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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Crystal Clear.

    Thursday, August 22 2013
    Adam has a run-in with Melanie, Cane comforts Hilary over her mother's death, and Neil returns with new information about Anne.

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    Cane is besieged by reporters on the phone at home. Lily leaves to meet Neil. Hilary arrives to work there since Cane is avoiding the office. They compose a press release about Katherine. Hilary talks about her mother passing away alone. Cane holds her.

    At home, Chelsea hangs up on Adam when Connor cries. Dylan tells her he wants her to be a character witness. Chelsea questions Dylan not telling her before. She lets him know she doesn't believe Adam is a rapist. Dylan convinces Chelsea she doesn't need to get involved.

    Leslie and Kevin wait for Neil at the station. Neil arrives. He's been with Jill talking about Katherine. Lily arrives and asks what Neil found out. He says he learned Anne was working at a financier's and abruptly left...on the same date Gus was released from jail. Neil looked through the things she left behind and found newspaper clippings about Gus with information about Leslie highlighted. He also found his business card that he gave Rose. He asks Kevin to get an address on a Wisconsin number Anne called repeatedly.

    Sharon brings Faith to the tackhouse. She sends the girl upstairs while she and Nick discuss Katherine's death. Sharon asks about him moving his wedding up. Nick asks if she has a problem with it. She says she wishes him and Avery a long life of happiness. Sharon goes upstairs, and Avery arrives. They kiss. Sharon listens as she tells Nick he's out of luck until the honeymoon. Avery learns that Sharon's upstairs as Sharon appears. She offers to take Faith for them. Avery wouldn't want her to have to come back; they'll be fine with Faith. Sharon hints that Faith might be sensitive about the wedding news, and leaves. Avery suggests Nick tell Faith now. She goes. Nick tells Faith they'll get married next week. He asks her to be the flower girl. She screams no. She doesn't want him to marry Avery, she wants him to marry Mommy!

    At the Club, Adam tells Melanie he understands her distrusting him, but her lie will backfire. She could end up behind bars instead of him. He says she can accept his apology or tell him to go to hell and put her future on the line. They go back and forth. She tells him he's a poor imitation of his father. Adam makes it crystal clear he is as capable of crushing her as his namesake. She shouts, "Leave me alone!" as Leslie enters with Neil. Leslie lectures Adam about talking to Melanie. He tells her Jack will be a character witness, but she says he needs a woman to stage a defense. Leslie rejoins Neil, who is wondering where everything with Anne Turner will lead. They bicker about whether Neil owes Anne anything.

    Lily returns home and Hilary tells her she's sorry about Katherine. Once alone, Lily tells Cane that Neil had some leads. Cane puts his arm around Lily. She asks why he smells like 'Ashley', the Jabot perfume. Cane says it was Hilary - he gave her a hug. He explains. Lily crosses her arms and looks ticked off. He says it was nothing and they decide to take a walk. Lily looks at a note Hilary left.

    Kevin chats with Dylan at Crimson Lights, who tells him to take anything he wants. Kevin goes for some boxes in back. Avery enters. She notices Dylan's wedding ring. He tells her Chelsea had the baby too. Avery stammers that she's happy for him. She says she's marrying Nick next week. They talk about being in a good place, and Avery goes.

    As Chelsea tells Connor she'll make sure he has the best life possible, Adam arrives at the door. She looks stunned, but invites him in. Adam tells her Connor looks just like her and is beautiful. She puts the baby to bed. Adam tells Chelsea she's glowing. She says she's where she's meant to be; with her child and husband. They discuss his troubles with Melanie. He explains what happened and why Chelsea's testimony would make a huge difference. Chelsea steps away and Adam holds Connor. Dylan arrives.

    At home, Sharon looks at photos and cries. Nick shows up and asks Sharon if she's given Faith the idea that they would be getting married again.

    At the tackhouse, Faith informs Avery that her daddy will marry her mommy and she'll be the flower girl at their wedding. Avery tries to talk reasonably, but Faith just gives her a dirty look.

    At the station, Kevin researches Anne's calls.

    Kevin joins Neil and Leslie at the Club. The number Anne repeatedly call was traced to Newman Enterprises.

