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    I'm A Little Dirty.

    Thursday, May 09 2013
    Chelsea prepares to come clean, Michael confronts Lauren, and Kevin is bored.

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    Posted by Laloni at Friday, May 10 2013 03:43 PM

    This s/l with Chelsea and Dylan just goes on and on. Chelsea should be looking pregnant at least but on this show her stomach is flatter than a pancake, ha ha. Dylan poor Dylan I feel sorry for him in more ways than one. He is letting Chelsea and Avery lead him around by the nose, get a life Dylan, grow up you are entirely to wimpy. He's not even sexy for goodness sake.

    Posted by Laloni at Friday, May 10 2013 03:53 PM

    I don't think Avery will marry Adam, I think he's having to many doubts, good for you Adam, I actually like you again, please continue to be a man and stand up to Avery, this woman is wishy washy if ever there was one but she deserves to have Dylan, they deserve to have each other both act like children.
    How I wish Avery had remained the Attorney much better acting. I don't know what to think about Dylan, he can just go away and not be missed at all,sorry but he's just not interesting.

    Posted by PhyScott at Sunday, May 12 2013 01:16 PM

    Why do I want Chelsea to keep her lie going and keep Adam in the dark? It's perfect situational irony for the writers who are too dumb to take advantage of a good thing!

    The audience knows but the character Adam does not know. And he won't know--for years--maybe three or four! Chelsea marries Dylan. Their little family is soooo happy. She rarely thinks of Adam until she runs into him with Sharon always on his arm and he continues to be snide with Chelsea. Saying things like, "I see you're knocked up again" when he sees Chelsea is pregnant again with Dylan's baby. And Adam has failed to produce an heir with Sharon. Though Adam is with the love of his life Sharon, he has not gotten over Chelsea. Chelsea still gets under his skin. Mainly because she disses him and is aloof in his presence.

    At one time when he sees her out with her toddler, he suggests: "Can't we be civil to each other?" Chelsea: "Why should we be anything to each other? Excuse me, You're blocking our way."

    Adam bends down to "baby-talk" to the toddler, but Chelsea pulls Li'l Dylan away. "Get away from him!" Adam is taken aback by her vitriol. He says:"I'm not going to hurt him." Chelsea starts to leave: "Just keep your distance."

    Not for the first time, Adam is suspicious of her behavior.

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