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    Magic Number.

    Monday, August 12 2013
    Victor tells Victoria about Billy's scheme, Dylan delivers Chelsea's baby, and Fenmore takes the deal offered by Christine.

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    At the station, Paul tells Lauren and Michael that Chris signed off on Fen doing rehab instead of jail. Paul's glad he could help their son. They talk about Phyllis. Fen is brought in. He hated lock-up. They tell him to take the deal. Fen thanks Paul.

    Chelsea hollers with labor pains at home. Dylan says the paramedics are on the way. After a lot of screaming from both parties, Dylan delivers a baby boy. The paramedics arrive. Chelsea talks about reasons the baby is so big even though he's premature. Dylan loves them both.

    At the Club, Chloe tells Delia she's sorry she missed Chelsea's wedding. Delia spots Victoria and runs over. Chloe says Victoria is probably too busy to join them. Delia says she hardly sees her anymore. She thinks Victoria and Billy are getting divorced like Mommy and Kevin. Kevin appears and takes Delia aside. Chloe and Victoria argue. Chloe tells Victoria to decide what she wants since Delia is confused. She says she was just being a friend to Billy, who needs one since his wife isn't supporting him. Victoria suggests she concentrate on Chelsea, who has more to lose. Later, Kevin asks Chloe about arguing with Victoria. Chloe gets a text that Chelsea had the baby. Kevin babysits Delia so Chloe can go. Delia dresses Kevin for tea.

    At Boulevard, Billy tells Victor he can make the rape charges against Adam go away...for a price. Victor chuckles. Billy says he wants Adam out of Newman and Victoria back in. They go back and forth for a while, arguing and slinging insults. Billy says he'll never walk away from Victoria and won't get rid of the recording. Vikki appears. "What recording?" Billy says he taped Adam bribing Melanie. Victor explains how Billy is assisting Melanie and trying to blackmail him. Vikki asks Billy if it's true he was trying to blackmail Victor into giving her job back. Billy admits it. He says he tried to talk Melanie out of pursuing rape charges. Victor doesn't believe it. He leaves, with a dire warning that the contents of the tape would do irreparable damage to the Newman name and his company. Victoria questions Billy some more. He says he would have convinced Melanie to drop the charges once Victor fired Adam. He did it out of love. Victoria asks him to win her back the right way - no more lying and scheming.

    Adam runs into Melanie at Crimson Lights. She asks if they can have a civil conversation. He says if she's willing to take the money and end this mess they can talk. He asks what the magic number will be. She argues that she gave up everything and she wants everything. She won't stop until his life is ruined. After, Adam sits thinking about his encounter with Melanie in the suite. Chloe comes in to pick up Dylan's camera for baby pictures. Adam says he thought Chelsea's baby wasn't due for months. Chloe says they are parents of a beautiful baby boy.

    In the hospital, Dylan and Chelsea kiss. He says she's stuck with him forever. They talk about naming the baby. They select Terence Connor McAvoy. They'll call him Connor. Chloe arrives. Dylan steps out. Chelsea tells her about him delivering the baby. Chloe warns she ran into Adam. Chelsea frets again about Dylan learning the truth. Dylan returns with Connor. Later, Dylan tells Connor if Chelsea hadn't come into his life, he wouldn't have much of one.

    At home, Lauren and Michael talk to Fen about rehab. Fen asks if they'll trust him after. Michael says he'll have a clean slate. Fen says he'll give them a clean slate too. They hug and head out. Later, Lauren and Michael return, full of hope. She gets a text from Carmine. "You'll never be free of me."

    Kevin talks to Paul at work. Paul asks about his fashion statement - he's wearing gold hoop earrings. Delia says they had a tea party. Paul tells Kevin he's a good dad. They discuss parenting, Fen, and Delia.

    At Newman, Adam recalls being pregnant with Chelsea and her leaving him. Victor appears. Adam thinks he's come to make him step down. Victor says on the contrary, he's there to offer his full support.

    Melanie arrives at Boulevard. Billy says he wants out. If she doesn't walk away and drop the charges, he's the one who'll lose everything.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack shows John a paper. "This is my dealer's number. He said, "You're going to come back.""

    Nick tells Sharon if she needs someone to be a compass, he would like to be that guy.

