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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Blow Up In Your Face.

    Friday, April 26 2013
    Anita warns Chelsea, Nick has doubts, and Gus has a close call.

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    At the penthouse, Sharon tells Adam she's going - Avery called and wanted to talk to her. Adam says it was fun.

    Victoria arrives home and complains - she's working all day and Billy's working all night - she wants to work on their project tonight. Billy says he can be late. They kiss. Nick arrives. Billy leaves. Nick tells Victoria he's engaged to Avery. Vikki muses, "That was quick." They discuss why he proposed and his doubts. Victoria advises him to hold off - it it's meant to be, that won't change.

    Dylan walks Chelsea into her office. They talk about him being a good guy who will stick around for her and their child. Anita appears. She grills Dylan about his finances and asks when they're getting married. Chelsea protests. Dylan leaves. Anita and Chelsea argue about whether this is a con. Chelsea tells Anita to keep her damn mouth shut about Adam being the father. Anita warns this will all blow up in her face - she can smell disaster a mile away. She advises Chelsea to get out now - before it's too late.

    Neil and Leslie eat takeout at home and talk about Gus. She admits she opened the box and found letters, but she didn't open them. Neil admires how she's handling things. She disagrees - she wishes she could shut down her emotions like Tyler. Leslie admits she worries when the next shoe's going to drop sometimes. The hospital calls. She asks, "How bad is it?"

    Noah introduces Quinn and Donna to Tyler at The Underground. They remind Tyler they were at the go-see earlier. Tyler's sorry they didn't get the job. Noah proposes a toast to the beauties. Quinn flirts with Tyler and invites him to her place. Tyler gets a text about Gus.

    Avery meets Sharon at home. Sharon asks if this is about Dylan and the baby. Avery says it's about Nick too - she thinks she's losing him. She tells her Nick's not listening to her about Dylan. Sharon asks if Nick has reason to think be concerned. Avery admits she can't just turn off her deep love for Dylan. Sharon asks if she's completely over him. Avery says he'll always be a part of her life. Sharon says if that's all it was, Nick wouldn't have doubts. She warns Avery to call it off if there's any chance she's still into Dylan.

    At the restaurant, Billy complains to Carmine by phone about him calling in sick until Tuesday. Dylan appears. Billy hires Dylan to start now. Adam arrives and orders. They discuss Chelsea. Adam says she was a con artist and wonders if Dylan's an opportunist - she's very wealthy. Dylan glares. Billy muses that pounding Adam would be bad for business. Adam says he came to play cards. "Are you back in action, Billy?" Victoria overhears. Billy covers. Adam goes along, but warns of the temptations there. Adam turns back to Dylan. "Please. Take care of her." Once alone, Vikki asks what Adam meant about temptations. Billy says he was just trying to put her on tilt. They decide to go home and make a baby.

    At the tackhouse, Avery pours wine. Nick enters. Avery wants to get back to happily planning their future. Nick doesn't think they can. Avery says he has no reason to be jealous of Dylan. Nick insists he's never been a jealous guy, but Dylan's always there. He doesn't think she'll ever be free of him. Avery asks if he's calling off their engagement.

    Leslie and Neil join Tyler at the hospital. Gus calls for Davis. Leslie pushes Tyler to go to him. Gus says he and Leslie are both good people - he's proud, and their mother would be so happy. Leslie asks about Rose. Gus says it was another time, another life. He messed that up too. Gus's machine beeps. The doctor stabilizes Gus but says no more visitors.

    Adam arrives at home and drinks. Sharon arrives. Adam asks what she wants. She gives him a look. He says he had a run-in with Dylan. Sharon says he was cold earlier too. Adam reminds her this was to be just sex - no strings attached. She isn't sure now she can handle that. Adam tells her this needs to stop.

    At home, Neil tells Leslie it's okay to fall apart. She wonders how much time they have left with Gus.

    Tyler goes to Quinn's room. He wants company. She says she's all his.

    Dylan finds Chelsea still at work. She apologizes for her mom. He laughs that it made it all more real. Dylan says he got a job, is looking for an apartment tomorrow. He gives her a rose and kisses her. She grins.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Sharon asks Adam if that's what he wants; for them to stop seeing each other.

    At The Underground, Noah asks Summer what she was thinking. She says she just wanted to have some fun. Noah hisses that Dad could lose his liquor license - the whole place could get shut down!

    Avery tells Dylan she used to be very confident about what she wanted, but now she's not so sure.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by bikette at Thursday, April 25 2013 03:15 PM

    per the updates>Anita and Chelsea argue about whether this is a con. Chelsea tells Anita to keep her damn mouth shut about Adam being the father. Anita warns this will all blow up in her face - she can smell disaster a mile away. She advises Chelsea to get out now - before it's too late.

    OH HE!! NO!!! If i start agreeing with Daisy Dukes and SHE is now the voice of reason on this show, then I am officially done watching this schitt!!!!

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, April 25 2013 03:23 PM

    Well unameit - Chelsea tells Anita to keep her damn mouth shut about Adam being the father. Anita warns this will all she can smell disaster a mile away.

    ~~~Chelse your scamming mam is telling you something right for a change

    Lawd nail me to the cross, the blondes are advising the other. Ain't nobody's meds are transformed that schiggedy.
    RE: Sharon asks Avery if this is about Dylan and the baby. Avery says it's about Nick too, she thinks she's losing him.

