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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Windows Of Opportunity.

    Thursday, May 30 2013
    Nikki and Vikki talk, Adam seeks advice, and Lauren apologizes to Traci.

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    At the penthouse, Jack tells Phyllis he misses her at home. She reminds him not to push, but reassures him they're together. Lauren arrives as he leaves. Lauren asks Phyllis to talk to Michael for her. They discuss the affair. Lauren tries to explain. Phyllis asks for a name. Lauren tells her that Carmine was sweet and there's no reason to blame him. Phyllis doesn't know if she'll be much help with Michael. Lauren wants her to try.

    At the station, Paul asks Michael if he's been avoiding him. Michael denies it. Paul asks about him and Lauren. Michael says he's divorcing her, but hasn't filed because of Fen. He will stay until Fen goes to college if he has to, but then he's leaving Lauren.

    Fen tells Carmine, at Crimson Lights, that his father warned him to stay away from him because of what he did to his Aunt Chloe. Carmine reminds him how he helped him out. "That's who I am now." Fen accepts that and confides in Carmine about his parents' difficulties. Carmine says his parents stayed together for the kids; it was the worst thing they could have done. Fen asks if he thinks his parents should divorce. Carmine thinks Fen is tough enough to deal with a divorce. Fen texts his parents to meet him.

    Billy shows Traci his restaurant, hiding a deck of cards, as he says he and Vikki are also trying for a baby. He realizes Traci is surprised their marriage has lasted. Jack appears and asks why she's become the doomsayer of happy relationships. Traci defends herself. Talk turns to Jack trying to pawn Traci off on Billy. They joke until Traci says Billy seems on edge. Jack leaves. Billy tells Traci not to lose sleep over him, he's fine. He wonders if he and Jack should be worried about her. Traci beats a hasty retreat.

    At home, Vikki tells Nikki she quit Newman because she can't work with Adam. Nikki doesn't think that's the end of it; she's walked away before. Vikki says she'll focus on her family. Nikki clucks that she's her father's daughter... Vikki says she'll make it enough. Nikki says she'll find her way. Vikki complains that she and Billy keep missing 'windows of opportunity' for baby-making. She tells Nikki that Reed was supposed to be coming; maybe she should just focus on the kids she has. She's worried Billy isn't gung-ho either. Later, Billy arrives. Victoria asks again about wanting a baby. He says he's 100% on board. He tells her Chelsea is pregnant with Dylan McAvoy's baby, and quickly realizes she already knew. Vikki tells him to quit looking for tabloid secrets; he doesn't know what he'll find.

    At Adam's penthouse, he and Victor bicker about Victoria quitting. Adam says he's committed; citing Victoria's family as a distraction. Victor asks if Adam's so set against children why is he so obsessed with Chelsea's baby? Adam admits he thinks the child might be his. He offered her OB/GYN a substantial amount of money to tell him the date of conception, but she was too ethical to talk. Victor thinks Adam needs to create a family of his own. "Find the woman you are meant to be with." Victor passes Jack on his way out. Jack lends Adam an ear. Adam says he still loves Chelsea, but can't risk losing his father to have her. Jack advises him to do everything he can to be with the woman he loves. Jack recalls hoping and praying that Summer was his when Phyllis was pregnant. He laments that wanting it doesn't make it so. Once alone, Adam gets on the phone and asks if 'she' is there. When 'she' comes on the line, Adam says he needs to see her.

    Lauren is leaving Phyllis' penthouse and encounters Traci in the corridor. Lauren takes the opportunity to apologize for bullying her when they were young. Traci admits she still remembers some of the cruel names she called her, but is confident now. They hug. Traci pauses to think. Once inside, Traci tells Phyllis she came to apologize for meddling. She realized you can't judge everyone based on the past.

    At the Club, Nikki asks Victor if it was his plan to coerce Victoria into leaving. Victor muses that if she spends a lot more time with Billy Boy it might be enough to drive her to compromise with Adam and return to Newman.

    Phyllis sits at Carmine's bar at Boulevard. She warns he can't charm her like he did Lauren.

    Lauren and Michael arrive at Crimson Lights. Fen tells them he's onto their act. He tells them not to stay together because of him.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Devon tells Neil and Roxy he saw Lily with Tyler. "I don't like how he looks at her."

    Fen says to Lauren and Michael, "Something happened and I have a right to know what it was."

    Phyllis tells Carmine not to make trouble for Lauren, it's over. He says to be sure and tell Lauren that. Phyllis asks if he's telling her this affair isn't over.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, May 29 2013 04:43 PM

    I think Billy stunk Traci's butt bby asking if something amiss in her household, so much to the tune that it caused Traci to apologize to Phyllass.

    So Jackazz wanted Season to be his, huh? Re: his advice to Spawn.

    Phyllass leaving next month; will she factor in the demise of Carmine!!!