    Lily says to Cane, "So you're saying that she's beautiful." Cane asks, "Are we going to do this?" Lily replies, "What are we doing? We're just having a conversation about 'Helpful Hilary'."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Estrelita at Saturday, August 10 2013 08:03 AM

    It seems to me that Wisconsin is the state where it was determined that being married to the baby's mother trumps being the baby's biological father when it comes to determining issues such as child custody and visitation. In fact, it seems to me that the case which established that precedence was a case very similar to the case currently being promoted by the Dylan-Chelsea-Adam story line. In that case, a woman divorced her husband and rushed down the aisle with her boyfriend in jig-quick time. When the baby was born, the former husband believed that he was the biological father of the child and sued for custody. The court decided that being married to the baby's mother at the time of the baby's birth trumped being the baby's biological father - so the former husband lost his case. It seems to me that the determination was that the biological father could have a relationship with his biological child only with the permission of the baby's legal parents - which would be the baby's mother and her husband at the time of the baby's birth. Could be very possible that Dylan knew all of this - and that is the reason why he rushed down the aisle - in order to make sure that he would be the legal father of Chelsea's baby - no matter whether or not Adam was the baby's biological father.

    Posted by USMC Vet at Saturday, August 10 2013 10:12 AM

    If I ever decide to take up being a career criminal I'm going to GC, because when I get caught and get in front of the DA I will be asked what I want for a punishment and I'll tell them probation. Why can't things be a little more plausible. Chloe needs to tell Victoria that her and Billy's relationship is none of her business. Poor Billy Boy is going to get hammered by Victor and Junior. I still don't know what made him think that this was going to bring Victoria back, can anyone enlighten me? When is Adam going to learn to keep his mouth shut? Leslie has told him several times not to say anything to anyone, but I guess being powerful doesn't mean that you have any common sense and are above taking suggestions from inferiors. Semper Fi

    Posted by USMC Vet at Saturday, August 10 2013 10:15 AM

    @ Estrelita, thanks for the info, I couldn't remember where I had read it.

    Posted by citykittee at Saturday, August 10 2013 04:37 PM

    Estrelita....if what u say is true and Dylans character is playing this kind of strategy then he is as mug of a schemer and ahshole as Adam and Chelsea. He basically xouldnt get a life of his own and hijacked Adams. what a loser.

    why is this soap reduced to babies and baby daddies? they're not fighting over companies...or money....just babies. crazy bullcrap.

    Posted by citykittee at Saturday, August 10 2013 04:46 PM

    Alsoif the baby is proven to be Adams it is clear by her lies that Chelsea deceived Adam wit?h mal intent. i would think her premeditation would play!

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, August 10 2013 07:39 PM

    OK Estrelita you keep mentioning: When a child is born while a mother is married, Wisconsin law considers the husband to be the father (this is called the marital presumption). If the mother states that her husband is not the father and is naming someone else, this marital presumption must be overcome before another man can be found to be the child’s father. When a paternity case is started in this situation, the law requires that the husband be notified of the court date, time and location.

    ~~~Now My "thang" is when in the soap world has ANYTHING gone with natural, flow of things, i.e., laws, morals, actions, kinship, illnesses, businesses, etc..... And you think this will be a first

    I think I might go outside and get me a hit off of whatever TNSOBIC smokes

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, August 11 2013 05:00 AM

    Hi Everyone!
    When Sharon pulled that “Nude” lipstick out of her purse to give to Faith, wouldn’t you think Summer would have said, “that is the same shade of lipstick they found in the stairwell when mom fell!”….and, at least, she and Nick would have been a little curious that Sharon was using the same shade?

    I thought I would die laughing when Jeff call Stitch “Stench”! Thank God for Jeffrey giving us some comic relief in these Godforsaken story lines! LOL …..So where is our Gloria to add more?!!!...although you had to laugh at Anita hitting on “Stench”! LOL

    Didn’t Kevin look “adorable” with his hat, earrings and necklace having “tea” with Delia! LOL…and then he went to the PD with an earring still on! LOL

    Melanie bumps into Adam and he brings up the money again to get her to recant…all the while she is standing there with her cell phone in her hand….how does he know that SHE isn’t taping it this time! Is he really being portrayed as being that dumb?!!!!!

