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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    The Disaster Brothers.

    Monday, June 17 2013
    Billy has a confession, Nick backs out and Michael gets optimistic.

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    Posted by kmc320 at Sunday, June 16 2013 02:21 PM

    Well it's obvious that the low down dirty baby stealing scoundrel was going to go to his grave with the secret.
    RE: Nick tells Phyllis if Summer hadn't gotten close to Jack's son.....

    I'm so disgusted with the character and this show. Nick has done a lot of things but with this atrocity I no longer like Nick at all. To TNSOBIC how are you going to make us like him again?

    Michael is home and he finds Fenmore unconscious on the floor.
    ~~~You know in a sick kinda way I sorta like Fenmore; he's a sociopath, he let Season convince him to bully Jaime, run away for a split second, get beat up a few times, try to sneak in a bar, etc. The boy is screaming for help and his parents are to self-absorbed with each other to notice. Guess he'll become a cutter next. And/or kill Carmine

    When the SILs - Chloe & Lauren - commiserate about their fragile marriages, Chloe, after realizing Lauren's been playing horizontal mumbo with Carmine mouth off. Lauren asked doesn't Chloe regret what she did to Cane and Billy? Touche' :O

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, June 16 2013 02:29 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Thaks for the spoilers, KMC!

    Chloe has figured out that Carmine is the reason Lauren and Michael's marriage is in trouble. She asks her how she could have anything to do with that low life. Lauren confronts her with all the terrible lies that she told to Cane and Billy and said they BOTH wish they could erase their past mistakes. Maybe now Chloe will get a clue of what she has been encouraging Chelsea to do and this S-T-U-P-I-D story will be over!!!!!!

    Chloe wants Kevin to “give back” what he stole and work in a homeless shelter to prove to her that he is going to change. How, pray tell, is he going to “give back” all that loot he stole and not admit he stole it to begin with? LOL

    Oh, goody! Vickie confronts Billy because she thinks he is having an affair with Chloe. LOL Instead of the name Chloe maybe she could come up with some good race horse names and then she will have hit the jackpot! LOL He comes clean with her that he is gambling again and tells her that he needs help and she doesn't believe him! She still thinks he is screwing around! LOL

    Nick went to Jack's, Phyllis was there and Jack and Summer came in right after. Phyllis said Nick had something to tell them that will affect both of them but Summer thinks he is going to jump her about Kyle again and starts yelling at him about him not trusting, she can't do ANYTHING right (and “she tries so hard to make him proud”...LOL) and she thinks that he is ashamed to have her for a daughter then stomps up to her room. Phyllis asks him if he is going to stop her and Nick chickened out and told Phyllis and Jack that he just couldn't do this, so he left. Why does that not surprise me!

    You know what really surprises me about this whole “who is Summer's daddy” mess is that Nick ALWAYS runs to Victor when he gets in a mess, and he hasn't done it this time! I guess he knows that Victor would just tell him to keep his mouth shut and he will take care of Kyle by letting him “swim with the fishies with a pair of concrete shoes”! LOL

    Nick, just go unload all your problems on Sharon...she seems to have all the right advice for everyone EXCEPT herself and maybe she will get off your; which seems to be where she wants to be right now! LOL

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, June 16 2013 04:55 PM

    Lauren, I told you months, and months ago.. Play with a Puppy and he will kiss you in tha mouth.. in my Louisiana accent...!!!

    Peace out !!!

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, June 16 2013 08:40 PM

    Billy insists Victoria all wrong. Victoria's unsatisfied. Billy confesses he's in trouble... billy been gambling again. i have missed read something important victoria is not satisfied that billy has a problem with gambling and later victoria turns it all around saying your gambling is just a cover for whats really going on and that chloe is the women that you are having an affair with. very powerful stuff. I love the writing here. this does explain why billy went back to gambling because of victoria is not satisfied over billy's behavior. I love the writing here because it does show a lot of drama between an unfair marriage.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, June 16 2013 08:48 PM

    AND Chloe and Jill learns that Lauren's been Carmine's pipe cleaner. I love this saying carmine has been a pipe cleaner with carmine's lips down lauren mouth. what is wrong with this picture. chloe just back off of lauren by the way lauren has been acting towards michael.Lauren tells her 'soul sister' she just made a mistake she wishes she could erase. Chloe backs down. I am going to love this senesce between chloe and lauren I can really see a chloe/ lauren spoilers heading in the near future. lauren tells chloe soul sister this who I am in love with is carmine. carmine is just a mistake. there is a lot potential story line for more lauren/ chloe spoilers to me.

