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    Monday, July 29 2013
    Phyllis becomes agitated and suffers a setback, Michael battle Carmine in the cabin, and Neil tells Leslie he may have known Rose.

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    At Boulevard, Neil apologizes to Lily for the blogger going after her. He's determined to find out who this person is stirring up trouble. Lily insists her marriage is fine. Neil says that's good because once there's a crack in the foundation it doesn't take much to bring it down.

    At Crimson Lights, Leslie congratulates Tyler on his freelance job. He says he saw the latest blog post. Leslie highly doubts Cane is stepping out. Later, Abby joins Tyler. They discuss Phyllis and are kissing when Lily enters. Lily asks Abby about working. Abby doesn't want to right now. She suggests Lily go surprise Cane in New York.

    Leslie joins Neil at Boulevard and they discuss the blog. Neil says he thinks he met Rose when he was drinking six years ago while out of town on business. Neil wants to visit Evanston and try to figure it out.

    Michael bursts into the cabin and hollers at Carmine to get away from Lauren. He knocks him to the floor. Carmine then gets up and knocks Michael out. He goes back to Lauren and Michael rises up again and hits Carmine with a fireplace poker. He reassures a sobbing Lauren, who tells him how she wound up there.

    At the station, Paul wonders where Michael went. Kevin heads for the door. "I'll check my place." Paul stops him. He knows Kevin let him out and knows where he went. He warns Michael would do anything to protect Lauren. Kevin argues that going by the book wouldn't save Lauren. "Michael will handle Carmine." Paul asks how it will help for Michael to wind up in prison.

    Paul kicks the cabin door open and asks Michael what he was thinking. He was thinking he needed to save his wife. Michael tells Paul to lock 'him' up and throw away the key. Paul asks, "Who?" Lauren gasps. Carmine is gone.

    Back at the station, Paul tells Kevin to take Lauren home. Kevin asks about Carmine. Michael says he got away.

    In the hospital, Jack asks Phyllis to repeat herself. She says Nick again. Jack says Nick and Avery have been there and will be back. She says no. In her head, Phyllis tells Jack she loves him and will marry him but first she has to tell him the truth. She tries to say Summer. He says Summer was there and goes on about being a father to her. Phyllis protests in her mind. Jack says she needs water. Phyllis sees Sharon looking in and thinks about ripping Sharon's face off. She becomes increasingly agitated and appears to have seizures. The doctor appears.

    Noah finds Summer at the penthouse and complains she's not returning his calls. They discuss Phyllis. Summer says she woke up and should be fine. Noah says he's there for her; he doesn't care what a piece of paper says. They discuss her feelings for Kyle. Summer says they have to go away somehow. Kyle says she'll find someone else and Kyle will just be the guy she crushed on in high school. Summer says, "No he won't. He'll be my brother." They talk about him having trouble moving on since Adriana. They end up laughing. Summer says Adriana was awful and Noah deserves someone great. Noah raises the issue of forgiving Nick. Summer wants to concentrate on Phyllis for now. He goes. Jack calls Summer to tell her Phyllis had an episode and is unconscious again.

    In the hospital waiting area, Sharon asks Jack about Phyllis. He says she was trying to convey a message when she went unconscious.

    At the tackhouse, Avery goes on to Nick about all the things she wants to say to Phyllis when she wakes up. Nick thinks they can make it right together. Avery suggests they postpone the wedding. Nick isn't keen - he doesn't want to wait anymore. She wonders when they'll make all the plans. Nick agrees to put it off for now. Avery gets a call from Jack.

    Noah arrives at Crimson Lights and chats with Tyler, who decides he's going to hook him up. They talk about 'types' and new possibilities. Outside, Lily insists to Abby that she's not threatened by Hilary. Lily doesn't care what the blogger says. Elsewhere, a new post pops up about Lily Winters' discontent...

    Summer arrives at the hospital, followed by Avery and Nick. Jack explains that Phyllis said Nick's name and Summer's, became agitated and had seizures. Avery and Summer hug. Sharon rushes over to ask Nick how he's doing. The doctor appears. Jack asks if the tests came back normal. He's afraid not. They look at Phyllis. She has bruising on the frontal lobes and the injuries might not repair themselves. They have to face that she may never regain consciousness.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Abby enters Tyler's apartment. He's in a towel. She asks, "Why is someone on the GC Buzz saying that you and Lily are..." She stops. Lily is there.