    WHAT A RIDICULOUS BIRTH SCENE!!!!! Chelsea is sitting straight up with her legs propped up on a chair, the baby comes out (already cleaned up and wrapped in a blanket), no afterbirth and he isn’t screaming his lungs out! ROTFLMAO When the paramedics are surprised how big the baby is since he is “pre-mature”, she told them that she was given a steroid shot “last week”….yea, that’ll put 3-4 pounds on a baby in a week! If that was the case, every mother that is in danger of starting pre-mature labor would get one! LOL

    Now that Victor knows that Billy is helping Melanie against Adam, he decides to back Adam, even though all his clients are bailing on NE, just so he can bring Billy down….well, Turd, I hope you can’t!!!!! Billy tells Melanie that he is out because Vickie doesn’t want him to try to win her back “that way”, but she isn’t going to back down until Adam is ruined! Billy is afraid that he will lose Vickie if she continues…huh?....if he doesn’t release that tape and has nothing more to do with her, he is off the hook! Why does he think otherwise? DUMB STORY!!!! UNLESS…Melanie DOES record Adam offering her money again, releases it herself and everyone believes that Billy did it!

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, August 11 2013 07:57 AM

    Estrelita, I enjoyed your post.. Thanks for sharing!!

    Hopefully, everybody remember how Adam rushed into the Diner and was so rude to Chelsea, after Sharon told him that Chelsea is pregnant. Sharon also told Adam, it's not yours..So, he was pissed..He said in a loud mean voice, " Are you pregnant and is it mine"? That made her mad, so just said , out of not letting him bully her, " No,it's Dylans " !!
    She tried to tell him so many times, but Sharon was always hanging around. I would have done the same. She has money, she can make it without Adam and without Dylan.

    Now Sharon, has that eye on Nick.. You better hurry back Avery. It seems Sharon doesn't really want the guys unless they are with someone else..

    Bottom line, I hope Chelsea tell Dylan the truth and he tell her what on his agenda ...

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, August 11 2013 09:22 AM

    Found this on the Message Board:

    "A petition to remove Jill Farren Phelps as Executive Producer of Young and the Restless"

    Posted by cards1 at Sunday, August 11 2013 09:46 AM

    Fiddlers Daughter LOL and ITA...
    I believe that was the STUPIDEST BIRTH soap scene I have EVER saw in decades of soap viewing.

    Chelie in that white wedding dress and that sparkling clean baby coming out wrapped in a blanket, with NO umbilical cord, and Chelie saying the baby is big because of that steroid shot.

    Then Dullen saying "the baby's breathing, that's a good sign, right?" OMG REALLY? Why YES Dullan, breathing is a GOOD SIGN! How much stupider are the writers going to portray this character as? Chelie had a ONS with Dullan March 15, this baby Dullan just delivered would be LESS than 5 months in utero if he was the father. and NO AMOUNT of "Steriods" would make a less than 5 month fetus this big.

    This S/L is driving me NUTS, I HATE IT!

    Then to top it off, Chelie names the baby after Dullan's late father, this REALLY irks me, perhaps because I know someone in real life who did this and the baby wasn't that boy's either, yet she named him after his dad, when paternity was resolved and the other boy was found to be the father, the baby still had the other boy's daddy's name, so when the other boy settled down and married and had his own child, the wife didn't want to use the daddy's name because this other girl had claimed it for her son, years before.

    I hope Dullen's dad comes back and haunts Chelie's arse.

    Lauren thinks a message is from Fen REALLY, so Fen is off to rehab for stealing drugs from a hospital, lucky Fen, and apparently this swanky rehab Fen's in let's you keep your cell phone and text at will...uhm OK, Fen will prolly be texting Raven to bring him a hit.

    Well Vic is on Adam's side now on the Melanie thang, Billy boy this was a stupid plan from the get go, hooking up with that Melanie chick.

    Man, this soap sux, worse than I have ever scene it, I can honestly say there is not one S/L, character, couple, that I am enjoying watching right now, and I can ONLY imagine how they are going to butcher the late great JC's exit.

    JFP, JG, get gone, please get rid of them before the total destruction of this once great soap.

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