    Posted by fairland at Sunday, June 16 2013 09:00 PM

    chloe already know her marriage is falling apart right where chloe stands. this is why I love the story line with a lot of struggling on the end that chloe does have to protect kevin from alex and his partner. She has nothing to say. Kev wants to be a better person for her and the baby.this is great writing stuff here and this senesce is going to be awesome. In the back, Alex and Sheryl drop by and start bickering with Kevin. Kevin runs into the other room and corners his wife. She has nothing to say. Kev wants to be a better person for her and the baby. this has great writing skills to me that both kevin and chloe have been concerned and struggling over lack of money. I love how kevin spotted Alex and Sheryl. kevin also runs into another room and kevin does spot chloe. chloe is struggling very deeply over the fact that kevin has not tuned around to do the right thing this is why I am going to love this senesce because, of kevin and chloe's struggle over each other.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, June 17 2013 03:53 AM

    "The 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards started off with a big win for "The Young and the Restless" actor Doug Davidson, who nabbed the first award for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Heather Tom picked up the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

    Congratulations Doug Davidson!
    Congratulations Heather Tom!
    Congratulations Billy Miller!

    But that was a disappointing show IMO....
    I CAN NOT believe a tie between Billy Miller and Scott Clifton/LIAM from B&B. To each their own I guess, SMH in wonder at what am I missing?

    and B&B Best writing...uhm really? I was like what writing, did I blink and miss a fabulous S/L. Because I thought the writing team was getting their S/L ideas from the back of a shampoo bottle...lather, wash, rinse, REPEAT.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, June 17 2013 04:02 AM

    Y&R Doug Davidson took it home, why is he not getting more S/L's?

    That was even after the nu regime killed the Ricky S/L in mid plot that I am frankly still not happy about, to many loose ends just dropped!

    KMC ITA with your assessment of the Nick S/L.
    Now what he's just going to run around and not tell until Summer beds her bro? It sounded like he was blaming Summer and Kyle for his big arse LIE. If they thought that was going to drum up sympathy for Nick in this S/L, that was a huge miss, atleast in the opinion of this viewer.

    I thought Phyllis was going to tell Jack, I should have known better.

    Lauren you should have looked through the peep hole and not answered the door and if Carmine kept knocking, called Paul.
    Looks like you jig is bout up, Fen (I think) catches you.

    Now Chloe is going to give Kevie another chance if he works with the homeless...oh joy, now the chipmonk is going to steal from the homeless.

    Posted by HeyMon at Monday, June 17 2013 04:11 AM

    Nick cant tell Jack that Summer is Jack's daughter? I knew Nick was a s spineless as they come. Cant wait for Nikki to tell her son exactly how wrong he is...dont let him slide thru this one Nicole.

    Another Latino on the Show? Good we need another person. His name is Julian? Sounds okay, maybe he can bring some new life to Chloe.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Monday, June 17 2013 04:13 AM

    The stress of "sex on demand to make a baby", and her on/off Father/NE whining got the best of him; needed gaming as stress relief...period!!

    Hoping somehow/somewhere Chloe and Alex have a fling. They would be hot, and cute too! Sorry, Kevin...haven't liked your lines since they destroyed Jana/Kevin. Anxious to see if Kevin/Chloe get an inheritance from Kathrine's estate; you know how generous Kathrine was with everyone she loved.

    Rose wanting to destroy the Whithers family, especially someone she did not making NO SENSE whatsoever. Writers got so explaining to do if it's her!
    I always had a hunch this Rose might be the biological MOTHER of Tyler. There's gotta be a reason for Papa Gus "protecting" her and those letters. If so, I think it would be exciting. Also magazine spoiler says Jack later gets involved with a Rose. Would that be her? A Caucasian red-head?? But Guss looked sooooo old??!!

    Okay, Phyllis...step up to the plate and tell Jack and Summer. Nick hasn't got the gutts for it but we know YOU CAN get the task done! How ya gonna feel, Nick, when you have to pull a sister/brother out of bed? Don't tear up that Lab test....SHOW IT TO JACK.

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