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    You Can't Erase Me.

    Tuesday, August 20 2013
    Carmine leaves a message behind in his room, Jack offers comfort to Jill, and Avery and Nick firm up wedding plans.

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    Posted by SydneyGirl at Tuesday, August 20 2013 05:11 AM

    I wish Phyllis wouldn't leave the show. I hate the new Abby and with Tyler. He needs to go. No use for him on this show anymore. Victor is just being Victor. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope Adam finds out soon and they get back together!! They still love each other, I think. Nick and Avery are very cute together. Find someone for Noah. He is such a cutie pie. Don't like Kyle at all. Loved the previou one.. Oh, AND LOCK SHARON UP...

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Tuesday, August 20 2013 05:28 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters: Fairland: Avery meant ending up like Jack and Phyllis being so close and then have her be in a come and not starting their new life together. Not about Avery and Nick. Phyllis told Sharon that Avery wouldn't let her get Nick. Avery and Phyllis talked and Phyllis accepted Nick and Avery getting married. Phyllis was with Jack; bust said she would always love Nick.

    Posted by Soap Fan 01 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 05:42 AM

    First of all Avery didn't take Nick from Phyllis. Phyllis lost Nick when she started sleeping with Ronan. It's her fault she can't keep her legs closed. I want Avery to marry Nick so Sharon will go away. Sharon is disgusting she married Nick, Adam , Victor and Jack not to mention the other men she had that is the definition of a tramp. I really hope Noah figures out what Sharon is up to and I don't like the Cassie ghost coming in supporting Sharon to breakup Avery and Nick. Cassie should be doing the opposite Sharon is a fool if she thinks Nick will take her back after he finds out that Summer is daughter that's what Cassie should tell her and take care of Faith while she has a chance before they lock her crazy azz up. TEAM NICK AND AVERY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

    Posted by stfyyy at Tuesday, August 20 2013 05:42 AM

    I hate nick and Avery together, I hope something will stop the wedding.

    Posted by hopeformore at Tuesday, August 20 2013 05:45 AM

    FL senior fan, when Lauren said "Jack" yesterday, it was the preview for when he called her to tell her that Katherine died and Jill needed her.

    I can't believe that Avery said she would move out until the wedding. Maybe she'll be safer at her home than if she was at Nick's, but I sure wouldn't leave Nick alone anywhere near Sharon.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Tuesday, August 20 2013 06:06 AM

    Hello Cards1: ITA. Jill is doing the same old thing. ME! ME! ME! Jill is never satisified unless it's all about her. She is and always be the cry baby. I hope Chelsea at least goes and hears Adam out and then decides to help him. I liked Chelsea and Adam as a couple; they had chemistry. Dylan is just a leaf in the wind, landing where ever it falls. I hope Avery sits down and talks to Nikki about Sharon. She will find out just how unstable Sharon really is. I just don't get Michael and his spin on the law and how it works, if he was suppose to be such a cracker jack lawyer. He must have a mail order license. Sharon and Carmine should be a couple and live in the nightmare of their own making. Carmine can talk to Sharon about Lauren and Sharon can talk to Carmon about Nick. LOL I think Summer should be Avery's MOH. I'm glad Summer is trying to get through the mess and living at her mom's apt. This gives her the space she needs and time to adjust to Jack and still not feel smothered. She should put Victor in his place. I am wondering what Katherine has in mind for Jill and Nikki. I think Katherine will help Devon, Kevin, Chloe, and Cain. She was fond of the younger ones and will try to help them. She already knows Jill and Nikki don't need anything. She may have left her part of the house to Esther, to give her a perminate home.

    Posted by girlt22 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 06:35 AM

    First let me say yesterday I had to get the Kleenex out. Nikki was fab with Victor by her side. I like it when Vic is softer.

    Cassie is agreeing with Sharon because she's a manifestation of what Sharon wants. She needs somebody to tell her all the wrong she is doing is right.

    I would have liked to have seen them call up Amber too. She loved Mrs. C like a grandmother and Kay loved her too. She's the reason Murphy and Catherine got together.

    I also wish they would have told everybody at once so we could get the she's dead over with.

    Posted by bb_fan2010 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 06:40 AM

    Lazy writers - why would Abby of all ppl be pressuring Summer to favour one family over another when Abby herself is both a Newman & an Abbott??

    Abby should be a source of comfort for Summer since she's a Newman & an Abbot. Plus she found out that Victurd was her father after she already thought of Brad as her father. if anyone would understand how Summer is feeling is Abby but these new writeres don't seem t know their history or care enough to let Summer find help somewhere

    Posted by nanas3 at Tuesday, August 20 2013 06:50 AM

    I need a drink before I read!!! Oh Margarita I'll have a Mojoto, make that two!

    Posted by Texanne at Tuesday, August 20 2013 06:56 AM

    bb_fan2010: I read today where the headwriter was fired four weeks ago. Maybe something will change soon as far as the writing goes since they tape so far in advance.

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