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    Bucket List.

    Monday, August 19 2013
    Those at the Chancellor estate learn Katherine's fate, Noah is suspicious of Sharon, and Avery and Nick's reunion is interrupted by Sharon.

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    At the Chancellor estate, the gathered group continues to try to understand what's going on with the postcards. Victor muses that it seems like a dream vacation, which gives Jill an idea. Kevin joins them. Jill doesn't want to share her theory, she says Katherine will shed light on all of this. The lights suddenly come on. Jill says the places on the postcards are places Katherine wanted to visit before she died. Upset, Jill says Katherine's been closing out her bucket list. They debate if this means something ominous is happening. Murphy arrives. He asks where Neil is, and Lily says he's in London. Victor asks where Katherine is. Murphy says his wife won't be joining them. He talks about the trip being exhilarating and everything Katherine had hoped it would be. Jill asks where is she now? Murphy says he's getting to that. He describes all of the things Katherine did and how they spent time with Tucker in Hong Kong. Murphy then tells them that when the journey was over, Katherine died in her sleep in their hotel room that last night. Crying ensues. Murphy says she died with a smile on her face, adding that he's reached out to the family members who aren't in town and let them know what happened. Murphy explains that she knew she didn't have much time and decided to make the most of it. Jill hollers that she was selfish to the end. "How could you do this to us! To me..." They realize Katherine didn't want them all fretting over her, but Jill is still angry. She rails that Katherine robbed them of the chance to say goodbye. Murphy says that's not true - he'll let Katherine tell them herself. He produces a letter that Nikki is meant to read out. It says they should stop shedding tears, and that they will have a doozy of a party in her honor. Murphy says they must now take Katherine on her final journey. Murphy tells them to think about love when they think about Katherine; to think about life, not death. Champagne is passed around. They each flash to a memory of Katherine. Jill downs her entire glass and cries. They toast. "To Katherine."

    At Sharon's, she and Faith wake up next to Nick on the sofa when thunder cracks. Avery knocks. Nick hugs Avery. Sharon says they thought her flight would be delayed. Avery replies, "Obviously." Sharon asks about Phyllis. Avery says it will be a long process. Nick and Avery go. Faith asks Sharon what's wrong. Sharon says nothing she can't fix if she tries hard enough. Noah arrives. Faith announces that Mommy and Daddy were sleeping together. Sharon explains she dozed off. Noah shows her photos he took at the gala - he thinks he might pursue it as a career. Sharon asks him to stay with Faith while she returns Nick's jacket. Noah agrees, but looks suspicious. Noah finds the photo of Nick that Sharon kept. He then finds the traffic court summons and looks something up on his laptop.

    At the tackhouse, Avery tells Nick she saw his champagne surprise set-up; it was nice to come home to. Nick wants to feed her. He says Sharon brought him groceries. They eat and Avery thanks him for taking good care of her. She tells him about Summer's visit earlier. She urges him not to give up on her. They can rebuild their relationship. Avery dims the lights and they make love on the sofa. They are saying how much they missed each other when Sharon knocks. She pretends to be shocked that she's interrupted something. Awkwardness ensues as Sharon explains she thought Nick might need his jacket. He takes it upstairs, and Avery tells Sharon she doesn't need to keep checking in now that she's back. Sharon says they share kids so she won't be a stranger. Later, Avery tells Nick she wants to get married right away.

    Sharon returns home and Noah questions her not giving the photo of Nick to Faith. "What's going on, Mom?" He says she seems a little unfocused. She counters that she's actually been incredibly focused. He grills her about the night she ran the red light about a block from the benefit, which isn't on the way home from the cemetery. He asks if she went to the gala.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Lauren answers the phone, "Jack?" Carmine says, "Hey gorgeous. Did you like my gift?"

    Paul tells Michael he's not letting him go after Carmine. Michael hollers, "You can't stop me!"

    Sharon asks Noah, "Is everything alright with your dad?" Noah replies, "Yeah. He and Avery are getting married next Friday."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Estrelita at Friday, August 16 2013 02:54 PM

    Well - I am still worried that TIIC - (The Idiots In Charge - will NOT be able to come up with the type of send-off which Katherine deserves - but - at least - they DID manage to work in a mention about Katherine and Murphy spending some time with Tucker before the end.

    Hopefully - there will be more to remembering Kay than the little tidbit which is scheduled for Monday!

    Posted by USMC Vet at Friday, August 16 2013 05:35 PM

    The best tribute that I can give Katherine is to compare her with my Aunt Gertrude, who I lived with off and on when I was young. My Aunt Gertrude was just as fiery as Katherine and as I watched the show and Katherine would be on it would bring back all the wonderful memories that I have of my aunt. I liked Murphy from the get go and thought that they made a wonderfully happy couple, just what is needed on a soap. It was a pleasure to watch her---Thank You
    ---Semper Fi

    Posted by bikette at Friday, August 16 2013 07:44 PM

    I wish this whole episode would have been about Mrs. C and nothing else. I cried so much. Will really miss this Grand Beautiful Lady. I must say I wanted to hit Jill upside her head with a suitcase at first, but that has always been like this their relationship and it wouldn't have been the same if Jill didn't "make it all about her." at first. You could just see and feel Jill's heart breaking every minute she was on screen. Oh how sad.

