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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    We'll Be A Family Soon.

    Friday, July 19 2013
    Victor gives Billy a warning about the gala, Avery and Phyllis have a heartfelt talk, and Lily and Cane argue about Tyler.

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    At The Underground, Phyllis takes a call from Jack wanting to pick her up for the fundraiser. Phyllis tells him she'll meet him there later. Avery listens. She and Phyllis discuss Nick. Phyllis thinks Avery is wondering if she even knows who he is right now. Avery says Phyllis must have asked herself the same question. Phyllis replies that she hated Nick when she first learned what he'd done, but she can't hate him. Avery says he cared too much. Phyllis thinks he wanted to protect someone in a way he couldn't protect Cassie. "I will always love him." She tells Avery she makes him happy. Avery thanks Phyllis for saying that.

    Nick arrives at Sharon's place where Summer is playing with Faith. Faith goes upstairs. Nick says Sharon called him - they didn't want Summer to have to tell Faith the truth on her own. Summer wonders since when does he care about what's fair? Sharon defends Nick. Summer is reluctant to upset Faith. Sharon thinks she needs to know. Summer refuses to look at Faith and say she's not her sister - it would be lying. Nick tells Sharon that Summer needs more time. Sharon invites Nick to join her at Cassie's grave later. He declines - he has the fundraiser. Faith returns. Nick says he'll miss her tonight. She tells him not to worry, they'll be a family soon.

    Nikki and Victor are at the fundraiser venue. Victoria arrives. Nikki suggests that Vikki invite Billy. Victor disagrees. They bicker. Victoria just wants to focus on raising money for MS. Victor steps out and Nikki talks to Vikki about the stress of the fundraiser. They discuss Billy. Vikki's not ready to forgive him. Nikki says he needs her support. Vikki will think about it. Nikki secretly calls Billy to come to the benefit.

    Billy and Jack discuss the situation with Summer at the Abbott house. Billy asks if he's taken a drink. Jack reassures him and they talk about Phyllis trying to protect Summer and him. Jack tells Billy he's going to propose. Jack hopes she'll accept and they'll move forward together with their daughter. They talk about Billy. He says he's been to one meeting. Jack believes he'll beat this and get his family back.

    At Boulevard, Hilary tells Cane she saw him and Lily arguing at The Underground last night. Lily appears and wants to talk to Cane alone. She asks about the fundraiser tonight. They whisper argue about Tyler. Cane can't stand him and it's worse now that he knows he has feelings for her. Lily says they have everything they've dreamed of - don't let Tyler take that away. They make up. Hilary watches them leave. At the bar, Victor greets Billy. He warns him not to show up at the gala or he'll be thrown out. They bicker about whether Victoria will take him back. Billy thinks Victor's scared - it gives him hope. Victor says his marriage is finished. Billy calls Melanie.

    Abby offers to lend Kyle an ear at Crimson Lights. He can't believe he was dating his sister. Abby cracks a bad joke and he's not amused. She tells him not to shut down on Summer. Abby talks about finding out that Victor was her dad and not Brad. She notes it's different from Summer, who feels she's lost her whole identity. Kyle admits he can barely look at Summer right now. Abby tells him to suck it up and be mature.

    Kyle arrives at home and is glad to hear that Jack is proposing and giving Phyllis another chance.

    At the penthouse, Summer admires Phyllis' gown. They laugh at her model walk. Summer thanks her for letting her feel normal again. Phyllis assures her things will get better. Summer rejects the idea of going to the fundraiser and tells Phyllis about what happened at Sharon's. Phyllis asks if Sharon's going to the fundraiser. Summer says she's going to the cemetery. Later, Summer is about to go for a run when Kyle arrives.

    Nick and Avery arrives at the fundraiser and chat with Nikki and Vikki. Nick wonders if Jack is coming. Avery says he is - Phyllis told her. Avery lets Nick know she's sticking by him. Victor appears just as Nikki tells Vikki she invited Billy. Jack arrives. Awkwardness ensues. Victor takes the podium.

    Sharon talks to Cassie at the cemetery. She's frustrated that changing the DNA results hasn't brought her and Nick closer. She worries it's too late - he has Avery now. Cassie says Avery will never know him like she does. Sharon goes on about wanting Nick to love her and how if it doesn't work out, he'll hate her for making him think Summer was Jack's and not his. Phyllis is there listening to it all.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

    Billy fires Carmine.

    Lauren tells Michael that Carmine said he would drop all charges if he could have one more night with her.

    Adam asks Avery if she's bothered by what Nick has done.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by sunmama at Thursday, July 18 2013 02:33 PM

    These azz clowns this is an obvious lesson on how to f-up a show.

