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    Emotional Wrecking Ball.

    Tuesday, June 04 2013
    Carmine visits Lauren, Chelsea goes to the hospital, and Michael makes a decision.

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    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, June 03 2013 08:06 PM

    @fairland - That is fine I got your point I just wanted to know why Summer was being called Season for what reason? I do not want to start a fight or any thing I was more than carious what Season was for and why you called Summer season that is all. Kmc320 I am not trying to make you mad at me for any reason.

    ~~~Honey Child I'm not trying to fight NOR am I mad at you at all, OK . You asked me what sense it makes to call Summer by the name Season. That's my prerogative but It's all good. We can disagree without being mean as KMC320 is never mean but I'm glad you got my point We Cool

    @CBS11cntrl_tm and HHH200, I know I'm tethering on the edge but, Mercy, it ain't right. I'm almost to the point of leaving this site. and I love it because it's better than any other I've come across. You posters keep me coming back, otherwise I'd be history.

    Then I've been unable to log on and remain logged on as have most of you. It's discouraging

    Posted by kmc320 at Monday, June 03 2013 08:37 PM

    MS talking about Phyllis (She will surely be missed. she is an excellent actress even though I can't stand Phyllass)!

    Posted by La Chat at Tuesday, June 04 2013 02:52 AM

    For years I came on this site just enjoying the comments by the posters. So engaging but now it's about to drive me insane. The comments are really dwindling and many regulars have disappeared.

    I miss Grizz with his funny self and his teams that they had him stop on B&b. Cowboy fan always started the comments with something to keep me coming back. I've always enjoyed KMC320 and se of the regulars that keep hoping for better writings it looks like we may get lucky.

    Now on to today before my post disappears only one poster manages to kill us with multiple unreadable rumblings and manage to hit the first page. If you attempt to read them you will quit this site.

    Adam I'm routing for you now since you are the smartest person on that show I know you will figure it out.

    Dylan you are an idiot you slept doth Chelsea one night and you are so not questioning paternity? I know you are desperate to be a dad but enjoy it while it last NOT Adam will prevail he always do.

    Michael I really think you should stay at the Club even though you don't go through the divorce right away. You may have caught you wife banging Carmine again if you gave her space. Mikey you deserve better!

    Posted by Vdalem at Tuesday, June 04 2013 04:05 AM

    It's not stress's called guilt.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Tuesday, June 04 2013 04:32 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    The Dick must have taken cooking lessons from Avery, spoilers say he is cooking dinner for Phylthy! LOL I sure can't wait to see this episode to see how he pulls off this cooking scene with his "motel sized kitchen" with no table! LOL

    Posted by nanas3 at Tuesday, June 04 2013 04:51 AM

    Well, I'm in!!! How bout them apples!!! Better make it good, because it won't stay logged in!

    So....Mikie is going back home...Yippie...!!!

    Adumpster is going to cut loose 15 kinds of ways and go to his Dark Side when he finds out that baby is his!

    Nugget, Nugget, Nugget....Nuff Said!!!

    KMC....ITAWE!!!! Some can post and post and others can't stay logged in!!! WTF? (What the Fudge)

    Oh...saw Billy Miller the other night in a movie!!! HA! Littlebear now don't you be going and getting all jealous!!!

    I guess Victor and Polecat went on Vaca!!!

    Poor Dylan....I hope he has a strong heart!

    Lauren...your getting a second chance or a 9 millionth change...don't "F" (Fudge) it up!!!

    Kmc....Hot Hussy Hannah aka Season aka Summer, Spring Winter and Fall....aye ya yeee!!!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, June 04 2013 04:53 AM

    Mothers are right, whether "they" want to hear it or not.

    Anita right in her advise to Chelsea.
    Gloria right in her advise to Michael.

    Posted by MsChief at Tuesday, June 04 2013 05:08 AM

    sigh....Chelsea you KEEP talking to the wrong person

    Adam is not going away that easy

    LOL @kmc

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, June 04 2013 05:12 AM

    Chloe/Kevin sell Dylan a loosing business!
    Big dummy....didn't he look at the books first, or did Kevin do "his magic" and make them look good?
    Wonder what will happen will it turns out to NOT be a money maker?! And Chelsea knew Chloe/Kevin had money problems because of Crimson Lights lack of business, but didn't advise Dylan.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, June 04 2013 05:18 AM

    Did I hear right (in message board) that Billy turns to Poker again? What is that? Perhaps tired of baby making on demand?

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