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    Relationship Role Model Avenue.

    Wednesday, April 10 2013
    Abby worries about Summer, Avery has an answer, and Lauren sees Carmine.

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    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, April 10 2013 02:59 AM

    Nick arrives at the tackhouse and Sharon questions him about the engagement ring. Thank you Nick for telling nosey Rosie it ain't none of her business. I wonder if Sharon will go out and still a ring just like Avery's, she stole one just like Nick gave Phyllis.

    I'm like Dylan, Sharon why are you butting into Nick,Avery and Dylan's business, get a life, no one wants you.

    I think Michael knows Lauren's having an affair, he just don't want to believe it. Carmine go away, you are about to become a stalker. Go stalk Sharon.

    Sharon I like your blue dress.

    I'm glad Victor and Adam has made up for a min. Loved Adam asking Nikki if he will be invited to their next wedding. LOL

    Kyle just put on skates, so you can get away from in heat Summer faster.

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, April 10 2013 03:02 AM

    Cane looked good enough to eat yesterday. Lily go sat down and be happy you have a hunk like Cane. You like Lauren won't be happy until Tyler attack or stalk you.

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, April 10 2013 03:09 AM

    Adam stole Nick's baby, Avery only stole somewhat her sister's husband twice.

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, April 10 2013 03:16 AM

    And I just realized CANDYMAN is Leslie / Tyler's father


    And when I saw him on the show I was still scared of him. Candyman,Candyman,Candyman. Poof.

    Posted by TF Anne at Wednesday, April 10 2013 03:26 AM

    Hell-o Lauren....couldn't you have planned your meeting somewhere else, come on Carmine works there you don't know his schedule, geesh you say you love Michael and want your family, so stay away from where he hangs out.

    I know the soap isn't making Adam pay for the rotten things he did and he should have been put in jail and do scences from there that could have been a good story line of him in prison and things happen and people come harass him whatever, but now that that will never happen, then let Victor and him be a peace and work together or something stupid and end all this crap. I am so tried of seeind Adam win all the time and never pay for his crap, but sicker to watch him and Victor go at it all the time.

    Posted by bellydance at Wednesday, April 10 2013 04:03 AM

    OOppss, I did it again..My bad, in the corner I go. L O L !!!
    From this day forward, I will behave...The really bad part is ,I never read it, because it makes my head hurt..

    Have a good day every body ....

    Posted by StrawberryMary at Wednesday, April 10 2013 04:17 AM

    I truly HATE what they have done to Sharon's character and her relationship with Nick and Victor. As much as Nick is ALWAYS in Sharon's business he has the nerve to tell her that now his business is none of hers? Then to top it off, they are treating Sharon like she is a bad person. Nick and Sharon have always at least been best friends, now he doesn't even have friendly feelings toward her? Victor always treated her like a daughter now the writers messed that up. They never give her good lines to speak when someone is coming at her. They make her look like no one wants her around and that she is always interrupting someone. I really hate this. This Nick and Avery thing, is not working for me at all.

    Posted by StrawberryMary at Wednesday, April 10 2013 04:18 AM

    John Abbott keeps coming back, but where is Cassie's ghost to scare some sense into Nick and the rest of the Newman crew? I think after almost 40 years if watching Y&R, it is about time to call it quits.

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Wednesday, April 10 2013 04:30 AM

    oh nick dear did you forget how you poke your nose into sharon bussss. you seem to feel it is your job to aprove of who she is with. well sharon has the same right right then. after phyllis you can only go up. sorry do like phyllis a little more but she still the bad girl of gc.

    summer give it up you are going to hurt alotof ppl and i bet you will get into some major trouble and thanks bby for going to nick and letting him know know summer is hot for bro. that if something sn't done she might burn up from being in heat.

    Posted by sunmama at Wednesday, April 10 2013 04:42 AM

    Well I finally ventured into fair land,and missy you just might be on to something there. Dear Abby is going to find a gf for Kyle why not make it Summer's new BFF for "added drama"

    I think Mikey already knows he like most men live in de Nile about things so serious.

    Oh yeah, in my best eeyore voice Dylan is on today.

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