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    He Wouldn't Stop.

    Friday, August 02 2013
    Everyone comes to an agreement about Phyllis, Adam comes upon Victoria and Chelsea talking, and Melanie asks Paul to press charges against Adam.

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    Posted by fairland at Thursday, August 01 2013 06:47 PM

    I also love the flashback senesce from jack as well wanting to hold on to hope that Phyllis will make it through this fight. like nothing will stop Phyllis from waking up just open your eyes my beauty. Please just open your eyes that both summer and jack could not bare to let go of Phyllis. jack did remind Summer that it was not your fault that Phyllis is at the hospital. Summer told phyllis and jack if I could have gone to the gala everything would be different. I just want Phyllis to know that I sketched your car. well delivered lines coming from Summer. I could have done something to make sure my mother would have been better if I was here for my mother. I love the jack and Summer gathering at Phyllis bed side and the deep drama that does surround these to character. great drama.

    Posted by Scorpio13 at Thursday, August 01 2013 07:14 PM

    Please ship annoying Phyllis and her whiny, "all about me" spoiled daughter(Summer)to Georgia or Timbuctu. I'll even pay for it!! Those two are the most annoying characters in the whole cast, in my humble opinion.

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, August 01 2013 07:15 PM

    Since I've been in the Lut the perfect place for me is the BED.

    Spawn can get arrested for allegedly raping someone but killers go free (and that's not to downplay rape just to expose the NSOBIC emphasis on lies.)

    I hope Victor part the Red Sea on their azzes over his baby boy. We'll be saying Melanie WHO!!!

    **********SPOILERS / SPUMORS**********
    Noah tells Nick there's something weird about the way his Mom's been acting. (that young man is wiser than most)

    Chelsea's doctor tells her that delivery now is not as risky as it could be. Chelsea says, "Except that Dylan will know the truth." (and KMC says GOOD)

    Dylan and Chelsea's wedding doesn't go exactly as planned.

    Week of August 12:

    Tyler gets closer with Abby. ( I don't think Silly Lily will kill from jealousy, will she )

    Sharon takes advantage of Avery's absence. (WHAT WHAT )

    Billy has the tables turned on him. (Again)

    Adam needs Sharon's help. (Maybe you should conjure up John or Cassie; they're more credible)

    Posted by ladybelle at Thursday, August 01 2013 07:29 PM

    Melanie is taking things a little too far. I believe Victor will help Adam. What can Sharon do for him? Billy is messing up. He wants a bookcase made for Victoria. Chelsea don't like that. Vic better watch out Chelsea may take Johnnie away from her.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, August 01 2013 07:33 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    OMG! I CAN NOT believe that after all this time that Avery has been supporting and letting Nick think she believes him in this botched up mess, she is using the “liar card”, telling him that he was lying to Phyllis all those years! Yea, she is Phyllis’ sister alright!

    Nick finally convinced Avery that it was the best thing to do and they go to the hospital and see Daniel. He thanks her for changing her mind and she says he SHOULD be thanking Nick because he is the one that convinced her… Nick stands there with that look on his face, like “Now see what a good guy I am?” UGH!!!!

    Sharon went to see Phyllis and, there for a while, I was really getting concerned. Noah saw Sharon as she was leaving and caught on that she is off her medication…FINALLY!!!!!!

    Melanie went to the PD and filed rape charges on Adam. At first I wondered WHY she would do that since she already has filed a sexual harassment suit against him…then she proceeds to tell Paul that she had slept with Adam willingly before, but THIS time he forced her and she actually pulled a “Monica Lewinsky” and pulled out the clothes she wore that night! LOL That’s what Adam gets for showing her his hand and telling her he had waiters/bartenders that were tipped well to testify that she went willingly.

    And Chelsea is going into labor…nuf’ said! LOL So if the spoilers are true that Adam is going to ask Chelsea and/or Sharon (we’ve heard both) to be character witnesses for him… is going to be in the hospital getting ready to have “his” baby and the other one is “off her meds”! LOL See ya’ in about 15-20 years Adam! LOL

    Loved the flash backs of Phyllis! At least we got to see her again at her best. The scene with her and Nick and then her and Jack were like a foretelling of the future. I think in a few more months/years we will see another actress walk on the set of Young and Restless and we will know her by the ring that Jack just put on her finger.

