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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Welcome To Planet MacAvoy.

    Monday, June 24 2013
    Adam learns Chelsea's engaged, Avery questions Sharon, and Phyllis interferes with Kyle and Summer.

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    When Kyle leaves his suite to go to his car, Phyllis answers his phone. Summer asks why Phyllis is in Kyle's room so early in the morning. Phyllis says they were working and Kyle's in the shower.

    In the Abbott living room, Summer hangs up and Jack, who overheard, tells her she sounds jealous. She's worried her mother will convince Kyle not to date her.

    Kyle returns to the suite. Phyllis tells him Summer called but was turning off her phone. They resume working. Phyllis renders Kyle nearly speechless with a sensuous endorsement of their product. She mentions Summer and reminds Kyle he said he likes older women.

    Sharon arrives at the tackhouse. Nick tells her Faith's not ready. Sharon urges Nick to open up to her. Avery comes down the stairs as Nick tells Sharon how great it is that she still cares. Nick goes upstairs. Avery asks Sharon why she's making herself so available to Nick. Sharon says she cares about him; their bond is very deep.

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Billy that he and Chelsea are engaged. Kevin appears to confront Billy who assures him he's not sleeping with Chloe. He explains that Victoria's jacked up on hormones and saw him comforting Chloe. Kevin storms off. Billy talks to Dylan about his family and wedding plans. Dylan hasn't set a date - he doesn't want Avery to think he's stealing her thunder.

    Chloe and Chelsea are loudly celebrating Chelsea's engagement at the Club when Adam appears. Chloe tells him Dylan and Chelsea are engaged. He says he's happy for her. Chloe keeps snarking so Chelsea asks her to go. Adam tells Chelsea he'll move on - it's more practical than waiting for her to change her mind. Chelsea says she loves Dylan. Adam promises not to cause trouble. Dylan appears. Adam congratulates them both and walks away. He runs into Anita and mentions Chelsea's engagement. Anita makes it clear she prefers Adam and his money to Dylan. Adam says the baby needs both its parents to love it unconditionally. Anita asks if he's that kind of parent. He says they'll never know. She replies, "Don't be too sure." Chelsea tells Anita to quit wasting Adam's time. Dylan wonders what he's missing. Chelsea informs Dylan her mother wants her to marry Adam's bank account.

    Nick stops at the Abbott house to see Summer. She leaves Nick with Jack, who confides that Summer's worried Phyllis will undermine her relationship with Kyle. Nick mutters, "I sure hope so." Jack warns Nick that the pair are free to date, so unless he has a good reason they shouldn't be together, he doesn't want to have this conversation again. Summer listens.

    At the hotel, Phyllis realizes Summer is calling Kyle's phone. She hits 'answer' and lets Summer overhear them talking about Kyle flirting with girls in bikinis at the shoot.

    At the Abbott house, Summer calls Courtney - her mother is trying to ruin her life.

    Sharon runs into the salesman from Boulevard at Crimson Lights. He invites her to call later. Adam appears and asks what she's doing. Sharon doesn't see how it concerns him. Adam has noticed her with two salesman in as many weeks. He suggests she end this behavior. They bicker. He muses that they were in love once. She says she's been in love and it wasn't with him. He realizes she means Nick. He tells her Nick's in her past, like Chelsea's in his; two failed marriages.

    On the patio, Chloe confronts Kevin about not helping the homeless. He mentions Billy. Chloe denies an affair and says Kevin's avoiding the real issue; he clearly isn't interested in saving their marriage.

    Nick returns to the tackhouse and Avery brings up Sharon. Nick says they'll always share a bond. Avery thinks she's acting almost clingy. Nick reassures her. Phyllis calls. She assures him when she's done with Kyle, Summer will be the last thing on his mind. Avery asks who called. Nick says it was work. She knows he's lying. He admits it, but still can't tell her what's going on. Avery tries to guess.

    At work, Chelsea asks Dylan about setting a date. He thought they'd wrap things up before her due date. He talks about her becoming a great designer. She sobs. She didn't think this was how things would work out for her - it's like being on another planet. He welcomes her to Planet MacAvoy.