    Fen confiding in Carmine only to later find out Carmine was bnging Lauren's big hair against the headboard may make him a suspect too.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, May 29 2013 05:04 PM

    At the penthouse, Jack tells Phyllis he misses her at home. She reminds him not to push, but reassures him they're together. Jack how many times in a row have you been pushing phyllis to move in with you? how many times did phyllis say no I am not ready to move in with you jack because we are moving too fast. Yes jack phyllis does know that phyllis and jack are together and that has not changed. Phyllis needs time to deal with Summer behavior and the way Summer wanted to be rescued by kyle.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, May 29 2013 05:09 PM

    Fen accuses Summer of wanting Kyle to walk in at that exact moment. Phyllis throws everyone else out and demands answers. Now phyllis is being demanding to where Fen did accuse Summer of wanting kyle to rescue Summer from Fen. I mean wow Phyllis demand answers. phyllis was more than mean to fen when kyle point out that Summer was attacked by Fen. I mean really Kyle does not know the whole story to what happen to lure kyle there in the first place.Kyle says Summer texted him that she was in trouble and Fen was all over her. This is the reason that phyllis demanded answers from them And Kyle is more like an air head.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, May 29 2013 05:16 PM

    phyllis reminds jack not to push, but reassures jack they're together. Lauren arrives as he leaves. So did lauren overhear the conversation between phyllis and jack. If so why is it any concerned to lauren to give love advice to phyllis to where jack and phyllis romantic life together. Even though Lauren did chest on michael many times than I can count. So phyllis will tell lauren everything to where phyllis have to have a big mouth and legs to open to any man in town. So phyllis did say to jack not to push things into a relationship and phyllis does tell lauren everything about her own love life with jack.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, May 29 2013 05:21 PM

    Michael and Lauren arrive at the penthouse and get up to speed on Fen and the candlestick. Michael hollers at Fen. Lauren intervenes, but Michael yells at her to let him handle it. michael does have rage to where it comes to lauren cheating on him and to yell at Fen like he had cheated on michael was not the right approach. Yes michael did arrive at the penthouse and yelled at Fen about a smack down of the candlestick. How many smack downs is fen need to have by michael. I mean Fen has the raw end of the deal of his parents splitting apart already.

    Posted by simscb at Wednesday, May 29 2013 05:58 PM

    Tweete: My deepest sympathy in losing your Father. Praying that you will find consolation in Him.

    My father also passed away the same way many years ago, two weeks after my daughter's high school graduation. His is still on my mind after all these years and forever in my heart.

    Let Go and Let God! He is in Control!

    brooksie: Happy Birthday to You! Keep celebrating! I'm betting you had a great one.

    kmc: Glad you had a great vacation and now being with your grandchildren. YAY for you!

    I loved the tribute to Jeanne Cooper and was worth every minute wished it would have lasted longer. From what I understand, it WILL be woven into the story lines. They LOVED her and miss her, just as many of us do.

    May all of you have a great day!

    Posted by USMC Vet at Wednesday, May 29 2013 06:15 PM

    Yeah, Lauren, tell Phyllis everything, like it won't be spread through out GC. When is Phyllis going to mind her own business, she didn't have to go see Carmine. I'm really sad to hear that Michael plans on divorcing Lauren, but maybe this will make her stop and think what she has thrown away. Lauren needs to tell Fen why everything has turned out this bad. Fen is old enough and I think it would be better to hear it from her than hear it from someone on the street. I don't have anything to say about Victor and Adam, I'm maxed out on Newman Enterprises. I'm looking forward to Thursday show. Semper Fi

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Wednesday, May 29 2013 06:46 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Adam is finally telling his dad that he is concerned that Chelsea could be carrying his child. Who ever mentioned yesterday that he would try to bribe the doctor was correct because he also to the Turd that he offered the doctor a substantial amount of money for her to tell him “the date of conception” WHY would you ask it that way........why wouldn't he ask when the baby is due? I think he is smart enough to then count backwards.

    If she tells him what Chelsea told her was the date of conception, that means this story line isn't going to be over with for months yet...maybe not until the baby is born and maybe not even then! UGH!!!Eighteen years from now we will have another “who is ACTUALLY the daddy” but instead of Simmer it will be lil' Dylan/Adam that is involved!

    Carmine is trying to influence Fen into telling his parents that he is OK with them getting a what is he going to do next?!!!!

    Really great scene with Jack and Adam! It's too bad that he couldn't have been his father! He admitted to Jack (which he didn't with the Turd) that he is still in love with Chelsea but he can't risk losing his father to be with her (OK, who are you, and what did you do with Adam? LOL). Jack, knowing that Chelsea is pregnant with another man's baby, talked to him about when he and Phylthy were together and she became pregnant with Simmer and how he hoped and prayed that she was going to be his but now they are back together and this might happen to Adam also.

    The Turd is lecturing Adam that family comes first when it comes to running a business. What? I bet if you asked Polecat and your children they would have a different story about you! It seems like just the other day that Vickie told him that he never made it to her birthday parties when she was little because he was always at work!

    TIIC are SURE setting this “who's Simmer's daddy” up big time! Maybe when Vickie sees how devastated her brother is over this whole thing, she will get a conscious and tell Adam the truth and how she heard it...but then again, maybe not!

    Posted by bellydance at Wednesday, May 29 2013 07:36 PM

    Adam, you and Chelsea are still in Love with each other..Victor married the stripper...
    So, you live your life, do not let Victor, run your life...

    Nick, I enjoyed your speech about Family to Adam ...
    Today looks promising...

    JMO.. but maybe Adam will have a big dream, wake up and really remember, what Chelsea said while he was in the coma...

    And Sharon, please do not let anybody else ( MAN ) use you ever again. I would be mad with Nick where Summer and her Mom is concern.... Peace Out !!!

    Posted by bellydance at Wednesday, May 29 2013 07:36 PM

    Adam, you and Chelsea are still in Love with each other..Victor married the stripper...
    So, you live your life, do not let Victor, run your life...

    Nick, I enjoyed your speech about Family to Adam ...
    Today looks promising...

    JMO.. but maybe Adam will have a big dream, wake up and really remember, what Chelsea said while he was in the coma...

    And Sharon, please do not let anybody else ( MAN ) use you ever again. I would be mad with Nick where Summer and her Mom is concern.... Peace Out !!!

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