    Hilary joins Mason in a suite. She says everything is going perfectly. They kiss.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Nikki puts a paper in her purse. Victor says he knows what that is. "You don't have to hide that from me."

    Dylan tells Adam to stay away from his wife and his son.

    Cassie tells Sharon she doesn't have much time; the wedding is only a couple of weeks away.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Wednesday, August 21 2013 02:39 PM

    For: Thursday, August 22, 2013 "Chrystal Clear".

    Hilary (Anne) Rose Turner's Daughter And Mason, Are Up To Getting Neil & Family For Leaving Rose Alone To Die!

    Now Hilary (Anne) with Mason in a hotel suite are causing a lot of problems for Neil's family.
    This plan of Mason and Hilary (Anne)'s is going to backfire on them somehow.
    This homewrecking couple shouldn't be messing with anyone in Neil's family.
    Hilary (Anne) needs to ecexpt that her mother Rose Turner was an alcholic that died of alcohol poisioning in her sleep on a motel bed and Neil's innocent of not killing anyone.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, August 21 2013 02:52 PM

    *********SPUMORs - SPOILERs - BLOOD BOILERs**************

    Nick and Avery prepare for their wedding day but it will be marred by disaster with deep dark secrets revealed concerning Dylan and Sharon.

    Sharon/Nick/Avery - With Nick and Avery's wedding rapidly approaching, Sharon is determined to make sure it doesn't happen. She is also struggling to keep the secret of Summer's true paternity from coming to light. JG teases that for a while Sharon's plans seems to be working. Avery is getting frustrated and feels Sharon is taking advantage of Nick. JG says Sharon is in over her head and she may end up being her own worst enemy.

    Victor's latest vicious scheme is revealed and will have a chilling effect on his family and friends.

    The fallout of Katherine's death affects all of Genoa City as her final will leaves behind mysteries and tensions, causing Nikki and Jill to leave town together on a quest for clues.

    Chelsea/Adam/Dylan - Chelsea has managed to fool both Dylan and Adam from the truth about Connor, but Chelsea is starting to tense up the more she interacts with Adam. JG teases that a health crisis that could open Adam's eyes to the truth. JG also warns that once Adam finds out the truth he will react just like one would expect Adam Newman to react. It will be a major showdown.

    Genoa City residents will see the other side of Dylan when his PTSD flares up unexpectedly.
    The truth of Connor's paternity may come to light as Chelsea is forced to call in an eye specialist for the baby.

    Victoria/Billy/Chloe - Billy and Victoria have reconciled but still face challenges from Victor and Billy's struggle with gambling. Victoria also doesn't like how close Billy and Chloe got during their time apart. Something comes up that will throw the three of them in a very troubling situation.

    Lily/Cane/Hilary - Hilary is doing everything possible to hurt the Winters. It reaches a boiling point in the fall but will they be able to stop her in time?

    Cane and Lily are forced to separate following a shocking turn of events between Neil, the blogger, and Hilary that tear the Winter family apart.

    Melanie - In an attempt to bring Adam down, Melanie tosses a grenade that could blow up in her face. Will she go too far?

    Summer/Kyle/Jack- The two continue to get close despite the fact they know they are siblings. This cause many frustrations for the pair. Jack is determined to get closer to Summer but she is extremely confused and vulnerable. JG hints that Jack begins to overwhelm Summer. He also implies that Jack is secretly up to something that will surprise everyone.

    Tyler/Abby- Everything is going great for the couple but things start to get rocky when one wants the relationship to become more serious than the other is ready for.

    The Baldwin's live in fear as the specter of Carmine and his plan of revenge looms over them.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, August 21 2013 03:18 PM

    In real life an alleged rapist would be a fool to approach his victim as he'd get his arse thrown under the jail till trial. This schitt is so utterly ridiculous.

    RE: Nick shows up and asks Sharon if she's given Faith the idea that they would be getting married again.

    ~~~H311 yeah dumbschitt where else do you this she got it from, Cassie or the tooth fairy

    Now who would have 'thunk' it:
    RE: Hilary joins Mason in a suite. She says everything is going perfectly. They kiss.

    ~~~I sorta like it but how does it benefit Mason when Vic and Spawn were the ones who fired him

    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, August 21 2013 05:49 PM

    KMC...thanks for the spoilers...