    Billy leaves Victoria a message from Boulevard. He needs her and isn't sure he can beat this thing without her. He tosses his cards in the trash. Chloe comes in as he retrieves them. He admits he's gambling again. Chloe urges him to fix himself. She doesn't want Delia around it. She offers help. As they clasp hands, Kevin appears.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Kevin asks Chloe why she can forgive Billy but not him.

    Victoria reams Billy out about his gambling.

    Avery is frustrated that Nick won't tell her what is bothering him. "If you don't believe in me why am I here?"

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by sunmama at Friday, June 21 2013 07:29 PM

    Is this the most ridiculous schiggedy?

    Now Kevie is jealous, REALLY? Is this the best you got?

    Now Sharon is in love with Nick, again, or always was, or not, but in the meantime is is spreading them for perfect strangers......STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!

    Daisy Duke just needs to drop the bomb..

    Dylan needs to take the next bus outta town.

    Who is the one named Adam...

    Where is Nikki, Victurd???

    Goodbye Michelle S....

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, June 23 2013 05:04 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Summer wants to know what Phyllis is doing in Kyle's hotel room so early in the morning and answering his phone. Jack walks in in time to hear her (of course). LOL I swear, Jack always scrunches his face up when he is thinking or overhears something like he just took the biggest bite out of the sourest thing he could possibly put in his mouth! LOL Phyllis calls Nick to update and tells him that, after she is done with Kyle, Summer will be the last thing on his mind. Look out, it's going to go down! LOL Well something(one) is! LOL

    If Phyllis DOES do this despicable act, she will certainly go out with a “big bang”! LOL

    Boy oh boy, EVERYBODY is eves dropping today! LOL Sharon comes by to pick up Faith for her play date and Avery overhears Nick tells her that after all they have been through she still cares for him and that says a lot about “us”! And ANOTHER eves dropper, Adam, hears Sharon picking up yet another “Wayne” (I'm “terrible” with names anyway, so from now on...they are all going to be “Wayne” LOL), and starts in on her about having “casual sex” (LOL you started it!) and eventually bringing the subject around to her and Nick with him telling her that she can't rekindle the past.

    Chelsea and Chloe jumping up and down and “squealing” like a couple of teenagers when Chelsea told Chloe that Dylan asked her to marry him and she said yes. I had to look twice to make sure it was them and not Summer and Courtney! LOL

    The best part of the show, dare I say it, was “Chloe” telling Billy that he needs to fix himself before he can fix his marriage! It was ACTUALLY good advice, not this hogwash she is feeding Chelsea.

    I watched this whole episode with my mouth hanging open and wondering how TIIC expect us to be able to get invested in ANY of these characters and/or couples! All I can say they really think this is drama or ANY kind of entertainment? Another day/week and NOTHING is resolved and everybody is having the “same” conversation over and over and over and over, it just gets more and more ridiculous!

    Posted by bikette at Sunday, June 23 2013 07:39 AM

    Fiddlers Daughter re>If Phyllis DOES do this despicable act, she will certainly go out with a “big bang”! LOL

    I think they should rename this show to " As The Stomach Turns." The scenes with Kyle and Phyllis and Phyllis trying to make her own daughter jealous were truly barf worthy. Not to mention Poor Jack, once again. And all this to save Dickless's cowardly azz.

    Posted by kmc320 at Sunday, June 23 2013 10:05 AM

    ****************SPOILERS / SPUMORS*************************

    Nick’s tries to get together with Season but she's not having it

    Summer is frustrated by Phyllis’s scheming and Jack grows suspicious of her as well

    Phyllis tells Kyle that he used to like older women (Doing the dirty with the old Kyle - maybe But the NuKyle - ain't gonna happen)

    Avery realizes that Nick is lying to her. (Well h311 you're lying to him about Dylan, that's why you want to hurry and marry Nugget so he can be a deterrent to you going back to Dylan.) All of you are bold face liars

    The trip to Chicago leads to trouble

    Anita's still dropping clues about Chelsea’s baby, making Adam more suspicious and unnerving Chelsea when she spies mom chatting with ex.

    Hairball accuses Billy of Chloe and Chipmunk accuses Ragga Muffin of Billy

    I guess since Phyl is leaving, Avery and Sharon will become rivals. RE: Avery questions Sharon about her sudden availability to Nick and Sharon is unsettled by Nick and Avery’s relationship

    You mean it's been a year? The Ashbys celebrate Matilda and Charlie’s birthday

    If my broke azz daddy left me and my sister 1/4 each but some unknown 1/2, I'm be digging his azz up BUT he was a broke azz and left no one anything; BUT Gus did his 2 children like that; 1/2 to be divided by Tyler & Leslie and the other half to Rose.

