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    What Are You Driving At?

    Wednesday, June 26 2013
    Nick has a change of mind, Tyler gets fired and Phyllis starts to push.

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    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, June 26 2013 06:39 AM

    BeeBeeKC re Mrs. C s/l. They last I heard it would be sometime in July.

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, June 26 2013 07:14 AM

    Fiddlers re > What time are they having this party? Jack and Traci just finished breakfast! LOL I guess there is ALWAYS room for cake! LOL

    Well, Phyllis and Kyle are having a liquid breakfast and getting drunk before noon.

    Posted by GregnCLT at Wednesday, June 26 2013 07:22 AM

    @USMC Vet...good call on everyone moving on with their lives...knowing that Phyllis is leaving the show...wonder if somehow she'll vanish and the secret will remain a secret.

    Posted by glovers67 at Wednesday, June 26 2013 07:35 AM

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Wednesday, June 26 2013 06:07 AM

    I like Avery. But, I don't like her investigating about Nick, behind his back. He told her he would tell, but he couldn't, yet. He gave her the time she needed to tell him about her and Dylan, even though he wanted to know. I think in my opinion! Even though Nick doesn't make himself to be trust worthy now. He should come clean and tell everyone himself and tell jack before Phyllis returns with Kyle. It's always harder to do things, the longer he puts it off. Best to bite the bullet and suffer the consequences and go on. Could Sharon be putting ideas in Faith's head, about Avery? It seemed Faith really liked Avery until Sharon overheard Nick talking to Cassie at the cementary
    First I do agree that Avery should chill before she was pushing Nick everyday asking if they were okay while she was going to see Dylan for every little thing now she wants full disclosure immediately...whatever!But Faith has been off and on when it came to Avery before Sharon heard anything so no Sharon is not coaching her.There was a scene where Faith found out Avery baked the cookies and she refuse to eat it funny I think she might have thrown it.Also if Sharon was behind it I would not think she would make up the excuse that Faith became tired so soon after she was just talking to Nick.She is a cute lil actress and good.I wonder if she is maybe kin to anyone at Y&R.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Wednesday, June 26 2013 08:13 AM

    Posted by Glovers67 @ Wednesday, June 26,2013 I checked on the cast list and I didn't find Faith's name listed on there. I don't know if she is kin to anyone on the show; but she is cute. Summer and Faith seem interact really well as sisters on the show. I just wondered why the change of heart with Avery. I know she really liked Dylan and that may be the reason. Avery won't like the lie Nick did either. I saw something while looking up the cast list. Neil's ex wife Karen, Tyra, or Ana could be the ones taking those pictures. Karen(Mia Peebles) was really upset with Neil, back then. Just a thought.

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, June 26 2013 08:33 AM

    Hey did anybody else notice that the Y&R logo at the top of the updates has ABC on it? I thought Y&R was CBS. LOL

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Wednesday, June 26 2013 08:42 AM

    Since Sharon had that heart-to-heart talk with Cassie, is she going to go ahead and hook up with Wayne II? LOL

    Posted by little ari at Wednesday, June 26 2013 08:44 AM

    Yeah bikers I saw that too lol. Maybe someone wants to go back there. Lol

    Posted by little ari at Wednesday, June 26 2013 08:45 AM

    Bikette. Sorry still new to this.

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, June 26 2013 08:51 AM

    little ari, I am a biker so no problem.

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