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    What's The Verdict?

    Friday, August 16 2013
    Katherine's loved ones are summoned to her home, Sharon calls Nick to comfort Faith, and Billy makes his case to Victoria.

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    Posted by fairland at Saturday, August 17 2013 01:51 PM

    Did chloe wanted to be rewarded for getting sole custody from to make billy to touter losing delia from chloe herself? did chloe think about the consequences of losing delia if there was a crack in the case to get sole custody from billy? Does billy get to blame chloe that is said that it is not my fault today that billy lost delia to blame chloe for her actions? Does chloe's success lead to other punishment towards chloe in the near further that billy would win sole custody from chloe?What was going through chloe mind to winning sole custody from billy has to do with the fact that billy did turn out to have prelims with gambling and drinking? does chloe have any emotional towards the fact that billy could be better man without winning sole custody from billy?

    Posted by fairland at Saturday, August 17 2013 02:02 PM

    Kay reminds her she grew up without a father, and asks if she's going to cut Billy out of Delia's life. THis suppose to help chloe deal with the fact that katherine did ask chloe point blank that it is a good it is not a good head to let delia to live without a father in delia's life. I love this senesce here that katherine is giving chloe advice how to be a better parent for delia to let billy Abbott in for delia's sake. THis would be a great flashback for chloe character to get into when katherine was giving advice to let billy in who is the father of chloe's child not to live without a father like chloe has. katherine know what is right for chloe to make admen's to billy Abbott. like I have said before that I would love chloe to have this as a flashback in katherine life.

    Posted by fairland at Saturday, August 17 2013 02:16 PM

    Chloe tells Kay everyone is blaming her for Billy leaving, but she had to do what was right for her daughter. Katherine says she understands, and notes that it's not the first time Billy's left - he'll be back.
    post commit:
    I love chloe's senesce with katherine the best. When chloe told kasher that everyone is blaming her for billy leaving GC. latter on chloe does blame herself that chloe was the one that why billy left in the first place. Katherine can relate to chloe very well that after running into victoria and victoria did blame chloe that billy left because of the sole custody of delia. katherine knew what to say to make chloe feel better that billy has left before this is not the first time. katherine does not blame chloe for reaction towards billy but the situation was not good for either chloe nor billy either.

    Posted by fairland at Saturday, August 17 2013 02:30 PM

    Does chile understand that everyone is blaming chloe for billy leaving that katherine would not mind to give advice to chloe that billy has left before in the past? would chloe relate to how katherine advising giving would make chloe feel emotional over billy leaving was not just one way form to victoria included? Does chloe let these memories of katherine would cloud chloe judgment to let others blame chloe that billy left on his own accord? Does chloe word specks values that chloe wants to do what is right for her daughter delia? Does chloe chloe have any guilt for telling katherine that chloe is being blamed for everybody even form victoria and abby that chloe has poured out her to Katherine in a memory of katherine's life? Does chloe have grief that katherine might not be around with helpful advice that Katherine can relate to chloe if billy did leave on billy's own accord to stay away from chloe and from victoria?

    Posted by msmagnolia at Saturday, August 17 2013 06:53 PM

    Fairland..can we please stay on current episodes and current topics

    Posted by Scorpio13 at Saturday, August 17 2013 07:34 PM

    I was "venting" about how this show has no morals, or lessons to be learned, or any consequences to be had for so many wrongdoings by some of these characters. Sharon: She never got punished for all the damage she did.
    Summer: She never showed any remorse or got into trouble when she caused the death of Chelsea's baby by Adam.
    Phyllis: As much as she has done, she's never had to pay the consequences.
    Idiot Fenn: A total jerk.
    When I watch these storylines, and how they get so frustrating when some of these characters get away with every destructive thing that they do, and get away with, I feel like just stop watching it all. But, there are some other characters that are enjoyable to watch. Please show some punishment, or consequences for wrongdoings, the way life really is.......

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Saturday, August 17 2013 08:59 PM

    Hello everyone,

    My computer wasn't working, so I had to just read comments for the past few days. All is up and running again, and I'm back in business!

    I love that in storms when they write things to be mysterious on soaps, like what Jill was experiencing, all to symbolize Katherine's death.

    Sharon, you need to move on. I love that you're staying to be a good mother to faith by having her daddy come over because she's not feeling well, but we all know it's because Cassie is teling you never to give up on having a feuture with Nik. Honey, he's moving on with Avery, and you need to accept it. Faith's a little girl, so she has a right to be upset at Nik's choice of girlfriends. I mean, let's see. Faith's had to deal with Phyllis for a while, then Avery, and let's not forget that you, Sharon were absent for quite a long time from her little life. So, you're not the victim here. Faith is, and while you may have wanted to play a "game" of Twister with Faith, you know all along that you just wanted to be with Nik and had no problem getting close to him. Get on your meds so that I can learn to like you again. I know that's something you should never tell a person who has Bipolar, but I'm telling you because you're a fictional character.

    Victoria and Billy's scenes were sweet. This is when I like them as a couple. I just hope though that when they do get back together, she can focus on them for a change, and not worry about what's going on on the Newman front. Let what happened to you be a lesson Victoria. Billy's trying to do all of this, because he loves you, so prove that you can be as loyal to him as he is to you.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Monday's episode, as sad as it will be when Jill finds out about Katherine's death.

    Posted by norblomst at Sunday, August 18 2013 05:42 AM

    As much as I am not pleased with what Sharon is doing, I have to say that I would much rather he be with her than with Avery. Uggggggggh her character irks me so!

    Posted by casey28 at Sunday, August 18 2013 07:43 AM

    I'm going to be the nay sayer here. I disagree in the fact that TLS the lovely sharon is about the only one who has paid the price dearly,often for crimes not committed. she has been in jail for crimes not commmitted,lost a child,been abandoned by nick the prick,she was left to grieve for her child while nick the prick and that red head were off using the prick. nick the prick got her pregnant and again abandoned her to the nut house where she had her baby stolen by a psycho-path who by the way never paid for any crime. I could go on but I think you get my drift.TLS has in my opinion more then paid the price. I just wish they 's hook her up with someone new and even slightly deserving of her loveliness.....

    Posted by casey28 at Sunday, August 18 2013 07:45 AM

    avery is awkward and facky around faith no wonder she doesn't want her never see her and nick ever doing anything together with her......

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