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    You Can't Erase Me.

    Tuesday, August 20 2013
    Carmine leaves a message behind in his room, Jack offers comfort to Jill, and Avery and Nick firm up wedding plans.

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    Posted by spokomofan1 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 01:27 PM

    Hi everyone.

    Thank you Kmc320 for making that statement about Cassie. I have always said that the ghost of Cassie was not a ghost, but a figment of Sharon's imagination, since she always agreed with Sharon and rooted her on, instead of talking some sense to her. I said this weeks ago.

    Mike does not act like the former DA would act. Did he leave all his training home? Trying to destroy evidence? really.

    Avery better watch her back. Crazy Sharon is out to destroy this wedding.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, August 20 2013 01:28 PM

    Chloe needs Ronan or Chance to come back. That is a fair statement Chloe Needs a love interest beside kevin. What kind of love interest would cash chloe down to actually hook up with chloe? here is a thought lets put Alex with chloe for sure at least Chloe will behave with the law much better than kevin ever will. Kevin just love getting himself into trouble for michael's sake. This why michael should have stayed in jail in the first place. Kevin actually thought that kevin would be hero for breaking the law for michael So, michael could do what to Carmine.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, August 20 2013 01:39 PM

    Avery shook her head in disbelief that sharon might not do anything with Nick. That is being passive in Avery's expanse that sharon might stop going after Nick. Avery should at least be worried what Sharon might do when sharon does claw her way for romance. Why would Avery just brush off sharon concerns that fast with no clothes on. I am not that much of a believer in Avery behavior to where it comes to phyllis being around in the beginning. Avery is acting rather off to not have any type of opinion what sharon might actually get away with.

    Posted by bluebluegirl at Tuesday, August 20 2013 02:42 PM

    Time to get rid of Victor...what a pompous ASS

    Posted by silverfox150 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 03:23 PM

    Titans, I agree with your comments about Billy and Victoria's storyline. Although I didn't see Heather Tom much in the role because I was working full time, she has to have done a better job than Amelia, and she has much better hair! Billy is too good for Victoria.

    This is a soap; the characters, apart from the crazies and supporting older players are supposed to be good looking. Sorry but Amelia is not "wearing well." (Example of "wearing well," Paul Newman; Tom Selleck not so much, tho he's OK as the Patriarch in Blue Bloods.) She looks a fright much of the time.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 04:51 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Wow, Carmine is a creap, but I'm glad that Paul and Alex discouraged Michael from smashing his laptop. I hope they find the sex tape that he made of he and Lauren. He gets creapier and creapier by the second!

    Okay, yesterday, I was all for Jil sobbing and crying over Katherine, but do we have to see only Jill grieving and crying that she didn't get to say goodbye to her? How do you think Nikki feels? What about Chloe, and the rest of the Chanceler family? Give me a break girl! It's nice to see Jack and Lauren supporting Jill though, and I do hope we get more of a memorial than we got yesterday. Katherine deserves more than just one day.

    Sharon, move on. I'm not even curious as to what she and Cassie's ghoast wil try to do to prevent Navery's wedding. Be careful Avery. Nik, stop being so clueless. Sharon's trying to manipulate you, and if you can't see that, then, you're really dumb. I thought you would have learned from what went down with Phyllis, but obviously not.

    Summer, it's nice that you had agreed to be Avery's made of honor, but if you really wanted to try and get out of doing it, why did you say yes to her? The bonding was nice between she and Jack at the end of the episode, but to me, it just seemed out of place for this episode. I don't know.

    The Carmine stuff was the best part of the show.

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 05:37 PM

    Greetings from CT,
    First of all USMC Vet, may I brag just a minute! I was reading where you saw on the World Little League Championships that a kid liked this show! Yjays cute
    I wanted to say the my 11 year old grandaughter just returned recently from Old Forge, PA after being in the girls softball championships there!
    yes her team from aterfordm CT won their DISTRICT..then the went on to won the STATES and then won the New England championships..only to loose to New jersey in the Mid Atlantic Championships! So they came in ebd!!!!
    So that was exciting!I saw her medal and pins today
    So thats my gramma brag,,sorry friends!
    Now about the show..soso
    Julls her usual self
    I thought Sharon was going to hug her ghost daufgter!!!What is she now going to get away with something crazy
    Plus Carmine? Whats the point of that s/l?
    Did any of you have the show cut off today in an unusualway?I watched it tonight and as Jill picked up the letter fron Catherine toread after that book or whatever fell it went off right in the midst of that scene? I was wondering if the other times today did that as well?
    They better find Carmine before Mikey foes nuys and lands himself in jail!
    Thanks for letting me share soap friends

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 05:42 PM

    OMG more terrible typos from trying to type so darn fast! Sorry hrandaughters team is from Waterford, CT.. they ended up coming
    in 2 nd in the final mid atlantic championships
    It only goes that far for the 9/10 age groulp

    Posted by pook13g at Tuesday, August 20 2013 06:05 PM

    I don't think that the woman in Carmine's video is Lauren. A few months ago, Carmine picked up some "Lauren look-alike". Paul even saw them together. She and Carmine ended up in the sack and it did show that he had a video recording going. She did have on black lingerie like the woman in the video.

    Posted by dmondprncss1213 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 07:15 PM

    I sure am glad SOMEBODY said something about Cassie! Because I'm thinking why the he!! would a DEAD CHILD be ENCOURAGING her mother to continue to LIE?!
    Hey peeps! Haven't posted in a while, as I've been busy with my newborn but I sure have missed reading the posts as well so hello to all my fave posters and more!
    I will be SO GLAD when somebody blurts out to Dylan that his "son" is NOT HIS son! I was thinking Adam would find this out by FINALLY putting two and two together, but it seems like he's dumber than Dylan where this conception is concerned.
    Jill is on my nerves being so selfish about Katherine's death! But typical Jill to make the situation allllll about JILL. Join everyone in celebrating her life and stop finding a way to always turn it into The Young and Jill.
    Noah needs to hurry and discover the truth and out his mom before she totally ruins his dad's marriage. Sharon has always gotten away with crap I guess because TPTB feel guilty about "taking" Faith from her and temporarily "giving" her to Ashley, but it's OVER. Like Sharon, but she needs to finally take some responsibility for the drama she causes. And I'm anxious to see her in the aftermath of this paternity test tampering.
    Well, gotta go feed my little one, so I shall post later! Please excuse any typos, my phone has an attitude! great evening folks!

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