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    What's The Verdict?

    Friday, August 16 2013
    Katherine's loved ones are summoned to her home, Sharon calls Nick to comfort Faith, and Billy makes his case to Victoria.

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    Posted by bikette at Friday, August 16 2013 09:46 AM

    Fiddlers, I think that ship has sail on Faith being just like Summer when she grows up. Faith is already able to lie and twist her daddy right around her finger to get what she wants. And her mom is the one teaching her to do it. I was beginning to think today that maybe Share gave Faith something so she would feel bad, but it didn't turn out that way. Thank goodness.

    Posted by yeahreally at Friday, August 16 2013 09:49 AM

    Those storms kmc bring about them babies too you know! Seems so strange that no one is stranded up in the cabin tonight.
    Whassup with that???

    Posted by kaycountrygal at Friday, August 16 2013 09:50 AM

    NICK is dumb as a box of rocks. I would hate to play such a dumb person. A blind person could see that Sharon is after Nick but he doesn't.

    SHARON is a loose cannon and needs her meds. It's wrong of her to encourage Faith to think they are going to be a family again.

    Nick, Why didn't you put something on top of your note, such as a vase or something. That was such a rush of wind from the door. I knew the note would blow away.

    CHELSEA. You're wrong for not telling Adam the baby is his.

    CHLOE. What makes you so good at giving advice to Chelsea???

    CHLOE. Why do you hate Adam so much?? Is it because of Grab & Tag (or whatever) when he withdrew his money?

    VICTOR. You need to be hit upside the head for not really supporting Adam. I hope you end up all alone; you don't deserve a family. I've gotten very tired of your antics and meddling and leave Summer alone.

    VICTORIA. I am sick of you; you are a selfish person--just like your father.

    BILLY. Grow a pair and stand up to Victoria.

    Posted by ladyofhearts at Friday, August 16 2013 09:51 AM

    JFP is notorious for killing off long-time and popular cast members at every Soap she has exec produced. Sony has asked her to contine to cut the budget at Y&R. The easiest way is to axe "old" and expensive cast members.

    The gasping and 'I can't believe they did that', I believe, will come when Victor Newman (Eric Braedon) is given the boot in the fall. It seems the writers are making him the "most hated and most evil" character ever on Y&R - leading up to his demise. Goodbye, Katherine. Goodbye, Phyllis. Goodbye, Victor. Then the fighting for control of NE will begin. Boring, boring, boring. But also lots of airtime for the newbie FOJ's. She wants to focus on her little darlings of the teenage set. This will spell the end of daytime's most popular Soap. And it wouldn't surprise me if that was Sony's idea all along. Don't listen to what the Sony execs say, watch what they do. Only a total purge of JFP, her writing team, her (lack of) creative team, her untalented newbie cast - will save Y&R. Just my opinion.

    Posted by bikette at Friday, August 16 2013 09:51 AM

    So Share tells Nick he looks good enough to eat and then gets down her knees to play with him and he still doesn't have a clue.

    Posted by stfyyy at Friday, August 16 2013 09:52 AM

    I love Nick and Sharon together again, please let Avery be with Dylan and get rid of Chelsea and Chloe, they are terrible actors.

    Posted by yeahreally at Friday, August 16 2013 09:53 AM

    @bikette: You're absolutely right about Faith. Let's just say she is the next generation of Chelsea and Anita.

    Todays show was "good" as far as a Friday goes. Great to see Jill as always. Her getting that JillChill kinda freaked me out too!

    Posted by kmc320 at Friday, August 16 2013 10:09 AM

    Thank goodness many people are using this as a furlough day or I would be in trouble with that loud scream

    RE: bikette - So Share tells Nick he looks good enough to eat and then gets down her knees to play with him and he still doesn't have a clue.

    ~~~That's a good one.
    And along with that look she gave him while on her Knees.

    Will Avery and Nick get married? If not it'll be because Avery will run to aid Dylan

    RE: *******spoiler*******
    Dylan’s PTSD flares up in the emotional aftermath

    Posted by bikette at Friday, August 16 2013 10:16 AM

    kmc re>And along with that look she gave him while on her Knees.

    Yeah I think she was thinking about having a sausage sandwich smothered in underwear instead of a pretzel.

    Posted by youareloved at Friday, August 16 2013 10:23 AM

    Just got done watching todays episode of Y&R and don't mind saying that I am a little disgusted with the scene with Sharon. Being a fan of Sharon even I don't approve of using children get your ex-husband back. She is either off her meds or the powers that be are really trying to get rid of her character either way it is not right the old Sharon would never do that. The scene with Billy and Victoria hope this means that they are going to be together again. the scene with everyone at the mansion this must be the way they are going to start the tribute to Mrs. C. As always hope this makes sense.

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