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    That Is Epic.

    Wednesday, July 17 2013
    Carmine posts a video online, Victoria and Nick discuss their problems, and Victor warns Adam about his attitude toward Nick.

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    Posted by hoosiermomma at Wednesday, July 17 2013 03:09 AM

    Victoria giving Phyllis a big hug. You've got to be kidding me. How quickly she has forgotten that the witch was trying to steal Johnny from her. Why is it that everyone seems to just forgive Phyllis for all of her sins? She was sleeping with two different men and either one could have been the father. In my book she's just as much at fault.

    Posted by dandelady at Wednesday, July 17 2013 04:22 AM

    Victor needs to grow up and take care of Nikkie then he wouldn't have time to interfere with his children. Adam is just like him. Why can he not see this and be proud. Nick is like his mother.(Not sure of anything) Also Victor needs to clean up his haircut. Looks like a greece monkey

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Wednesday, July 17 2013 04:42 AM

    I don't think Michael will kill Carmine; I think it will be Lauren or Fen.

    Posted by Ms. W at Wednesday, July 17 2013 04:52 AM

    Nick is nothing like Adam. Summer is his daughter becasue Sharon change the paternity test to show that Jack is her father.

    Posted by Ms. W at Wednesday, July 17 2013 04:55 AM

    Nick did not turn out to be just like Adam because Sharon changed the paternity test to show that Nick was not the father. Nick really is Summer's dad not Jack.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, July 17 2013 05:23 AM

    GO Adam! I hope he get lots of mileage out of knowing Nick is a baby snatcher; like he's called you for years.
    Pleeeze...just keep Victoria away from Billy. And I don't want Billy/Chloe together again in spite of their bond over their child. They just don't work! Now, perhaps that new red-head gal that "worked" for Adam/Victor could heat things up? Kind of sounds like Chloe is sincere about Billy/Victoria getting back together?
    "All" these women talking now; however still Sharon has no female friend...just not right...writers should give her a friend she can confide in and trust. Hate her being a loner and this latest Nick/Summer storyline.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, July 17 2013 05:26 AM

    I think we'll have to wait a few more weeks for a "who done it" Carmine murder. Michael pulls a gun; he's our first suspect. I think we'll see more enemies surface to build up the suspense.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, July 17 2013 05:29 AM

    Fen lied and got Carmine arrested. Not surprised he did something back to him.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, July 17 2013 05:35 AM

    Fiddler, I agree. That would be brilliant writing if Michael got KEVIN to send a virus or shut down the BUZZ website!

    Posted by Rommy at Wednesday, July 17 2013 05:40 AM

    Fairland, from yesterday's comments, the "Michael" that Victor held in a cage in his basement was Michael Scott not Michael Baldwin.

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