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    Some Habits Are Hard To Break.

    Thursday, June 13 2013
    Chelsea and Dylan grow closer, Adam makes Sharon cry, and Victoria is suspicious of Billy.

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    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, June 12 2013 07:42 PM

    I always thought Villy = Victurdia/Hairball & Billy. when did Chloe = Villy??

    And beech, Chelsea you aren't in love with Dylan. You're thinking you best Spawn but you better think again.

    And I damn sure hope Anita is a snitch. TELL IT

    RE: Adam apologizes to Sharon for the sex and the way he threw her out afterwards. She knows he's hurting because it's killing him to see Chelsea with another man. (So stop using that cat for medication or a panacea.

    Sharon says she went through the same thing with Nick and Phyllass. Adam prefers Sharon didn't care as he wanted a casual relationship like FWB (Friend With Benefits) but she's not capable of that. How True

    ~~~And KMC says how right you are Spawn, you can turn yours off or on but dummy can't.

    Sharon's going upstairs with the stranger, Wayne.
    D A M N if she's not turning into Jill cause Jill will bed a rattlesnake if you remove the poison

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, June 12 2013 08:58 PM

    **********Down the road SPOILERS *******************

    Phyllis and Nick prepare to tell Jack and Summer the truth

    Guess who is planning their wedding.....Dylan and Chelsea

    Chloe talks with Billy about his gambling.

    Sharon doesn't care for Nick and Avery's relationship.

    WOW Dummy, Spawn may come running back to you but right now, dog doo on his $60,000.00 Air Jordan Silver is more important

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    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, June 12 2013 09:16 PM

    Dayem Sharon had Wayne's number, who knew?...he must have read my post and put his name for a good time call Wayne and she seemed just oh so insulted at the mere thought of Wayne trying to pick her up in a bar.

    Another day of the "deep, undying Shadam LOVE" of him humiliating her like an abused prostitute, (hearts & flowers) and her leaving crying and picking up Wayne Newton..err I mean Wayne Newman at the club...

    Billy, call Adam's bluff you got it right because Adam is going to hold this over you no matter what you do.

    OMG I thought Vikki and Chloe were like BFF's before Chelsea came riding into town, NOW Vikki is JEALOUS?" Has she been hanging with Lily/Cane?

    Well it's no longer Chloe and the chipmonk, Chloe dumped the chipmonk.

    Chelsea, now WTH are you going to do when that baby you are claiming to be Dylan's jumps out with horns...chasing Victor and sometimes Sharon...that might be a clue to Dylan, (or maybe not) that Adam is the father.

    Daisy Duke just WTH are u up to? This is a tease to the viewers, just like you used to tease the young boy's in your shorty shorts. You ain't giving up sh*t.

    Posted by sunmama at Wednesday, June 12 2013 09:51 PM

    KMC-Adam's kid should come out with horns and a vision problem that'll be a slam dunk.


    Exactly how is THE CON so in love with someone with absolutely zero in the personality department? Adam should be having this guy for breakfast Adam has been neutered by daddy and really TPTB. Who is this Adam Newman?

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, June 13 2013 04:10 AM

    sunmama...I totally agree, they have ruined the character of Sharon to prop Adam's arse, I am beyond sick of him walking all over her treating her like crap and then she's up in his face.

    Now...KMC (thanks) reports this...

    Sharon doesn't care for Nick and Avery's relationship.

    I thought it was bad before but these new writers must hate the character of Sharon, to the point it is almost painful to watch.

    They give her Bi-polar/Dr.W to "fix her" and now they got Adam wiping his feet on her, starting to interject herself into Nick's life, and meeting men at the boulevard. WHAT?

    And Chelsea is now "in love" with Dylan...

    Now KMC (thanks) reports this...

    Guess who is planning their wedding.....Dylan and Chelsea

    This would be fine BUT the entire relationship is a BIG fat LIE. So it's a little heard to get swept away in the daytime romance of it all, when we all know the baby is Adamns, and ESPECIALLY the fact that never mind how bad it is, that there is NO WAY in he11 that the time line works out that any one with half a brain would believe Chelsea is having a nine pound premmie.

    Dylan or anyone hasn't questioned that Chelsea should be 6 months pregnant instead of 3.

    The only hope I ever have of that coming out is when Dylan's friend stitch gets to town...possibly with a medical maybe he has 1/2 a brain, I hope.

    Posted by Texanne at Thursday, June 13 2013 04:24 AM

    Chelsea, somebody is going to tell Adam that he is the baby's daddy. Your big mistake was listening to Ex-Chipmunkette. Anita is not going to let you marry Dylan so forget about that.

    Sharon come on now. How many times do you want to be rejected by Adam? Talk about low self-esteem.

    Hilarious! Victoria thinks Billy is having an affair. Then she walks into the restaurant and he is hugging Chloe. Priceless.

    Looks like there will be some fast forwarding needed on today's show during some of the scenes.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Thursday, June 13 2013 04:44 AM

    Hey Everyone! I think Sharon is what she is a NEWMAN doormat of her own making. Victor is going to put the screws into her for that she did to his company, family, and his burnt down home. She is going to keep sniffing at these men of wealth and prestige of what the Newman name stands for. She is so pathetic begging and ease dropping and can't keep her trap shut; just like she told the doctor. She has won the DOORMAT status on her own. I'm so glad that Adam has finally seen her what she is and is putting her in her place and Nick too when she kept stalking him and wouldn't leave him alone. Her looks and the sex will only take her so far and this is it. I felt bad for Phyllis only finding about Summer the way she did and hope Jack doesn't think she was in on it this whole time. Nick needs to man up to all parties concerned and not have Phyllis do his dirty work for him. I am so proud of Chloe for walking away from Kevin, as he is a strange bedfellow anyway and he has made his bed let him sleep in it. I am on the fence over Chelsea! I really loved her with Adam, and hated the way Sharon did them. I don't blame Chelsea for not wanting to get into that mess again. I also like her and Dylan. She told her Mom that he was gentle and loving to her and the baby; granted he thinks the baby is his; he manned up to take care of her and the baby. I think she should tell him the truth and see if he is still falling in love with her. I think he will. I also think deep down Adam knows why she is doing all of this. is because of him and Sharon and Chelsea didn't and shouldn't be the 3rd wheel. Anita is looking at the Newman $$$'s and not at what Chelsea went through. I'm glad Kyle was man enough to put Summer off an the sex. I hate to see Phyllis leave. When she leaves Jack is going to be really broken up by this and finding out that he is Summer's Dad and not having the chance to raise her as his own.

    Posted by nanas3 at Thursday, June 13 2013 04:52 AM

    It's A Small World After All!!! It's A Small World After All!!! It's A Small World After All!!! It's A Small, Small World!


    I thought you were already there! I will continue to support my girl just because TIIC have done this to her!

    Posted by nanas3 at Thursday, June 13 2013 04:56 AM

    WAIT!!!! JUST!!!! A!!!! DARN!!!! MINUTE!!!!

    Nugget drops the Bomb yesterday and they aren't even on today! WTH? God they are going to drag this out too! >(

    Posted by delana15 at Thursday, June 13 2013 04:58 AM

    Dear Chelsea, I intensely dislike you. Dylan, you are so stupid for not questioning this woman, that you ALMOST deserve what is getting ready to happen to you. So much for a stronger more independent Sharon....bummer. Kevin and Chloe, just end it already. IT never should have happened in the first place. Victoria...can you be any more selfish? Well, nevermind that, she is a Newman.

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