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    That Is Epic.

    Wednesday, July 17 2013
    Carmine posts a video online, Victoria and Nick discuss their problems, and Victor warns Adam about his attitude toward Nick.

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    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, July 16 2013 06:25 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Well, Nick has “one more” person feeling sorry for him….Vickie! Did anyone expect anything different from her? NAW!!!

    Fen gets home and “immediately” gets a video sent to his phone…Carmine sent the SEX TAPE to FEN!!!! How disgusting!!!!! He not ONLY sent it to Fen, he sent it to GC BUZZ; now “everybody” can see it! Lauren grabs her purse and heads for the door saying she is going to KILL him! I would too Lauren!!!

    I don’t understand Michael! He is supposed to be this “brilliant” attorney but he harasses Paul to arrest Carmine knowing full well that there isn’t enough evidence…..THEN he confronts the owner of the GC BUZZ web-site at OTB WHILE Carmine is working (of all places) and tries to intimidate him to take down the video! Why doesn’t he get his “newly-reformed GCPD computer genius” brother to hack the site and shut it down!!!!

    Now we know why Billy is going to try to go after Adam….he wants to get Vickie’s job back! He said that she gave her job up for “him”, which is a crock, she gave it up because she couldn’t have more authority than Adam. Now Billy thinks that if he gets it back for her, he can get back in her “good graces”. Good luck with that Billy! LOL

    I can’t BELIEVE that Phyllis is the one that tells Adam about Nick, and she did it after bickering with him (like usual)! Then proceeds to tell him that Nick is a “far better” man than HE will ever be! LOL

    Now SEE…Adam and Victor are stabbing each other in the back while “making friendly” and then BOTH of them are making calls to people, we don’t know WHO and we don’t know WHY, THIS is good soap!!! WHY do TIIC think that good soap is letting the viewers KNOW what has happened but, supposedly, NO ONE on the soap knows and are just playing out their lines over and over and over and over ….for nothing?!!!!!!

    Posted by tru2you2 at Tuesday, July 16 2013 06:35 PM

    Ok, I like Phyllis she's my favorite but seriously? She tells Adam that Nick will always be a better man than him! Are you kidding me??? Come on Red, this is worse in my opinion. I can't believe you're defending nik-the-prik.

    Posted by bellydance at Tuesday, July 16 2013 06:40 PM

    Question...What if Sharon over hear Chloe and Chelsea talking about the baby's real father.. Who would she tell first ?? Dylan or Adam, now that would be funny ....

    Peace out !!!

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, July 16 2013 07:12 PM

    sagrules...I don't care is Carmine gets shot, but no I don't want Mikey to do it, I don't want him going to prison again.

    But it's obvious he's going to be blamed and Carmine is going to be shot...I think Fen is going to do it.

    That was REALLY LOW of Carmine to post that video, then one of Fen's friends texted him and said "your old lady gives good...."

    What did Lauren think Mikey was going to do, once that posted on the's out there, prolly all of Fen's little buds downloaded it.

    CLB continues to knock it outta the park. Loved his stare down at Carmine, but WTH they haven't got a restraining order on Carmine IDK.

    Well Adam/Victor, Son/Dad fixin to have a back stabbing contest. I read there was differences of opinions between MM/EB in real life, IDK how true that is.

    What is up with Chloe is she after Billy again, she kept bringing up that kiss, now she's calling Vikki? Chloe needs to MHOB.

    Why in the world is Phyllis over at Nick's being so nice to him? After the damage she thinks he's done to Summer and Jack and everyone...even though he is Summer's father, Phyllis don't know it yet, saw a preview, looks like Phyllis overhears Sharon confessing to Cassie's headstone.

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, July 16 2013 07:15 PM

    Fiddlers Daughter...great point about why don't Mikey get Kev to hack that site...never thought of!

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, July 16 2013 08:18 PM

    I don't see how Nick's family can just let what he done go.Like it's no big thing. Did Sharon change those results? I hope it's all a dream. Phyllis is so stupid.At least the writers have made her stupid just like Sharon.That may be why she is leaving the show. Billy don't mess with Adam,you will lose Vicki for good. Victor better be glad Adam saved Newman.At least he didn't sue him like Nick,Vicki and Abby did. But he still seems to put Adam down.

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, July 16 2013 08:19 PM

    i don't think Michael will kill Carmine,Maybe Fen or maybe even Kevin or Gloria.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, July 16 2013 09:00 PM

    Rick Pasquelone playing Ken. I would love to see more Ken character playing a long side Billy Abbott, Victoria Newman,Adam Newman ,Leslie Michelson Why not add Chelsea lawson to the mix. TYler Michelson would be great to do story lines with Rick Pasquelone as Ken make him feel like Rick is part of the team of the young and the restless. I would love to see more of ken character that will be great to have ken around with these characters. here other options like Michael baldwin, lauren baldwin. We can make ken to have a real family coming back for him.

    Posted by Tinkerbellz22 at Tuesday, July 16 2013 09:16 PM

    I know Victoria is selfish and selfabsorbed but was she also blind when Nick was having an affair with Phyllis? Not that she has any room to talk, she didn't know who Reed's dad was either.

    Though I did love the Chloe and Billy scenes like usual. Really hope they don't stick Billy back with Victoria. He actually seems alive lately instead of just phoning in his scenes.

    Posted by fairland at Tuesday, July 16 2013 10:16 PM

    I love chloe with Billy as well. they are live couple like you have said Tinkerbellz22. I just love seeing billy alive again as much as you do. Chloe is one of the best things that billy needs right about now. I would love to have more Rick Pasquelone playing Ken. I forgot to add another character that is some one that I have been enjoying as much as a big fan of mine that is Chloe Mitchell character.Chloe mitchell will play nicely with Ken character as well. Oh I also forgot to add Mitchell as a boy's name if chelsea is having a baby boy. Mitchell is a great name while chelsea is still pregnant with Adam's baby.

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