    Neil says, "We drank, we talked, we drank, and we talked some more." Leslie adds, "And apparently you left together."

    Daniel arrives at the hospital and sees Summer.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Estrelita at Friday, July 26 2013 02:53 PM

    It is very interesting that Neil is now saying that it was SIX years ago that he met "Rose." In Real Life - Summer was born in the elevator on DECEMBER 18, 2006. The following year, in APRIL of 2007 - Phyllis got into an argument with Sharon and Dru on the cliff - and Dru fell over the cliff. So, TIIC want us to believe that, although it has been 18 years since Phyllis gave birth to Summer - it has only been six years since Dru went over the cliff. Then Neil became involved in a drinking binge - and ended up in a bar, where he met "Rose." Whether you figure that it was 17 years ago that he met Rose - or just six - what that means is that Hillary can NOT be Neil's daughter with Rose - because, whether she would be 17 or six - she would still be too young to have become an attorney already. So - I guess there is a possibility that Hillary is COULD be the daughter of GUS and Rose - and, therefore, possibly, a sibling of Leslie and Tyler.

    I am also guessing that Rose is not really dead and gone - maybe just "soap dead." TIIC went to a lot of trouble to find a well-known actress for the part of Rose - so I am sure that TIIC had plans for that particular actress to join the cast and become a long-time cast member - or they would not have gone to so much trouble to find a well-known actress to take the part. Since Gus was involved with mobster types - and we all know how JFP loves all things mobster - I am guessing that Rose could have done something like fake her own death in order to keep out of range of some of Gus's mobster "associates."

    I am also still guessing that Carmine will end up dead somewhere and Michael will get the blame for his death - and hire a hotshot newbie lawyer to get Michael off the hook!

    And - of course - we already have Summer turning to brother Noah for sympathy and support. Only, at this point, Summer and Noah believe that they are NO LONGER siblings! Sharon will be in for a rude awakening when she spots Summer and Noah, becoming extra chummy! Hopefully - Sharon will blurt out what she knows about Nick's DNA results the very first time she realizes that Noah and Summer have grown extra close! Of course, I am still leaning in the direction of suspecting that Sharon merely dreamed that she changed the DNA results report - because I am sure that the romantic duo which JFP really wants to see on the screen is Noah with Summer!

    I also noticed that, last week, when Billy had made plans to meet Melanie - Adam's former assistant at Newman - at On the Boulevard - Melanie told Billy that the reason that she was late was because she had a doctor's appointment. I couldn't help but wonder if that meant that Melanie is p.g. already and that, believing that she was p.g., was one of the reasons why Melanie decided to go along with Billy's idea of suing Adam for sexual harassment. Melanie could then go into court and upset Adam's apple cart by announcing that she is now p.g. and expects Adam to support the child in a manner befitting a grandchild of Victor Newman!

    Also - it seems VERY odd that we have not heard anything more about the Congressman! Last time we heard anything about him - he was running around loose, because he was out on bail, pending a possible new trial regarding the death of Melinda Rogan. Just seems very odd that, after the big deal which TIIC made about the Congressman visiting Melinda on the day when she died - TIIC just dropped it. The story lines which TIIC keep coming up with have more holes than the average sieve!

    Posted by motobabe at Friday, July 26 2013 03:12 PM

    Estrelita nicely said.

    Posted by sunmama at Friday, July 26 2013 06:48 PM

    WTH is this schiggedy? Smarmy Carmie just shape shifted himself out of the cabin? What did he do turn into a snake and slither out?

    This is just getting ridiculous.

    Who gives a schit about this blogger? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Posted by Mavryck at Saturday, July 27 2013 06:37 PM

    I just hope they don't have Summer falling for Noah now!! Oh boy will she be a screwed up mess if they don't hurry up and fix this!! I hope they don't carry this on forever. I am glad Nick is Summers father, Jack just isn't father material. Could we also move along with Adam finding out the kid is his, then maybe he will stay out of everybody's business.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, July 28 2013 06:03 AM

    Hi Everyone!
    WOW! Super Mike gave wimpy Carmine one blow to the gut and he was curled up on the floor whimpering like a little girl! LOL He gets up and “knocks out” Michael, then Michael gets up and hits him with a poker. Michael goes to untie Lauren and Carmine gets up, opens the door (without anyone hearing him, yea right!) and disappears…which means that Michael will still be held for attempted murder!

