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    Crystal Clear.

    Thursday, August 22 2013
    Adam has a run-in with Melanie, Cane comforts Hilary over her mother's death, and Neil returns with new information about Anne.

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    Posted by glovers67 at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:25 AM

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, August 22 2013 05:45 AM

    Posted by FL senior fan at Thursday, August 22 2013 05:26 AM

    Wait a minute; am I confused or are the writer's confusing us?? Anne is Rose's daughter, and calls traced between her and N.E.? --- that would be MELANIE, NOT Hillary, right??

    The phone records were from way back when Gus got out of jail and I think Mason was still working there. I don't think Melanie was even in the picture back there. But this is what I was talking about yesterday on TIIC dragging the s/l out for so long that we can't remember what was going on. But I also thought the same as Fl.Senior about Melanie when I first saw that scene. I also think they did a bad job of casting, because Melanie looks just like Rose. But then again maybe all three(Hilary,Melanie,Mason) are involved. IDK
    I am guessing Anne aka Hilary is one and the same ,you know she had to use an Alias.Mason may not even be Mason.Same thing happened with Tyler and Leslie,I forgot their real names but they claim they were so scared of Gus they had to change their names and go into hiding.

    Posted by grapevine at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:27 AM

    Chelsea girl, you had the nerve to insult your Mother , you are worse than your Mother, at least she did those things to try to make a better life for your a@@, but You are doing this just because Adam ran to Sharon's beck and call...I PITTY THE FOOL..when Adam gets a hold of some hair on Connor's head while he is holding him and get it tested...Give Faith to me,when she look at me like she is with Avery all crazy ,like my Grandma use to say to me who you think you looking at like that I will slap you til you see double...So you know she hit you hard if you saw 2 of everything.. that is what faith need a slap on her butt,nd Sharon need Jesus !!!,I am so glad Noah caught on to his Mother ,But Nick CMON it took a 20 year old kid to fiqure this out and you could not.YOU ARE WEAK MY BROTHER !!!!!.. THE SPOILER UPDATE FOR THE UPCOMING FALL LOOKS YUMMY !!!!

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:30 AM

    BTW I guess Hilary is here to stay, because I saw her picture in the opening credits last night when I watched.

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:30 AM

    Hi, Waiting to seetodays show. Hope its better then yesterday as again a very boring show married this man..why does what he continues to do surprise you? Give me a break!
    I am always surprised when posters post and read spoilers?Why watch the show if you already know what is coming on? I admit I have snuck a peek seberal times at a spoiler but usually I dont even like reading the posts before the show then the show is more boring! Just curious..

    Well hopefully things will eentually move along in this show
    Its so amaxing how some of these charactars get away with so much wrongdoing..and serious things..fires, murders etc! Thats abit UNrealistic huh?
    Oh well dont want to repeat myself
    Have a nice day

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:31 AM

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:20 AM

    Fiddlers, Ok if that's true then that blows my theory of Mason being the one Hilary called. But we do know Mason is working with Hilary and was probably the one taking the pics of her and Cane. This whole s/l makes about as much sense as the baby monitor. And did I see a table full of sippy cups sitting on the table for things that Dullen bought for the two day old baby to have/use when he got home from the hospital?

    ...LOL, Bikette! Yes, I saw sippy cups too..didn't see bottles! LOL

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:32 AM

    Almost forgot, I didn't see many DIAPERS either, and we all know that they should have "cases" of those! LOL

    Posted by angeleyes25 at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:37 AM

    It's obvious Hilary is Anne but I still can't figure out the connection with Gus. Gus swore he never cheated on Leslie/Tyler Mom so I'm thinking he can't be Hilary father? Oh well I guess it will revealed 2 summers from now.

    I'm dying to know what the secret Victor has that will shock his friends and family. Now that has me intrigued! I'm wondering if it has something to do with him swapping out Sharon meds for some hallucinogens (probably mis-spelled).

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:38 AM

    Thanks Fiddlers on the confirmation on the sippy cups. I wasn't sure if it was the wine I was drinking or if they actually put that chit in there. LOL

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:39 AM

    And yet "another" thought,since Chelsea and Dylan don't have cupboards and dressers, eveything will be "piled" on the table! LOL Come on, IIC, Dullan is supposed to be such a "superman" he had enough time to divide that warehouse into rooms, put up cabinets I don't care HOW early the baby comes....don't they think that the baby is going to need more than a sink (with brooms, mops and a shovel propped up against it) and a hot plate? LOL

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, August 22 2013 06:43 AM

    Jeanbean The spoiler for today...... is that it is even more boring than yesterday's, except for the Mason/Hilary reveal.

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