    Posted by sunmama at Saturday, August 17 2013 12:29 AM

    Yes, Bikette all the rest of the show was filler. I didn't realize how much I can't stand Avery now. Honestly didn't care for it at all, lacked the class the Duchess deserved. The 2008 "faux" death and funeral was way better. Sorry, but WTF was that sorry a$$ music during peanuts fav flashbacks at the end? JFP sucks and produces loads of bs. Past time for her to be shown the door.

    Posted by sunmama at Saturday, August 17 2013 12:59 AM

    One last thing she stopped to see Tucker and not her beloved Brock or Mac? Utter bs.

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, August 17 2013 10:42 AM

    *****************SPOILERS/ SPUMORS***********************

    Murphy shares a story about Kay singing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” in a Hong Kong karaoke bar

    Kay’s loved ones are shocked to learn that Kay knew all along she was dying

    Jill is being typical Jill, loving and hating on Katherine at the same time

    Nikki reads Kay’s letter of advice to those gathered at the mansion

    Everyone has a memorable moment of the Duchess

    Carmine steps up the game by sending a box of 11 dead roses

    Michael and Lauren take them to Paul for his opinion

    Paul’s promises to find Carmine. Alex locates Carmine in a motel

    Paul refuses to let Michel accompany the police to the scene

    Michael hits Paul and ends up cuffed to a chair and he flips out

    Alex finds a spray painted message "You can’t erase me" but no Carmine

    Victoria pledges her undying love for Billy and promises to support his recovery

    So trying to make a baby is back on

    Victor really isn't happy about the reconciliation but plays along

    Chelsea and Dylan bring Connor home

    Adam and Chelsea’s emotions are jostled when Adam meets the baby

    Faith is upset by the approaching nuptials

    Many are surprised by Kay’s bequests, which were crafted with her ideas about what each loved one needs the most

    Kay’s letters to Jill and Nikki send them looking for answers. Jill and Nikki go on a quest together

    Jill finds a meaningful gift from Katherine

    Nikki asks Paul for help

    The blogger provokes Lily into confronting Cane

    Katherine’s memorial is treated as she wanted it to be, a celebration of her life

    An eye specialist is called in to examine baby Connor

    An unexpected discovery changes everything

    A huge emotional showdown changes the Winters family forever

    Posted by yeahreally at Saturday, August 17 2013 06:28 PM

    A lot to look forward to. Thanks for the s&s KMC.
    I am glad to see they will be prolonging the Katherine bequests with Jill and Nikki. Just hope it's a good s/l.
    Looks as though we will finally get our fair share of Jill. I have truly missed her.

    Maybe it's me, but I don't think Jess Walton "needs to act" when it comes to the scenes in the upcoming episodes. She's always been one of my favorites on this show and she has been deeply missed.

    LAWD...more upheaval with the Winters...AGAIN?? Isn't this the lather rinse repeat s/l we've seen time and time and time again with them? Hasn't even happened yet and I'm tired of it. Especially the Cane and Lily crap. How much must we endure of these two?

    Chelsea and Dullen (whoever coined that name KUDOS!) bring the baby home. Adam Adam ADAM!! Go get 'em boy! I can't wait for that.

    But the celebration of Katherine's life will surely be a real tearjerker. I still have a hard time imaging this show without her.

    Victor plays along with Victoria and Billy Boy getting back together huh? Well that can only spell disaster FOR SURE!

    We're having beautiful weather here in the Midwest. Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, August 18 2013 06:05 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    This is so silly! Everyone goes to Kathryn’s house as per her request by her postcards that she sent everyone and EVERY ONE OF THEM brings their postcards! LOL Is this an invitation only affair and the postcard is their invitation to be there? LOL Why wasn’t Billy there (with postcard in hand)? There wasn’t anybody there from the Abbot family!

    I found it a little bizarre that, when Murphy finally made it to the mansion, he went on and on about the vacation that he and Kathryn went on and everything that she did (singing karaoke and going on a zip line?!!!)….before he told them that she passed away! After he got that out of the way, what he had to say was really what you would have expected Kathryn to do and say. Jill was in her usual “why did she do this to me?” form; which I wouldn’t have expected anything else from her (it wouldn’t have been right if she hadn’t), and, even in death, Kathryn called her out on it in the letter that Murphy had Nickie read to everyone…the look on Jill’s face was priceless! LOL I just dearly love Murphy! I hope that TIIC can still find a place for him on the show.

    I can’t believe that Avery didn’t say anything to Nick about Sharon just popping in the door like she owned the place! I’m surprised she didn’t watch what they were doing through the window with her panty vibrator on! LOL Nick PLEASE get a clue about what Sharon is up to! UGH!!!

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, August 18 2013 07:02 AM

    Thanks KMC320 for the spoilers.. I have enjoyed reading everybody's comments.. Some were so touching, I almost cried.. Thanks and have a blessed day "ALL"...

    Posted by bikette at Sunday, August 18 2013 08:19 AM

    Fiddlers re>I can’t believe that Avery didn’t say anything to Nick about Sharon just popping in the door like she owned the place!

    ITA. Plus the fact that, wasn't Victurdia just complaining about how hot it was in August? Summer had on a sleeveless sheer blouse and no jacket to drive out to Nick's in the rain, but Nick needs one to walk 20 feet to Share's house. Why didn't Noah say something to his mom when she asked him to stay with Faith while she returned it like...."Mom, it can wait till tomorrow. Avery just got home."? SMDH

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