    This is “really nice”, Jack has been at the hospital all night and all day, Avery went home last night to sleep with Nick and now she and Nick are cuddling on the sofa discussing wedding plans and thinking about having sex…yea, you are really upset about your sister!

    Nice scene between Noah and Season! I hate to say this, but she has more chemistry with him than she does with Kyle!

    When Season said she was going to call her “brother” to update him that Phyllis had come to, Nick arrogantly assumed she was going to call Noah….hey Nick, she has two “more” brothers now! UGH!!!

    Sharon shows up at the hospital, Phyllis wakes up long enough to say “Nick…Summer” (thinking in her head what she needs to say but can’t), sees Sharon looking through the door, gets agitated again and has a seizure. They took her for tests and the doctor said she may never wake up again! Soap Stud, she didn’t even have to use a pillow, all she had to do was look at her! LOL Gives a whole new meaning to “if looks could kill” doesn’t it? LOL

    Previews for next week show Daniel at the hospital and that he and Nick are going to get into it because he is going to take Phyllis back home with him….HUH?!!! Why not Season or Jack? Nick doesn’t have ANY say in it…oh, forgive me I forgot, he is “Nicholas Newman”, he has a say in EVERYTHING! LOL

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, July 28 2013 07:37 AM

    Michael bursts into the cabin and hollers at Carmine to get away from Lauren. He knocks him to the floor. Michael does have a short fuse on how to treat Carmine with such rage. Michael burst in into the cabin and actually starts hollering at Carmine like bandy . What a man scorn to actually have this much rage wanting paul to actually to kill Carmine himself so Paul would not get caught. Kevin also point out that michael actually needs to stop talking like that. Michael sounds no different than Fen right about now.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, July 28 2013 07:52 AM

    At Crimson Lights, Leslie congratulates Tyler on his freelance job. He says he saw the latest blog post. So now leslie is actually happy that tyler found a new job. would that actually stop lily for going after tyler. Now that tyler has a freelance job. How much is there that leslie can not handle the fact that Neil was the one that did fire tyler from working at the fashion devision that devon did not agree with that devon is taking this way to personal that tyler had to be fired from neil on a personal scale of 100% to 290 % of neil choice to protect lily's marriage for neil's now personal gain.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, July 28 2013 07:59 AM

    To me that does sound fair that Phyllis should go to be with daniel for a long while because Phyllis will be going through a lot of drama as well Truman That sharon would do about anything to get close to Nick after the whole flight of stairs that Phyllis had one nasty fall would actually turn Phyllis life around over how Phyllis has been dealing with jack and his pushiness so jack could have love in jack's life. Even to make sure that Phyllis would move back inside jack's mansion just to move as quickly as jack wants to move on with Phyllis.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, July 28 2013 08:10 AM

    Lauren says she's sorry. He yells, "For what? Tell me!" Michael gets a call from Paul - Fen's been arrested.Michael asks Lauren about the cards and why she's sorry. She doesn't come clean. He leaves.
    Lauren does not come clean to michael until Michael does demand the truth from Lauren until Paul interrupted Michael from getting the truth from lauren.What was the point of Lauren being sorry for cheating on her own husband and Lauren does not explain why how come. At first. Michael had to keep on grilling like bandy on heels. I would love this to become a flashback moment into why Lauren could not have confess how lauren cheated and michael had to leave in the first place. Love this as flashbacks please.

    Posted by Steelersgirl at Sunday, July 28 2013 01:02 PM

    How many more times do we have to see Lauren kidnapped? She was kidnapped by Sheila 2 or 3 times, by Sheila's sister and now by Carmine? If it was me, I'd be in the looneybin with Pattycakes or be a hermit. Hopefully this is the end of her kidnapping story. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that Carmine is a brother to Sheila! Also the whole Sharon story about her being the one who changed the test results is ridiculous as well as her talking to Cassie all the time. Send her away instead of Phyllis!!!

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