    Carmine called in sick until Tuesday. IDK about sick but he's in bed with Lauren

    Posted by sunmama at Thursday, April 25 2013 03:42 PM

    Awww, come on now Bikette, It's not going to kill you to agree with cousin Daisy.

    I'd rather her listen to Daisy than to that stupid Chipmate.

    I've had enough of the Dylan, Avery and Chelsea show with the other's along for the ride. If they keep up with the GH redux over here. I'll be done.

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, April 25 2013 04:06 PM

    I totally love that my awesome Billy is finally getting a story other than hanging around his boring whiney wife, but i hope the writers don't make him a gambling drunk again, he just needs more to do than being Victoria's husband, not completely revert back to his old ways. Of course even if they do make my guy a gambling drunk i will still love him, Billy and little bear's love is undying . . . 웃❤유

    Oh my goodness i cannot believe i am agreeing with Anita!! But she is spot on Chelsea's stupid lies are totally going to blow up in her face!! And because Sharon was always hanging around was NO reason not to tell Adam about their child, and now she's just being cruel because its totally clear that Adam would have wanted this child and would have happily raised it with her!! This whole storyline is totally unbelievable since being four months pregnant is not even close to being one month pregnant, how does Chelsea even think this is going to work?! Totally shaking my head at this stupidity!!!!!

    I cannot stand another day of having to endure Avery and Nick!!!!! Avery is absolutely annoying!! She just wants both Dylan and Nick hanging around her and drooling over!! I doubt Nick will call off the engagement because then he might be alone for two minutes!!

    Sharon forgetting Faith for Adam is totally pathetic, yet she thinks she is competent enough to give advice to others!!

    And Victor ought to be grateful to my super Billy for saving him and his whole family!! My guy should of gotten everyone else out then let Victor blow up!!

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, April 25 2013 06:34 PM

    Mercy me! Sharon's giving advice to Avery about marrying Nick. The sky is going to fall.

    Sharon: It's all about SEX. Stop going to Adam's place. Call it a day and go home. Be there for beautiful little Faith. You know, the little girl who is so confused that I could beat both you and Nick.

    Maybe, just maybe when Dylan learns that Chelsea lied about the baby being his, you two can have a go at it. That is, if Avery doesn't get her paws in him. She wants both Dylan and Nick. Sounds kind of greedy.

    Poor Gus! I know he is supposed to be on the show for a while, but it's time for him to get on his feet and tell Tyler and Leslie the truth.

    I watched today's show this afternoon and must admit I enjoyed the back and forth exchanges between Adam and Victor.

    Summer is treading on thin ice going to The Underground and drinking. Noah, call Nick and tell him where his little girl with the hot pants is tonight.

    Anita's right. It takes one to know one. She and Chelsea are both cons. Unbelievable that I would agree with Daisy Duke.

    Chelsea is playing "her" game and it will come crashing down on her.

    I understand why Adam is treating Chelsea with such cruelty. He feels betrayed. I can't wait until his baby is born and know he will want a DNA test. Heck, if I were him, I would be there for her next Sonogram and demand the test that day. Yes, it can be done.

    Now, where is that first picture of her Sonogram? I hope it's in her purse and falls out. The date will be on it.

    Dylan will come unglued when she starts showing it he has any sense. WHAM! Chelsea will be so busted.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, April 25 2013 06:40 PM

    kmc re ur post
    Lawd nail me to the cross, the blondes are advising the other. Ain't nobody's meds are transformed that schiggedy.

    Then the other Dumbazz goes to Pianobutt and said I need to talk to some body that I can trust. ARE U FCK'N KIDD'N ME? Where The Heck is the LUTE?

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, April 25 2013 06:44 PM

    I really loved yesterdays show with Kay,Jill,Murphy,Niki,Adam and yes even Victuurd.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, April 25 2013 08:42 PM

    Victor tells Victoria that Chelsea's pregnant again. I would like to know how everything get to spread around for every word that chelsea is pregnant. I mean why didn't adam told victoria the news that chelsea is pregnant agin. I mean is there any privacy. victor should not have told victoria that chelsea is pregnant. that was not victor's call to tell victoria that chelsea did turn out to be pregnant. oh now I know why that Adam did not tell victoria that chelsea did get pregnant. because victoria is the enemy towards Adam.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, April 25 2013 08:48 PM

    Dylan shows up at Sharon's in shock over Chelsea's pregnancy.This is why dylan can blurt out how much in shock that Dylan was in when hearing that chelsea got pregnant with chelsea love nest that chelsea baby. sharon had find out that Dylan would drop this bomb shell onto sharon, that sharon already knew that chelsea was pregnant. Dylan why did you have to show up at sharon's door to give the news that chelsea was having your kid that is not even yours. sharon should stay out of chelsea's business once and for all.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, April 25 2013 08:57 PM

    Lauren insists it's her fault. She blamed him and then went out to try to feel better - but she made everything worse. Now I have never heard it all. now lauren is now taking the blame that lauren has made a mistake to michael of all people. I am more than happy that michael does want to move on from being married to a women that has one too many strings attach to a man that is half lauren's age. Tiny bopper that is a little boy that is carmine with half a brain. Now Carmine wants to go much, much, further to go after victoria away from billy abbott. when does carmine ever stop for air.

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