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    What's The Verdict?

    Friday, August 16 2013
    Katherine's loved ones are summoned to her home, Sharon calls Nick to comfort Faith, and Billy makes his case to Victoria.

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    Posted by fairland at Thursday, August 15 2013 09:29 PM

    Katherine did not know how delia just having a cold the lead katherine to not notice that delia was sick that katherine want to do what is right for chloe and the way katherine did support the fact that delia was sick with leukemia and chloe need to have some guides in how to deal with the fact that billy ran off away because, chloe though in her mind that chloe cause billy to go back into gambling and drinking. All of input of innovation would make for great flashback senesce to where chloe's character is coming from to have katherine in chloe's life.

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, August 15 2013 09:31 PM

    Okay you do Katherine and Chloe and I'm down with the Duchess and "My Fav" Nicole Newman to the 5th power. There is none other who has the bonding relationship of Nikki and Katherine--- EVER

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, August 15 2013 09:33 PM

    I'm out.
    Pretty Peanut Fairland you're on your own.
    Good Night

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, August 15 2013 09:51 PM

    Where it was said invocation that is suppose to be information. for the present posting that I have done earlier.

    Posted by Navarro1010 at Thursday, August 15 2013 10:37 PM

    @KMC: I think the only way TIIC DON'T mess up Katherine's death is to utilize a lot of flashbacks between her and various characters (thereby NOT writing ANY DRIVEL like the CR@P that we have endured for the past several months.) We will instead get the great writing of the past shows. I have only been watching for about 3 years, but everyone is so attached to their favorite characters that the writing must have been fantastic in the past. By the descriptions alone, I believe Fairland became Chloe's fan during Delia's illness.

    Right now, I have to agree with Ms Stella. We keep watching the same scenes/conversations over and over. (IF we actually watch the scenes and not fast forward through them, that is...).

    I scream at the TV all the time and would hate to scream: THAT'S IT? THAT'S HOW THEY SAID GOODBYE TO THE Y&R ICON???! I have been so disappointed lately that I'm sure I'd stop watching/dvr'ing the show.

    (I'd keep reading all the posts, though... ;-)

    Posted by FL senior fan at Friday, August 16 2013 02:42 AM

    When are they finally gonna lay Cathrine to rest? I'm wondering how the Will reading will go and what "hard feelings and surprises" will come out of it.

    Not interested in most storylines these days. Only ones I find interesting is Adam/Victor and Neil/Leslie/blogger discovery.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Friday, August 16 2013 03:04 AM

    Please, Wizzard...give Nick a brain!
    It's one thing to be a good Dad, but "coddle" and fall into your x's arms is down right stupid. Avery might rethink this relationship.....look how Sharon always managed to put a wedge between Nick/Phyllis marriage. Or is this where the writer's are going?

    Posted by citykittee at Friday, August 16 2013 03:41 AM

    @ bellydance...i hear what ur zaying but Nick belongs to no woman aand every woman on that show should know that...

    First of all the Sharon and Dick storyline is a bunch of crap...he doesn't need mNipulation he is known for falling in a gap no gimmicks needed Nd certainly don't need guidance from a child.

    second i don't feel sorry for Avery...the minute she heard how Dick and Phylass literally screwed Sharon overr she shoulda known his blood flow is down low...nothing between his ears but cobwebs and a porno.

    oh boo hoo poor phylass...sure...they left her comatose behind right in Georgia and getting on with her life. the only reason thd viewers are missing her iss because the writsrs turned this show into the MS hour Nd the other storylines were not well thoight out or implemented.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Friday, August 16 2013 05:20 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    As many storms that occur in GC and all the damage it does in the aftermath, they should be worried that it is God’s way of telling them that they “better” straighten up their lives! LOL

    Oh, look, Nick leaves Avery a note telling her he is going to check on Faith and we get the ol’ “disappearing note by gust of wind” schtick again! LOL Brings back memories of when Cane left a note for Lilly and it blew behind the desk and, because she never cleans house, she didn’t find it for months! LOL Avery “does” find the note eventually and goes to find Nick with Faith asleep on his lap and Sharon cuddled up asleep on his arm….dum de dum dum!!! Just open the door and wake them up, Avery! Now she knows what has been going on while she has been taking care of her sick sister!

    Loved the Billy and Vickie scene, as long as she kept her mouth shut! LOL Victor is going to have a stroke when he finds out that they are back together. LOL

    It is going to be interesting to see how TIIC “hide” Conner….there are NO rooms in that warehouse of a place that Dullan and Chelsea live in! LOL What are they going to do, string up clothesline and throw blankets over them? LOL

    I dearly love the little actress that plays Faith she seems to fit right in, but her voice sounds like she is on helium! LOL I wonder if she is going to be permanent, or if the other actress will be returning?

    The final episodes of Kathryn’s death are “finally” starting. Let’s see how TIIC can botch this up! I’m SURE it is going to be written to boost ratings!

    Posted by bikette at Friday, August 16 2013 05:43 AM

    I got this from the Newsroom on this site......According to Highlight Hollywood , "Y&R" headwriter, Josh Griffith, has resigned his position citing irreconcilable differences. A CBS Soaps In Depth source has indicated that Shelly Altman, a member of the current writing team who has previously written for "Another World," "General Hospital," and "One Life To Live," may be promoted to replace him.

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