    Neil advises Leslie to let the matter drop, unaware that their conversation is being spied on

    Leslie insists on pursuing the possible connection between Rose and the blogger

    A photo of Rose is displayed on the unknown spy’s laptop

    Wooo hoooo the doppelganger: A mysterious woman with long red hair interacts with a shirtless Carmine

    A birthday celebration at the Abbott house brings an unexpected surprise for Kyle. (What Nick blurs out Get his tongue out of his sister's mouth )

    Dylan’s medic friend Stitch arrives for a visit and in true form Dylan will have some PTSD moments

    Lily and Cane celebrate Independence Day

    Leslie and Neil learn something surprising about Rose

    Lauren plans a special evening for Michael

    Nikki and Victor return from their belated honeymoon

    Dylan’s dark side is revealed as Stitch’s presence in town reminds him of the war (put Chelsea in a duffel bag) Never mind she might go into premature labor and make you believe you're the daddy for real.

    Hillary focuses her attention on a vulnerable Cane

    Nick’s devastating secret stuns Genoa City - So this is reveal somewhere near Independence Day.

    The echoes of Cassie’s death strongly affect her loved ones as a mysterious presence arrives in town (Haunt Nick's lying cowardly azz)

    Daniel returns as Genoa City is changed forever (Don't let Phyllass die, please)

    Katherine’s decisions create boardroom and personal drama

    Tucker won't be at Katherine’s funeral

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, June 23 2013 10:30 AM

    When Kyle leaves his suite to go to his car, Phyllis answers his phone. I am wondering why Phyllis decided to answer Kyle phone wit or without noticing that Summer was going to end up on the other end of kyle phone that early.Summer can not back off a Kyle for about minute or 2. THis is why Phyllis did answer kyle's phone in the first place so Summer could haves called at any time when phyllis is around kyle 24/7. When kyle left to go the suite to go to kyle's car Of course Phyllis is going to but in at any moment of time.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, June 23 2013 10:36 AM

    Summer asks why Phyllis is in Kyle's room so early in the morning. Is Summer can thought everything How could Summer even know that Phyllis is in Kyle room early in the morning even in another place where Genoa City is not. How far is Summer looking for ex ray vision that phyllis would be in Kyle suite that fast. Summer did kyle on the phone looking for kyle and return Phyllis did answer Kyle phone.So why ask phyllis why is phyllis in kyle's room so early.

    Posted by ap2003 at Sunday, June 23 2013 10:39 AM

    Anita and Adam needs to stay out of everyone's business. Victoria and the rest of them (Kevin) need to stop accusing Billy and Chloe fit sleeping together. They have a bond but not everyone sleeps around with each other. Sharon is grown. Let her be. Besides, it'll be next year when Sumner and Kyle find out the truth.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, June 23 2013 10:41 AM

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Billy that he and Chelsea are engaged. Kevin appears to confront Billy who assures him he's not sleeping with Chloe. first thing Dylan does have both ears to hear that kevin is accusing billy of having an affair with chloe. I am wondering how dylan is going to respond to that news that kevin is accusing billy of having an affair with chloe. Kevin does make it sound worst than it actually looks that billy is being accused by Kevin out of jealousy. How many times does billy have to point out to kevin of all the people that billy is not sleeping with chloe?

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, June 23 2013 10:48 AM

    Adam appears. Chloe tells Adam that Dylan and Chelsea are engaged. Adam says he's happy for her. wow, chloe you just told adam full out that Chelsea is engaged to Dylan I am wondering How much is adam is actually happy to be engaged to dylan. Could even try putting on bigger shoes to for fill adam heart or why adam would feel left out of chelsea being engaged to Chelsea before dropping that news onto adam like that. usually Adam would not feel that surprised that now Chelsea is engaged to dylan. I would like to know in the near future is there going to be any more chloe and adam stuff coming up into more senesce together.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, June 23 2013 10:56 AM

    Could even try putting on bigger shoes to for fill adam heart or why adam would feel left out of chelsea being engaged to dylan before dropping that news onto adam like that.

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