wondering why Nick didn't text Avery that the minister would be leaving soon, so get your tail over here.

    Still missing Mrs C, she would be there and marry Nick and Avery.

    Chole you couldn't hang on to your man, so STHU.

    I can't wait for Adam to get Chelsea for lying about his son. I hope the baby won't have Hope's eye problem. Chelsea looks like the only chance you have of being with your baby is to belly up to Adam and try to get him to take your lying ass along with his son.

    Look there is more wrong with Sharon than her not taking her meds, she must have at least two brain tumors.

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