    Why is Phyllis there, the cemetery now the local hangout?

    goodbye Michelle

    Goodbye Sharon-you're next

    Don't even think feel like sticking around for Mrs C's funeral after this.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, July 18 2013 02:59 PM

    Oh Goody, another day of listening to how great Nick is for lying about/kidnapping Summer for 18yr.s. I can't believe that Jack would attend a Newman function. Just write a check for the cause. Why does Faith have to know about Summer right NOW? She's just a kid. Somebody needs to kidnap her from Sharon. Oh, that's right Adam already did. LOL

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, July 18 2013 03:13 PM

    per the updates>Avery says he cared too much.

    I wonder if everyone will say the same thing about Sharon when they find out what she did for love? In my book it does not matter if Nick is really the dad in the end. What he did is worse than Sharon. At least she is sick in the head. What is his excuse? Dang writers have me sticking up for Share. What's next? Feeling sorry for Victurd? Nah, never.

    Posted by Carol Vinson at Thursday, July 18 2013 03:49 PM

    I do not think it possible that someone (Sharon) could walk into a hospital lab and change the results of a paternity test without some sort of authorization code on Y&R. Or was this just something that Sharon dreamed and she really did not do it?? Something to think about.....

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, July 18 2013 04:21 PM

    I really liked the interaction today by Summer/Phyllis, well Phyllis must be going to die, she's making up (kinda) with Avery and Jack is going to propose, so things seem to be getting to good for I guess the writers think it's time to kill her off.

    Phyllis goes to the cemetery after Summer tells her that Sharon told Nick she was going to see Cassie, and overhears Sharon telling Cassie, Nick will hate her if he ever finds out the she made him think Summer is Jacks daughter.

    Sharon is COMPLETELY GONE. First she calls Nick over to tell Faith while Summer is there playing with Faith. She is absolutely horrible for manipulating Faith and Summer this way, trying to "get close to Nick" out of Summer's pain. Then she tries to use her dead daughter Cassie "to get close to Nick" trying to guilt him to going to the cemetery with her. He won't says he has plans with Avery, and Po, ho, Sharon now say's Nick has Avery to help him get over she did this all for nothing. I wish I didn't know Phyllis was leaving and that Phyllis beat the ever loving crap out of her.

    Nikki gave Vikki some good advice today, and MTS looked fabulous.

    Victor over there threatening "Billy boy" I LMAO when Billy asked him if he was there to apply for the mater D job. I hope they don't drag this out and Vikki finds out "daddy" set Billy up again, then Billy dumps Vikki anyway. and I used to love Villy but I can't stand how Vikki is acting now.

    Posted by Unameit at Thursday, July 18 2013 05:26 PM

    Me too cards....I have always loved Villy but hate where the writers have taken Victoria and when will Victurd quit with setting Billy up? Is that the only sl the writers can come up with for these two? Good grief! Forgive my grammar please.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, July 18 2013 06:35 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Well, we have Billy talking to Jack (finally), Phyllis talking to Avery about how being a father is such a “HUGH” part of Nick and wondering if either one of them really knew him. Phyllis breaks down and tells Avery that she will ALWAYS love Nick.

    Season is having a tea party with Faith and Sharon calls Nick because she thought it would be a good time to tell Faith when they are all there together. Season told them that she was NOT going to look that little girl in the eyes and tell her that she isn’t her sister now, but they could do what they wanted. Since Sharon has Nick there, she tries to talk him into going to the cemetery with her but he tells her he is going to the gala with Avery…oh what a face she makes!

    Jack is going to meet Phyllis at the gala. He tells Billy that he is going to propose to Phyllis and shows him an engagement ring…that SAME ring that everybody passes around to each other. TIIC must have really gotten a good deal by buying them by the “gross”! LOL Either that or they just wait till one of them breaks up, which is constantly, and then passes it on to the next couple. LOL

    Abby is trying to talk Kyle into talking to Season like a friend about this whole mess. Why in the world doesn’t SHE talk to her, she has been through this same situation!

    Season tells her mom about Sharon going to the cemetery, so that is how Phyllis ends up at the cemetery…but we still don’t know WHY she went and, by the looks of the spoilers, it will probably be next Friday before we know!

    Posted by Unameit at Thursday, July 18 2013 07:37 PM

    Fiddlers daughter....I think Phillis goes to talk to Sharon because Summer tells her what Faith said to Nick , "don't worry dad we will be a family soon." That was a second time Phillis heard Faith say something like that. Of course it went over Nick's head and Summer thought Faith might have heard her talking to Nick and Sharon about her not being Faiths sister. Only Phillis caught on that Sharon wants Nick back.

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, July 18 2013 08:14 PM

    Why in the WORLD Sharon thinks it's a good idea to tell a child as young as Faith is this NOW, she told Summer "so Faith won't think her father's been dishonest with her"

    Oh Really Sharon NOW your worried about HONESTY?

    I think NOT, You are doing all this so Nick will lay on, I mean, lean on you again.

    Posted by bellydance at Thursday, July 18 2013 08:28 PM

    OK, the beginning of the end...makes no sense..Victor and Victoria need to go away...Sharon, honey confess...

    Chelsea, go ahead and tell Dylan the truth...You got plenty of money, so you and your baby will be just fine....With or without him...

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