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    He Wouldn't Stop.

    Friday, August 02 2013
    Everyone comes to an agreement about Phyllis, Adam comes upon Victoria and Chelsea talking, and Melanie asks Paul to press charges against Adam.

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    Posted by Samantha Love at Saturday, August 03 2013 08:17 PM

    I hope it doesn't take forever for Nick and Jack to find out what Sharon did, and i want Dylan to find out soon that Chelsea baby isn't his own. I think there too much secrets and deceit in Restless. I love phyllis so i hope she return soon.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Sunday, August 04 2013 01:27 PM

    JMO: I think Chelsea will be the one to step up for Adam. She would be the last one to be expected to. She knows he is not like Melanie claims he is. I wish Billy had stayed out this mess with Melanie; as she is going to drag him down with her. I haven't liked Melanie from the start. I was just thinking that Daniel is in Ga. with Heather and Paul never came to see how Daniel, Phyllis, or Heather was doing. I would love to see Summer have Phyllis investigative instinct and start asking questions about the lipstick or mention it to Daniel. I hope they get Saron pretty soon. I don't care if she is off her meds or not she still has a lot to pay for; that they have let her skate on. I hope someone wakes Nick up to her and her devious ways and her stupidity. Poor Faith will be such a missed up kid and Sharon keeps fueling the fire. Maybe Avery won't be gone long. Phyllis has already told Sharon she had better not mess with Avery or Nick. Nick needs to stop looking at Sharon through rose colored glasses and see the real her; once and for all. Just because she gave birth to your kids doesn't make her any less evil.

    Posted by NickyD2 at Sunday, August 04 2013 11:16 PM

    Y&R was pretty good show. I do hope Phyllis comes out the coma Ok. She does have plenty people loves her. It's was good to see Daniel came back to visit his Mother at the hospital. I guess his girlfriend Heather Paul's daughter is watching Daniel daughter. But I hope and wish Sharon gets everything that's comes to her. I just wish someone over heard crazy Sharon of what she did to poor Summer and Phyllis. "Hey would it be funny, if Daniel Phyllis's son over heard everything what Sharon did to his mother and the fact she switch the DNA of Summer test between Nick & Jack. I just wish someone caught Sharon red handed in her own words. I want to see Sharon arrested for what she done. I so sick of her. She so determine to keep Phyllis quiet for what she done what a witch. Please Writing Team let Daniel or Summer catch Sharon please...

    Posted by NickyD2 at Sunday, August 04 2013 11:29 PM

    U guys have to realize Daniel was feeling angry emotional that's why he lash out on Nick and Avery. So don't take it the wrong way. Daniel loves his mother and he does wants was best for her in her care and so does Summer to.

    Ok! I Understand Jack & Avery loves Phyllis so much I get it. But Jack isn't married to Phyllis yet and Avery is Phyllis sister ,who's Phyllis hasn't seen for long time.

    But Avery and Jack needs to realize something, Daniel & Summer's are Phyllis kids. Those are Phyllis babies. And she wouldn't want nothing to happened to them or don't wanted them hurt either. And last I check, the most care Guardian goes out to the kids if something happened to their Parents. However if the child Parent are married and if their parther are alive and married, then the decision most likely goes out to them not their kids. But if their Parent isn't married then decision mostly goes out to the kids period.

    Posted by Canadian girl 70 at Monday, August 05 2013 10:54 AM

    Umm new here but has anyone kind of thought this Hilary person may be Neil's illegitimate daughter?

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Monday, August 05 2013 01:15 PM

    Well, I thought todays show was on the boring side
    I was away all last week and other then finding out that Phyllis is going to live near daniel nothing new!
    Sharon is something else! Hope that doesnt roll on and on and take forever to come out as we all suspected
    Must be time for Avery to take a vacation thats when they usually dissappear from the show for awhile
    Whars with this accusation on Asam raping that girl ? That is the one he was using right?
    Is Billy in on this scheme I assume it is or did it happen for real? Hope someone can fill me in there TY
    Victorias charactar has really changed..she is nasty and she shouldnt be..she is no better then those she is harrassing
    And...this baby coming sooner? Cole on NOW you are going to tell Dylan the baby isinr his? Why..ya took it this far..unless Adam is counting the days!
    Oh well..folks I still say the s/ls are abit dont think?
    havea nice evening

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Monday, August 05 2013 01:36 PM

    Sorry for the few typos..Thanks

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