    I LMAO at Faith in this epi...what a good little actress...

    I cracked up at Faith telling Avery, "your not marrying daddy, mommy IS, and I'll be the flower girl at THEIR wedding" with those little facial expressions and head bob. LOL...that said it's a shame what Sharon has put in that poor girls head. The LOOK on Ms. Easy Bakes face...priceless.

    Rut..ruh..Sharon the jig is up, Nick bought a clue...he thinks YOUR the problem...and Sharon's eyes were spinning around...LMAO...

    Dayem that Mason/Hilary wasn't expecting that. What's up with that? Hilary tells him, "things are going puuurrrfectly" Mason says "that's what HE wants to hear"
    Mason be looking fine saying it too, wet and in a towel.

    Good try Dullan...Kevie comes to CL and wishes he would have taken some things when he sold it to him, tried to give Kev them floating eyes, but dayem he wouldn't take them.

    I almost felt bad, no scratch that, I did feel bad for Adam holding that baby and Dullen had wild eyed look. Chelsea girl you have sh*t in your own nest, Adam is going to be PO, and Dullen is going to have a PTSD episode, girl I wouldn't want to be YOU!

    LOL, Lily asking Cane why did he smell like Ashley? Cane was like WTH and so was I. I thought was Ashley on and I missed her? I didn't know Jabot had a perfume named after her. Now Mason smells like Ashley. Ashley is getting around GC and she's not even on the soap.

    Posted by Ms Stella at Wednesday, August 21 2013 08:56 PM

    KMC - thank you for your spoilers! I love spoilers and yours are the best. Always looking forward to them.

    Dullen and Chelsea could not get any duller.... I think that he thinks the baby is Adams, but he wants Chelsea and the baby for himself. Hope Adam blows a gasket and really shakes things up.

    The Mason twist is interesting... wondered why he was still around. Oh my... Of course he has to appear in a towel. JFP is insulting to women - she seems to think a man's bare chest that makes up for poor writing.

    Miss Katherine so much. I keep expecting her to appear, but know she won't. I've been watching for how long, 25+ years, and Katherine was always excellent and always a favorite of mine. Rest in peace JC. Looking forward to the memorial.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Thursday, August 22 2013 03:10 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters: KMC: Thanks for the spoilers and comments. NO one does it like you do. Nick is going to ask Sharon about Faith. DUH! Avery tell Faith Sharon is old news and you are the new. Mason and Hilary well, well, well, who would have thought. That's how all the photos appeared when Neil was out of town. I am looking forward to Mrs. C's memorial and will reading. I hope Chelsea steps forward to testify for Adam; after all the lies she owes him that much. I'm glad she told Dylan he didn't rape Melanie. I hope she gets hers for the rape charges. I am so glad finally Nick gets a clue; poor confused Faith.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Thursday, August 22 2013 03:13 AM

    I thought Victor fired Mason for not changing Sharon's meds. I don't think Adam knew about it. I wonder what Victor has up his sleeve, now and about who.

    Posted by Vdalem at Thursday, August 22 2013 03:44 AM

    I would love to shake Faint and tell her: Been there! Done that! Go check your mummy's jewerly box and count all the rings she have in it! Tell her she should have just stayed with Ashley!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, August 22 2013 04:53 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    This is hilarious! Chelsea and Dylan have a baby monitor sitting on the “make shift table” and they sleep two feet away from the cradle! LOL

    Sharon tells Nick that she needs to get something off her chest about them moving the wedding up….I JUST BET YOU DO…probably your blouse and bra! LOL

    OMG! MASON and Hillary are in cahoots…did NOT see that coming! So, chop chop, let’s end this fiasco of a story P L E A S E!!!!!

    Posted by Blue 501 at Thursday, August 22 2013 05:18 AM

    I thought Victor fired Mason for not changing Sharon's meds also. Wonder if he found someone to do it. SPOILERS (unknown source) do indicate that Sharon has something else wrong that will soon come to the surface (something besides the BPD, which is bad enough. The hallucinations for one thing but when Jack sees dead people too it's kind of hard to tell if Sharon seeing one is a hallucination or just business as normal)

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