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, August 01 2013 07:47 PM

    I still can't stand Ms. EASY Bake...
    Even though she agreed NOT to fight Daniel, she is in there with her eye rolling and PO when Daniel won't worship at Nicks feet.

    I would like to know when Avery/Phyllis were "getting closer", because they had ONE civil conversation that I know of, when Avery first found out about the paternity she went of and blamed Phyllis, but when it was Nick it was all good...Dayem Nick must be good....

    Summer got me again today with her acting...(sniff, sniff)

    Sharon is NOW in there blaming Phyllis, because Phyllis was "to impatient" WHAT?

    Melanie now claiming rape, what a disgrace to rape victims, JFP this is awful to make a mockery out of such a heinous crime.

    Well the Adam abusing Melanie was a flash back Melanie made up...and how stupid does that sound...a made up flashback, LMAO....

    Princess Tangles is on my last nerve, and I loved Villy, dump her Billy, dump her....

    Well looks like Chelsea is getting ready to deliver a 8lb. premmie baby...

    MS last day, wow, love her/hate her, and at times I've done both, she is one he11 of an actress, good luck to her, I will miss her antics...

    I will also miss Daniel to, I didn't even realize I missed Daniel until I saw him again, good to see you Daniel.

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, August 01 2013 07:50 PM

    kmc...thanks for the spoilers
    Sharon takes advantage of Avery's absence. (WHAT WHAT )

    I hope Sharon gets out that french maid outfit and dusts Nick's knob.

    This S/L has really P me off with Ms. Easy Bake...

    Posted by La Chat at Friday, August 02 2013 02:45 AM

    OMG Y&R has gotten so ridiculous that most regular posters disappeared. Where is CBF? It normally started with her and got better. So happy to see that KMC, Cards1, ladybel and a couple regulars still posting.

    The postings now start with the ramblings and crazy rants so basically it starts on the fifth post. Sharon just took over the board. I now pop in and don't go past page two.

    Posted by La Chat at Friday, August 02 2013 02:49 AM

    @ Fiddlers
    Sharon went to see Phyllis and, there for a while, I was really getting concerned. Noah saw Sharon as she was leaving and caught on that she is off her medication…FINALLY!!!!!!
    He was always the smart one. I swear this boy should be Adams son he is way smarter than his dad LilNiki

    Posted by aqua23 at Friday, August 02 2013 03:12 AM

    I hope this is not goodbye forever Phyllis. In all of these years you have not let your fans or haters down, you are still the best and much love go out to you. Thank's for the wild ride Phyllis/MS.

    They saved the best Phyllis flashbacks for last, Nick and Phyllis. Hot, hot, hot.

    Summer I am so surprised at how mature you are acting with your world falling apart. Smart move getting Nick to talk to Avery and asking Kyle to talk to Jack, much better than your brother barking orders to everyone that love Phyllis, you got what Daniel wanted, but in a much nicer way.

    I feel so sorry for Summer loosing her father and mother because Sharon is playing her me, me, me card yet again. To hell with hurting all of these people and most of all a young girl just to spread eagle with Nick.

    I give up on Billy, the writers will never free him of the hairball. They are stuck on stupid, leave them somewhat together so TGVN can try to break up the Newman/Abbot marriage. Victor can marry Ashley Abbot, but Billy boy ain't good enough for hairball.

    I am very disappointed with tiic for this Adam raped Melanie s/l, you are some heartless asz bastards. Just today the man ( for lack of a better word ) was sentence to life plus for kidnaping, beating and raping those three Ohio women, don't you people ever think, to a rape victim it's not a joke. If you can't use your pen to help rape victims, then don't make it worse for them.

    Melanie does look something like Rose and she is crazy, plus why didn't she leave town after Victor and Adam fired her, she won't be working in GC again.

    Chelsea went you are sitting there holding your 8 lb newborn, just maybe Dylan will catch a clue.

    No Fen today, woo hoo.

    Come home soon Phyllis.

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